The Anti-Rights Elephant in the Room

So there are 30,000 “Gun Deaths” per year. That number is essentially a constant every year for the last several decades. This goes for the pre NICS Brady-Bill years where it took anybody buying a gun from an FFL a week to get their gun. This goes for the early 90s where Magazines and “Assault Weapons” were difficult to come by, and most states forbid lawful citizens from carrying firearms, to now where several states require no permits for carry, and laws are as liberal as they’ve been since the 1960s.

Also of this 30,000 deaths, approximately 17,000 of them are suicides. The antis need all the blood they can get to dance in, so this number MUST be included, as the actual number of criminal homicides isn’t all that breathtaking. (More on This Later) So they NEED to demand gun control based on suicide. Jason Kilgore of Ceasefire Oregon is attempting to push his agenda on this blood.

Still look at national suicide numbers. Can you make heads or tails out of these numbers? Certainly there’s no correlation with nations that have the Joyce and Brady pet initiatives and suicide, but their logic is that if people who shot themselves never had a gun could never have figured out another way to commit suicide. Or maybe that the presence of guns in a home INCREASE suicide…except not only are “Gun Deaths” total static, but Suicides are too, despite gun ownership on the rise.

Another elephant in the room is that small chunk of annual “Gun Deaths” that are honest-to-god criminal acts. We’re talking murder, we’re talking manslaughter, we’re talking gross negligence.

We talked about Jason (and every other shill for the anti-rights lobby) citation of bogus studies. Go to that link to follow links to the Kellerman Study and the Branas study. The big issue with these studies (besides demanding criteria that doesn’t compare with reality, like Kellerman’s instance of a person dying for it to be considered a Defensive Gun use) is that they make ZERO distinction between lawful citizens carrying guns legally, and career criminals carrying guns in the commission of other serious crimes.

In many of these anti-rights-funded studies there is ZERO difference between me who carries a legally bought gun daily under a permit that required training, background checks, fees, and even MOVING to a town that doesn’t restrict the rights of their residents, and the crack dealer in Boston who stuffs a stolen hi-point in his sweatpants when he’s out on the street, or the stolen Glock given to an under-age gang initiate with the instructions to assassinate another gang member.

Hell these anti-rights people make a HUGE deal over the 12 people killed in the Colorado Theater (which is indeed tragic), but when they downplay events like this you can see they have an agenda.

Hell there was even this turd of a study by Dr. Wintemute where he essentially randomly walked a gun show floor taking pictures and using his “expert” Joyce Foundation-Funded judgement to estimate the number of “Crimes” he saw.

In reality the vast majority of what most people consider “Gun Crime” happens in gang areas of major US cities, many of which have fairly onerous gun laws, by people who could technically be arrested and thrown in prison at any time they are stopped by police.

These people don’t much care about current law, so they won’t care about new laws. These things only apply to the lawful gun owners who pose no danger with the exception of a very rare few. I would argue that since the gangs operate on an economy of black-market drugs (much like the prohibition bootleggers, rum runners, and moonshiners operated on a black-market economy of booze during prohibition), if we simply made avenues for recreational drugs, like we did with Alcohol, “Gun Crime” and violent crime in general would slip into statistical noise levels.

Still Anti-Freedom people don’t care about safety, violence, and they’re openly welcoming to criminals, so the target of their actions is always the lawful citizen. Since Lawful citizens aren’t a real problem, they need to conflate criminals doing criminal acts with lawful citizens “Just snapping and killing without warning”.

Yet another elephant in the room.

Their world is one of lies and deception. Before the internet it was hard for people not complicit with anti-gun media to present a counter-argument, nor was it easy for the uninitiated to fact-check claims made. All of that has changed, and so has the landscape.

Still the fight isn’t over yet!

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  1. Roadkill says:

    The number of firearm related deaths in US roughly match the number of sucides per year in Japan. The US has 2.3 times the more in population than Japan. Yet, our total numbers of suicides only differ with the US having about 3k more. They have 24 suicides per 100k with hardly any access to guns.

  2. Greg Camp says:

    The thing that drives control freaks crazy is choice. It’s the idea that people are making choices that haven’t been approved in advance. Is there risk in accepting choice? Of course, but I have no wish to live in the kind of police or nanny state required to get rid of that risk.

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