Today is the day we Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, and reflect on the impression he left on the globe.

Today we have a President of African descent.

While Dr. King was receiving threats (and was later assassinated) he was denied a gun permit to defend himself. Today anybody without a criminal history in all but a few States (all of those in the “Enlightened” North, and California, which was the places the world looked to during the battle to end Segregation) cannot be denied a permit for the defense of themselves and their loved ones. Denials on race, creed, or political views (the reasons Dr. King was denied) are now a criminal act by the Police.

Of course the segregation is totally gone and the vast majority of Americans don’t really take skin color particularly seriously.

Meanwhile the inner cities, and particularly the Black and Hispanic Communities are awash with crime and gang culture. Celebrities who have risen above this underworld squalor glorify this culture.

Our President was a member of a Black Supremacist Church, and when the media found out about this racist past, nobody really paid it much mind.

While things have gotten so good in America that the big “Protest” in the nation is an unorganized and unmotivated rabble camping out in public parks. Sadly most of these groups quickly degenerate to antisemitism.

And On the Reverend’s Birthday yesterday President Obama promoted a lobbyist who’s claim to fame was a prominent position with a Hispanic activist group that’s name translates to “The Race”.

We’ve come so far, Dr. King, but for somebody who was never alive when you were, and who lives in a world where you have always been heralded as a hero, I’m disappointed at how little progress we have made since your tragic passing.

Still I’m working as hard as I can to bring your dream to life, and I’m not alone.

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