What Else Would We Talk About?

So its Thursday, and I happen to be home! So time for another Squirrel Report!

I think you all know, we’ll be talking about guns and the political sphere right now. We don’t want to talk about the cowardly act in Connecticut tonight because the facts still aren’t really out, and we all feel the same way about the event.

What we do want to talk about is the fallout. Proposed gun bans, protests, discussions, and what people are buying in retaliation.

Call in to talk about what you bought, but also talk about the conversations you’ve had about guns and the Second Amendment. Seems everybody is talking about this, which means people who don’t normally talk about guns are now talking about them. You hearing some people turn? You hearing some outrageous anti-rights claims? You changing some minds? Do you sell guns or equipment?

Call in with your stories at 9pm EST, for THE SQUIRREL REPORT!


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  1. Reputo says:

    What is the number to call in?

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