Nice Shirt

So Linoge came up with an AWESOME shirt design. Maybe I’m a hipster, but I really dig shirts where the subject matter isn’t obvious to a layperson. That’s one of the reasons why I love the ENDO shirts.

When I saw the design I HAD to get one…and I did!

It isn’t as amazingly soft as the ENDO shirts, but it is a VERY high-quality T-shirt. Much better than the cheap rags you buy at the gun show or from the DIY custom houses like Cafe Press. I got an XL because Linoge told me they tend to run a little small. Also the XL gives you good length on the tail, espesally for you guys who do the waistband carry thing.

Also I LOVE these little custom touches:

Had to move the shoulder rig around a little to get it framed right. Still the logo is really sharp and I really like it.

So good shirt, go over to the link above to buy your own!

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5 Responses to Nice Shirt

  1. Wally says:

    I just stumbled across that last night and holy cow did that kick over my gigglebox!

  2. Linoge says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

    And I really do like how the logo on the back came out :).

  3. George says:

    That’s awesome. I just ordered one.

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