These Guys Really Are Insane!

Let’s have a look at this Peta Ad:

A billboard that will be placed outside Nevada public schools is sure to make for interesting Thanksgiving dinner conversation, that is, if kids let the turkey make it to the table.

PETA plans to place a billboard that reads, “KIDS: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go vegan,” with a picture of a dog head on a turkey body, near Reno public schools.

Did they really think this through? Ok let’s try the converse to see if somehow these issues are similar. Would you get a pet turkey? OF COURSE NOT! Turkeys make lousy pets. The wild ones are either skittish or downright aggressive, the domesticated ones are stupid, and again still can be aggressive. They aren’t cute, they aren’t particularly cuddly. Sorry they aren’t at all like dogs.

Now would you EAT your dog? Well President Obama sure did! **snicker** Now if I had a pet dog would I eat it? Probably not, as pets are kept for companionship, not for food. Certainly I wouldn’t mind eating a food dog. You might not be surprised by my header, I’ve raised ducks as a child. Their poop is horrible, but they’re kinda neat pets. I kinda prefer them to be “wild pets”, they swim in the pond, I go and visit them, and they take care of their own food and poop, and I don’t get to pat them as much….fair trade I guess.

You know what else ducks are good for? DUCK MEAT! Duck meat is FANTASTIC, and I eat it every chance I get.

Sorry PETA, you’re full of shit again!

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6 Responses to These Guys Really Are Insane!

  1. Tango says:

    This is ripe for exploitation…

    Somebody. Get me a pig carcass the size of a dog. Cut off the feet, tail, and head. Roast it up nice and golden brown and then show PETA that you followed their advice.

  2. Archer says:

    We raised rabbits. They’re cute and cuddly (if a bit skittish), and their poop is not overly disgusting and – composted or not – makes EXCELLENT fertilizer for the wife’s garden.

    We kept them comfortable, cozy, and well-fed, but their primary purpose for us was meat (and to a lesser extent, fur). Rabbit meat is pretty tasty, and rabbit fur is REALLY thick and warm, especially if you get the winter coat. Plus, they eat kitchen scraps, which reduces your household waste/garbage. It’s like a win/win/win/win.

    But even with humane and ethical treatment – up to and including our method of “culling”, which is extremely quick and completely painless – PETA would still freak.

    It’s like they’re not really for “ethical treatment of animals”; more along the lines of “thou shalt not … anything”. Kinda like some other groups we know, who claim to be against “gun violence” [sic].

    • BUFF_dragon says:

      I raise and slaughter rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, and cattle. Nothing tastier than an animal hat you raised and worked. You know exactly what was fed to it and the conditions it was kept in, you know you can trust that it is safe.

      And there is nothing like knowing how loud PETA would be screaming if they knew I was slaughtering fuzzy bunnies while listening to metal and dancing around…..
      I treat my animals as humanely as possible, I make a deal with them from day 1. I will keep them fat, health and happy if they will return the favor later.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        I’m of the same mind, and honestly I don’t understand the people who think otherwise. Nothing is more tasty than an animal that you processed into foodstuff yourself, because you know from step-a to step Z what that animal has underwent to get to your plate.

        Meanwhile there are people who KNOW beef and pork are from living animals, but would rather it be dispatched and processed by unknown people in unknown conditions, and somehow that’s MORE palatable than “I shot it, then I cleaned it good, then I cut it into meat, then I cooked it, and there it is!


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