Watch a World View Being Crushed

Stephen Crowder shows how to be an ambassador for gun rights in this interview. Also watch the face of the woman who’s giving the interview. He hits every one of her points dead on and without effort, and probably gives answers she never even considered. She’s realizing she’s on the wrong side of the issue.

The question is, will she do the RIGHT thing and look more into the issue and change sides, or the WRONG thing and double-down on what she now doubts as “Truth”.

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  1. Borepatch says:

    Man, he handled that more smoothly than I would have. I might have taken the “Jane you ignorant slut” approach, which would have been counter productive.


  2. Greg Camp says:

    She kept baiting him with the nonsense lines of the gun grabbers, and every time, he showed how rational our side actually is.

  3. 45er says:

    Man, did he ever own that conversation. Here is someone I’m glad to have out there speaking on my behalf. None of the, “I own a gun, but…” nonsense at all.

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  5. hsoi says:

    Oh, so very nicely done.

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