.22 Plinkster’s Tribute to Bob Munden

Man I hadn’t heard that Bob Munden had passed. He was only 60 too!

.22 Plinkster paid his respects in a fitting way!

Crazy good shot! You can hear the wind and see that balloon dancing! Also there is no doubt about the distance, as you can see a noticeable delay from when the gun reports and the balloon pops!

For those not familiar with Bob and his work, I dug up this video

You will be missed, and you will be forever remembered!

(On an interesting note, its neat to see him using a S&W1911 when he’s not using his SAA)

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One Response to .22 Plinkster’s Tribute to Bob Munden

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep, I’ve seen some of the shots and I’m STILL amazed by them… RIP Bob, you done good!

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