Morning Music: Infected Mushroom

So Bluesun reports that Infected Mushroom has dropped a new album, and links a VERY bitchen new song that is RIGHT up my alley.

Now he talks about Dubstep in the post, but I generally consider Infected Mushroom to be more of the Goa Trance category. They’re both similar in that they capitalize on freaky-deaky sound synth, but the beat patterns and the use of bass are VASTLY different.

Oh and for fun I found this video of a live Tel Aviv show.

I LOVE me some electronica, but I won’t lie that sometimes when you see a DJ just simply tapping away at a laptop and a mixing board I wonder how much of a “Live” performance is actually happening. Not that there’s anything wrong with studio recordings at all, just when I see “Live” shows where its a per-recording maybe being futzed with a bit, and lots of light shows I feel like smoke is being blown up my ass.

Nice to see Infected Mushroom use as much analogue instruments as they did in this show.

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  1. bluesun says:

    I’m saying I think IM’s bass can kill most any of the generic wubstep that’s out there (Admit it, most of it sounds like most of the rest of it).

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Generic anything sucks. That’s why I quickly abandoned Skrillex, as the more I heard, the more I found it to be poppy crap with some pretty decent drops woven in…but not in a way like it made any sense. Take his hit “Cinema”, one of the better bass drops I’ve heard, but man it doesn’t go with the song at all!

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