Not My Type

But good for her!

Three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton says she coped with depression and a troubled marriage by turning to a life of prostitution.

In a series of posts to her Twitter account, Favor Hamilton acknowledged working as an escort following a report Thursday on The Smoking Gun website about her double life.

“I do not expect people to understand,” Favor Hamilton tweeted. “But the reasons for doing this made sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression.”

The Smoking Gun said the 44-year-old athlete has been working for the last year for a Las Vegas escort service that booked her for dates there, as well as in Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago. The website said she charged $600 an hour for her services.

They’re still talking about the Maine Zumba Prostitute as well.

Seems strange that these woman could sleep with all these men, and its totally fine…but when they negotiate a price suddenly we should be shocked an horrified?

Just don’t get it!

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4 Responses to Not My Type

  1. Joat says:

    Capitalism is evil, you can’t let people trade money for services that’s wrong. Sex must be given freely like health care and cell phones.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Guess there’s not much demand for 40+ Female Olympian Track Stars in Today’s Economy. So how else was she supposed to earn a Buck? “Damn that George Bush! IT’S ALL HIS FAULT!”- Obama.

  3. IanK says:

    Remember kiddies, it’s not clinging to an ill-conceived notion of morality or an undermining of civil rights when WE do it! We’re ‘progressive’, that’s a fancy word for being right all the time!

  4. Can’t have competition against the .Gov whorehouses, they need all the help they can get!

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