Blogging almost none because Colonial Williamsberg is the bomb. There is something to see around every corner, and you always have just one more question for the staff.

So having a good time, hope y’all are doing well too!

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  1. Nancy R. says:

    Ah, my home away from home! If you go down to the wheelwright in the Deane Shop, see if you see a guy in a blue and white knit cap (http://excelsatnothing.blogspot.com/2012/01/another-knit-cap.html) tell you know who made it. *grin* Also, ask if Al is working. He’s my buddy from when I used to work on a cannon crew some 15-20 years ago. Tell them I said “Hey!”

  2. Greg Camp says:

    See if the eighteenth century nightclub is still running. People gather in a pub for good beer and good songs from the period. I did it about a decade ago, but I hope it’s still on.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Enjoy it. You ain’t missing much, just the Usual Suspects up to No Good, as usual.

  4. Cargosquid says:

    I’m glad you’re having fun. Don’t worry about the free ice cream. Enjoy!

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