So the antis are going nuts about this story. First the Tweets:

Ladd Everitt

#FL concealed handgun permit holder tails, shoots & kills unarmed black teen. B/c of Shoot First law, no arrest

Joan Peterson here:

.no #ShootFirst- case in Florida proves why it’s a terrible idea- teen dead, one man gets away with murder

and here

17 year old FL boy killed over pack of skittles – SPEAK UP!

That last tweet links to some lefty petition that claims a boy was shot over candy, and his killer should be charged with murder.

Now the CSGV tweets link to this story:

Trayvon Martin, a Miami high school junior, was walking back from the store, a package of Skittles in his pocket. George Zimmerman, the captain of his crime watch group, was driving through his Sanford neighborhood, on the lookout for trouble.

He saw the teen and called police. Two minutes later, 17-year-old Trayvon was on the ground, dying from a single gunshot wound. Police found Zimmerman standing nearby, a gun in his waistband and blood seeping from injuries to his nose and the back of his head.

That was Sunday, Feb. 26. Sanford police cuffed 28-year-old Zimmerman, took him to police headquarters, interrogated him then let him go.

He told them he had acted in self-defense.

Now first an investigation is still underway, but if this was a murder, how did the armed man get his nose and head banged up?

And of course notice the antis are against Self Defense laws, claiming its some messed-up free-pass to murder. But there is still an investigation, and Mr. Zimmerman could still face criminal charges.

You see anti-rights people are simply anti-self-defense and hate ANYBODY exercising their rights. Hence why Joan wants us to think Mr. Zimmerman wanted skittles so bad he murdered somebody in cold blood.

This is our opposition!

**UPDATE** Jason Kilgore too! Not only is he despicable, but he’s also not original!

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  1. Jake says:

    I had seen that story before, but this is the first time I’ve seen mention that the shooter was injured. That certainly makes a stronger case for self-defense.

  2. Miguel says:

    Since Weerd beat me to the story, I’ll add my two cents here. What is worrisome is that they are asking for the head of the shooter before the investigation is even concluded. I am willing to admit that there is a possibility it turns out to be a bad shooting and charges will be pressed against Zimmerman, but until enough evidence is gathered to arrest him, the law must be followed.

    Now, for Ladd, Japete and Baldr, having a gun is evidence enough that a crime has been committed, that any other legal proceedings should be skipped and just go directly to the penalty phase. Screw presumption of innocence, screw trial by jury of your peers, screw being entitled to a defense or even bail. You are a gun owner, you should be sent to Siberia.
    That is their mentality.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Of course they want him to go to prison, he had a GUN and caused a “Gun Death”!

      They see the world in such a mono-chromatic way!

      There are good shoots, and there are bad shoots, and then there are the ones were maybe they shouldn’t have shot, but there is justification, or shoots where they shouldn’t have shot, but it isn’t really murder or manslaughter….

      Nope its simple, no guns, no “Gun death” no self defense!

  3. Not arrested? Mr. Zimmerman was cuffed and taken to police HQ for questioning. That sure does sound like an arrest to me.

    The Stand Your Ground law is not a get-away-with-murder-free card. In order to qualify for Stand Your Ground, you need to be protecting yourself or another from death or great bodily harm, or stopping a Forceable Felony (which is well defined in Florida law). If the police let Mr. Zimmerman go, then one of these conditions would have to have been met, or at least very likely.

    Stand Your Ground is also not a get-away-scot-free law. The police still conduct an investigation (they are). If the evidence does not agree with Mr. Zimmerman’s statments, or if it shows that deadly force was unwarranted, then Mr. Zimmerman will be RE-arrested and charged with the appropriate crime.

    All this knee-jerking by the antis is rediculous. We can only hope that the more people see this kind of reaction, then see the statements refuted when the truth comes out, they will realize that the only things the antis have are lies and exaggeration. I don’t know if Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of murder or not… but neither does Ladd Everitt or Joan Peterson. Not that they would admit it.


  4. Larry says:

    The way the story is written certainly doesn’t sound good for Mr. Zimmerman, but it is customary to first have a trial before a hanging takes place…

  5. Gerald says:

    I don’t know why Ladd is bent out of shape. After all, he’s the one who assumes gang banger = black kid. Using his logic, the neighborhood watchman was just shooting a gang banger.

  6. Thirdpower says:

    They also called for the arrest of the guy who ‘executed’ the criminal who pistol whipped and robbed the lady then drew on the CCW who chased him off.

  7. 45er says:

    Like Jake, this is the first I heard the shooter was injured. I read a few stories on this incident and not one mentioned that. Huh.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’m going to stay away from this story until we get some solid info, but the antis are now pointing out that this fella had a “Resisting Arrest with Force” charge leveled against him back in ’05, but all charges were dropped and he still had his permit.

