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From Joan:
Joan Peterson Armed Teachers

Holster, Duhh! Also given the penchant for spree shooters picking gun free zones, it should be made illegal for public schools of any level to be a gun-free zone, and administrators should simply ask that teachers, staff, or in the case of colleges students, who are otherwise legal to carry anywhere else carry, and it should be respectfully asked that those patrons keep it concealed, and keep it on-body, as off-body methods its too easy for the owner to be separated from their gun in a time of need, or accidentally leave it unattended.

Given that these shootings don’t happen in the multitude of places where lawful citizens are allowed to carry (including schools that have lifted restrictions), that should be a HUGE step to prevent this crap.

There are lots of teachers who carry everywhere legal, and are perfectly safe and good. I remember bumping into my teachers at the grocery store, or in the shopping mall. These days with the popularity of conceal carry, there’s a possibility that teacher is armed….and what’s the big deal?

But suddenly a person who is 100% safe to carry in every other place where the same student body can be suddenly is disarmed because they punch in at work? What sense does that make?

Of course Joan or other anti-rights activists have never been much for making sense.

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  1. bluesun says:

    So, you trust these people to be responsible for your children for 10 hours a day, but you don’t trust them to be responsible with a gun?

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