What Gun To Carry?

Great video from Jeff

There are ALL sorts of smaller points, like cost, weight, size (both overall, and in what dimensions, such as double-stack vs. Single-Stack, and Size of the grip vs. barrel length)

And of course personal preference, like Revolver vs. Semi-auto, or Glock Vs. M&P.

But I think the big point is how much gun are you willing to lug around ALL THE TIME, and start from there, because a carry gun ain’t shit if you don’t carry it.

Carry your damn guns!

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  1. Jeff wouldn’t be from Mahyne way, woodie?

  2. wkeller says:

    Yep, first rule of a gun fight – bring the damn gun!!

    Folks really do not consider the implication of carrying each and every day. My usual suggestion – your weapon near where you put your pocket stuff. Then, make it the first thing your remove at night and the last thing you load up every day. Every Day!

  3. Greg Camp says:

    Rational thinking, as always from Jeff. Of course, for those of us who are gun enthusiasts, the real question becomes, which gun(s) should I leave home today?

  4. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the link is and kind comments!

    Jeff Z

  5. Jeff says:

    English is really my first language but “autocorrect” on the tablet would have you believe otherwise. The previous message was supposed to say: Thanks for the link and the kind comments. 🙂

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