An Expansion of Brokaw’s Stupidity

Cam Edwards has a great series on his show called “Media Misinformation”, here’s a recent one:

Now Cam does a great job pulling apart that stupid “Gun Owners are Racist” nonsense, plus missing the whole connection to Jim Crow and Racism to America’s gun control movement.

Still I see another angle to Brokaw’s rant. The anti-gunners are pushing that bullshit MAIG poll so hard they’re starting to belive that it might not be the fabrication it is.

Tom somehow thinks that he’s on the right side of history with this one, and somehow there are anti-gun people EVERYWHERE, but for some strange reason they’re scared to show their support for the “Glorious Cause”.

Yeah, note you’re bashing gun owners on NATIONAL TV, and we live in a world where people can talk their politics under pseudonyms to prevent retaliation. Note that there isn’t any targeted violence from pro-gun groups against anti-gun groups. None of the New York media who published permit holders have been harmed, none of the Brady campaign, or Joyce foundation activists have been harmed.

This isn’t like whites standing up for black rights in the Jim Crow South, this NOTHING by comparison. The pro-gun side does not have the Klan Night Riders, we don’t have lynchings we don’t have corrupt police violating the law to protect the pro-gun agenda. Hell its the other way around, actually!

No, Tom, the reason why you’re seeing THOUSANDS of lawful gun owners standing up against this next wave of stupid laws that only hurt lawful people and make us LESS safe, and there are maybe a few hundred people standing up for Brokaw, is because Tommy, you and your statist compatriots are the new Bull Connors.

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  1. Rob Crawford says:

    Yes — remember the editorial saying the writer wanted to drag LaPierre and others from the NRA behind his truck? Remember the case that was a reference to?

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