LOL found this gem in Jason Kilgore of Ceasefire Oregon’s twitter feed.

Essentially a man with no known next-of-kin dies and they find out he had a healthy amount of Machine Guns and ammo in his collection.

Officers found 114 firearms, including 33 machine guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition and reloading supplies inside the house.

“This is the largest collection of machine guns that we’ve ever run into,” said Sgt. John Umenhoffer.


Oh, and the only dead body was the old man who apparently died of natural causes.

I have to imagine that he took great pleasure in that collection, and given that he had a LOT of reloading supplies he didn’t just look at them and wipe them down with an oilcloth, he shot the bastards!

Mr. Kilgore and his dim-witted ilk would have LOVED to have confiscated this half-million-dollar collection (estimated), and maybe throw him in jail as an “Insurrectionist”. Remember they’re the kind compassionate ones here!

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  1. jdrush says:

    My last name is now Fogle.

    So are those registered or just ARs? My phone won’t let me see a decent picture. I was half expecting to see some old 10/22 in the photo, given the normal media firearm labeling skills.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The slide show of the web version shows a bunch of mundane guns, and some interesting AR variants (which very well could be Registered MGs) There’s also a very minty MG42 as well as a junk-on-the-bunk shot of PPshs and Sten Guns as well as a bunch of other likely pre 86 MGs. So I suspect he did indeed have 33 Registered MGs.

      Yeah I didn’t expect to click on a link provided by Mr. Kilgore using the word “Machine Gun” and it to have ANY guns with actual fun-switches.

  2. Wally says:

    Yeah, those are definitely MGs. Thompsons, Stens, Suomi, MG42… and I assume the TEC9, M16, and M14 are autos as well. There were a few nice bolt rifles too. Godbless, Uncle Victor!

    I need to keep a finger on the auction! Hate to see 33 fewer transferables out there.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    To Jason Kilgore, owning one gun that’s in functional condition makes you a gun nut. I do hope that those magnificent firearms aren’t melted down.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I doubt the authorities will willingly turn $500,000 in rare and collectable firearms into $100 worth of scrap metal. You occasionally see some dim-witted yuppie turning in paw-paw’s $1000 hunting rifle collection for $250 in gift certificates form some leftist hellhole “buy back” program (of course such programs are always co-opted by gunnies turning in boxes of junk-guns and rusty airguns for real money), but I’d say with this scope of guns, as well as the fact that they’re reporting it to the press, and attempting to find an heir, means they won’t trash them. (I hope)

  4. Bob S. says:

    What is more important is not mentioned.

    What is not mentioned is so much as a single violation of the law.
    Not a murder, not a robbery, not even a 4473 incorrect.

    114 firearms and not a crime — according to the antis with that much ‘accessibility’ Mr. Fogle should have been shooting up entire states.

    And it also says much about the current state of our law enforcement when they are so scared of ordinary firearms they call out a special division to handle that many.

    Heck, we might have came close to that count at the 1st Annual Dallas Blog shoot. The cops would have soiled themselves if they had seen what U.S. Citizen was toting around in his Equinox !!!!

  5. TS says:

    The first line of the report says he is a “dealer”. Oh the madness- an FFL with inventory!

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