      Smells like BS charges, but we’ll see.

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  9. Brenda says:

    What a bunch of WHACKOS y’all are, are ya SERIOUS??? Lmfao in a sad way at your group/pack/herd/sheeple people ignorant mentality you all express jointly, coming together in such a lovely way to defend the ignorance y’all display so PROUDLY!
    An armed VIOLENT asshole with a hard-on to put a slug in a CHILD does it & gets away with it…..are you freakin mutant inbred fools FORGETTING THIS??!
    Hey, I am ALL for my 2nd Amendement RIGHT…..but it is a RIGHT, not a LICENSE to MURDER an UNARMED BLACK child….yeah, let’s NOT forget if he was YOUR WHITE CHILD…..CHILD with a pack of skittles shot by a person of colour, they’d be IN JAIL you IGNORANT FOOLS! YOU would be DEMANDING the hide of YOUR CHILDS KILLER!!
    Dare any of you to DISPUTE this because we ALL know this to be the TRUTH in this land! White is RIGHT in your freakin eyes, as long as the murdered was BLACK…..doesn’t matter he was a child with CANDY & SODA POP, come ON you guys, that is as INNOCENT as apple-pie a child can BE in this country—-why—it’s a gated community so he doesn’t have RIGHTS, he’s BLACK??? I don’t think so you PUTRID EXCUSES for white people…..this man MURDERED in cold blood—-this from a PROUD gun owner, NRA member…..this is NOT what GUN RIGHTS are for in this country!
    Oh, by the way, ya white trash…..the 911 tapes-the KID can be heard BEGGING for HIS life….yeah this RACIST was REALLY threatened by the slip, wisp of a child, huh! YOU ALL make me sick & make us DECENT white people look like trash right alongside you all!

    Gun rights do not equal the RIGHT to SLAUGHTER wantonly you IGNORANT inbreds, god, white trash like you all make it hard for those of us who ARE good people & are NOT RACIST SCUM like YOU ASSES!

  10. Lyn Borassa says:

    Murder in cold blood, anyone you hate, anyone that you had a run in with in the past and hold a grudge against. Just plan it out, so easy as you are on patrol and it can look like you are chasing a prospective crook. Call it in that this person looks “suspecious”. Looks like he is “up to something”………Now you reach the kid and smile as you remind him of the time you met in the past and how you are going to make him pay. Watch him beg and yell for help, but you feel secure as you above it all, as you are on patrol .You had already radioed in that you followed ” someone” that is “acting weird”. As he screams and begs, you shoot him down and walk away knowing that you can get away with murder like many others are doing these days.
    The “Casey Anthony” effect spreading in all directions.

  11. Lyn Borassa says:

    Brenda , I am white and I am appalled by what happened. I am afraid to send my kid to the store that someone with a gun “on patrol” might just gun my son down and say he was doing this or that………….. This is insane and crazy. I cry for the mother I see on television dealing with this. May God give her strength to endure what I can only imagine. I would hunt a murderer down. She is a better woman then I.

  12. Red says:

    I can’t believe how gullible some people are. Here everynight after dark the shooting starts, black hooded 17 y/o’s with guns on the streets that has caused the whole city to become so afraid to leave their homes at night that they have pleaded for the state to bring in the National Guard. Our freedom has been taken away. I’m sure some of the black hooded 17 y/o drug dealers that hang out at the conveinence stores around this town have Skittles in their pocket. The blacks groups involved in this case do have an agenda; to make harder for us to catch and prosecute these young murderers and theives. Some ignorant people have said wearing hoodies is a fashion statement and I say that is crap, they all wear black hoodies in this town in the middle of winter so it makes it harder for the police to catch them. They want whites to be blind and have an IQ of 50 so they can go on robbing us blind and I’m saying some of you people need to use you god-given intelligence and open your eyes to what’s really going on. The 6′ 3″ beast that attacked Zimmerman was no child. They don’t like me at CNN and blogs and try to find out who I am because I’ve exposed them.

  13. Mitch B says:

    So, an armed volunteer vigilante who thinks he is a “law enforcement officer” screwed up by taking the law into his own hands and a kid got killed. Zimmerman should have been charged with assualt of the kid at the very least. Zimmerman who has no authority or right to stop anyone is a poor example to use if you are advocating the right of people to be armed. Secondly, he was not defending his home/castle he was on volunteer patrol. I would bet the entire community will end up paying for this unlawful death … and they should……

    Zimmerman can be glad of one thing …. that he didn’t run into one of the rightwing gun toting people on this board because he would be the one dead when he pulled his gun out on any of you……

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