Range AAR

Yesterday was a busy one, I didn’t get to talk about my weekend of shooting. After my trip to Harvard I decided I needed a little trigger time to square myself away. (I was “on” but not “Dead On”)

The solution is MORE .22!!!

So the S&W617 came to the range as well as my Beretta 21A (for nothing but shits and giggles) and I also brought my FAL and my Hunting Magazine to test for reliability. Well there were pros and cons with the 5-shot DSA Magazine. The Good was that it ran like a top…the con is that its a 10-shot magazine. Wally’s going to limit for me, so that problem will be solved in time. It may be for the best because I can’t imagine a magazine being much smaller and still easily manipulated in the rifle.

.22 shooting went well. Nothing to report.

Then on Sunday Evening Christina, Sci-Fi and I hit the range. Had a ton of fun, and shot a bunch of stuff, and had lots of fun. Christina decided after her second shooting of my Cz-82 that its is what it is…and what it is is a spectacular compact firearm for short money!

Oh and I was carrying my Kahr PM45 all day with a 7-shot magazine beside my 5-shot in my Remora Mag Carrier. The carrier works like a charm, the Magazine works like a charm, and doesn’t alter the feel of the gun even with the extra mag hanging out (I get a full 3-fingers on the gun, so I don’t have to worry about squeezing the exposed mag body while shooting).

So yeah I’ll need to order another one of those so I can have two 7s to backup my 5+1 Pm45. That’s the nice part about semi-autos is you’re not married to just one-size mag. Meanwhile with a revolver, you’re packing 5,6, maybe 7, and 8 is pushing it, and that’s what you reload to. Even when I carried 6-shot speed strips to reload my J-frame I knew that getting those extra rounds into play was mostly wishful thinking.

Great times!

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  1. McThag says:

    The DSA 5 rounder is a 10 rounder body with a LOT of extra spring coiled up in the bottom. Swap out the spring, you have a ten rounder again.

    Since they look the same externally, it would be easy to grab one from the wrong bin.

    The time honored solution is a wooden plug shaped to fit inside the spring that limits the downward travel of the follower.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I think that’s Wally’s plan. For me, if it isn’t 20 rounds, it isn’t a go-to magazine.

      This will be for Sporting purposes only.

    • AZRon says:

      That’s what I did in the early ’80’s with my HK91 while deer hunting. I cut a wood plug that fit inside of the 20 round magazine spring that limited it to 2 rounds. (plus one in the chamber)

      Although I was never stopped by a game warden, I always worried that I might get some over-eager rookie that would notice that the plug could easily be removed for a full (illegal for hunting) 20 round capacity.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        I can’t imagine that was an issue. My buddy brought a Mossberg 500 over to my Armory noting that he couldn’t stuff more than 2 shells into his magazine.

        Took all of 2mins to pull the rod out of the mag tube and re-pack the spring. Dunno how the H&K mags work, but to pull the base plug on an FAL mag remove the spring and plug, then replace the spring and base plate is certainly a MORE involved act. Also for FAL Metric mags I like to slide a punch into the eye hole to yank it out, so you even need a TOOL.

        • AZRon says:

          As I said, I was concerned about an over-eager rookie. Surely, we’ve all seen and/or read of cases where law abiding citizens were subject to arrest, trial, attorney fees, and confiscation. Even eventual exoneration can be a very expensive affair.

          As an aside, I bought a Maverick 88 (cheap 500) from a fellow worker. The mag tubes are not designed to come apart but the “limit stick” with 2 o-rings are there just the same. It took a fair amount of jiggling to get the peg centered for removal, but I now have 5+1 of 00 for HD. For $100.00 with an honest 30 rounds through it (25 7 1/2 and 5 slugs) I couldn’t say no.

  2. AuricTech says:

    The solution is MORE .22!!!

    Did you shoot any cowbells? 😉

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