Unions Putting Their Best Face Forward

Wow! Don’t you feel bad that these goons lost?

Also good work on behalf of Mr. Crowder for controlling his monster. He could have returned a few of those punches with interest, but he chose not too.

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9 Responses to Unions Putting Their Best Face Forward

  1. The Jack says:

    And all this because they lost the ability to force people to join and pay their labor monopolies.

    Why would anyone not want to be in a union?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Big +1 there! If Unions were so awesome, why MANDATE them! Nobody forces ANYBODY to shop at Wal Mart, or Starbucks, or any other store, yet you see them popping up at every corner. Meanwhile Unions need to get the cops involved to get people to join their little criminal guilds.


      • The Jack says:

        Mandating that a company *has* to do buisness with Union X is like the state stepping in and saying they *have* to use Temp Agency Y for their hiring needs, or that they *have* to buy all their raw materials from Consolidated Metal Co Y.

        And mandating that you *have* to join a union to work in a field is saying you have to join and *pay* Temp Agency Y.

        And remember, corporations are evil because they’re motivated by shareholder profit and thus have no moral obligations.

        But unions, which at BEST would be motivated solely by the profit and benefit of their members aren’t evil!

  2. TS says:

    Yes, you have a right to collectively bargain. But those who feel they are better than average have a right to individually bargain too.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      +1, and while I’m 100% anti-Union, they have the right to organize, bargain, strike, quit, or collectively go to hell. What they don’t have the right to do is to MANDATE those activities under force of law, any more than gun owners have the right to MANDATE that dirty hippies to buy guns or double-stack magazines!

  3. Bob S. says:

    The unions who overwhelming voted for Obama –’cause he will give people free stuff — are against people getting free benefits.

    Oh….the irony! It burns that the miss it !

    • TS says:

      If that is their big beef, they can just bargain for union only benefits/wages. These guys are professional bargainers- they shouldn’t be tripped up by such simple obstacles. That way they can show those scabs what they are missing out on and entice people to join the union the right way- by choice. But then we have this crazy thing called “balance of power” where the union gains power as necessary, and loses it when things are good for the workers…

      • Geodkyt says:

        Yeah, I have NO problem with a worker being told, “Oh, you want the same deal the union guys have? Then, go join the union — this is the deal we are offering YOU.”

        Because, what will happen is, either:

        A.) the union negotiates a better deal than the individualists get, or. . .

        B.) the union shows its impotence and lack of relevancy, which will cause massive dropoffs in union membership until the union gets their shit together.

        Likewise, management will either:

        I.) Offer a sweet deal where it makes no sense to join the union, or. . .

        II.) management finds itself with a nearly fully unionized shop and gets to deal with collective bargaining and strikes, all by these guys who are union members by individual choice.

        Win-win for the actual workers either way.

        Which is why union officials oppose this sort of pro-choice law.

  4. Jay G. says:

    Weerd, you know if Crowder had even so much as blocked that thug’s punches the headlines would all read “Right wing extremists assaults elderly union worker”…

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