Another Joan Fisk

Joan had another manic moment, and in there lies GLORY!

Trying to talk over the noise and over discuss or over intellectualize also leads to trouble. So we just need to get through this time and muck through the tough parts and get to a good place at the end. We have not had this discussion because everyone has been afraid to even mention it for fear of the wrath and undue influence of the pro-gun lobbyists. But in the end, saving lives is what everyone wants. It’s just how we get there that is causing way too much angst. The thing is, the angst is misplaced. There is real angst in Newtown, Connecticut. There is real angst in Aurora, Colorado and in Minneapolis, Minnesota and for the many families and friends trying to live around the hole caused by the violent death of a loved one.

That’s the truth there, we both want a safer America, we just differ with the methods.

What is everyone so afraid of? I am afraid that too many lives are being lost every day and that public safety is being put at risk because of the shootings that occur every day in America.

Who’s been doing the shootings? I haven’t shot anybody. Why are the current laws targeting ME?

I fear that the NRA lobbyists have had their way for far too long and have managed to take us on a slippery slope towards looser gun laws that have led to too many people who shouldn’t have access to guns getting them anyway and using them in too many places to kill too many people

Really? Since when has the NRA been lobbying for criminals and the mentally ill getting guns?

I am afraid they will let more shootings happen before they act. Fearing yet another mass shooting or school shooting is not an imaginary fear. It is real. In fact, just the other day, someone who should not have had access to a gun

Remember who’s talking about fear.

This is about our justice system. This is real and this is scary. Our lack of common sense gun measures as well as our lack of providing adequate mental health care and a system that allows people like Ms. Boland, to plea bargain out of federal charges are very serious problems and threaten our children and public safety. This must change. This is what the national “discussion” about gun violence prevention measures is all about.

Except Joan is fixated on GUNS, not criminals. Good job with that, why take actions that could accomplish something when you can effect innocent people in the name of criminals!

And yet, the gun lobbyists are focusing more on their own rights to own any kind of gun they wish to carry with them wherever they go. They have unreasonable fear of their own government and law enforcement officials

Yeah, as I said above, you focus on Law abiding gun owners while looking the other way with criminals. Hey, but let’s look at that article:

Statistics from the Southern Poverty Law Center – an Alabama-based civil rights nonprofit that tracks extremist organizations – suggest the interest in such patriot groups is taking off in the U.S….One of the groups not on the SPLC’s list for either state is the Sovereign Citizens movement, which Potok says is an underground group known for conducting seminars on how to bilk the government out of money from public assistance programs, how to evade foreclosure and other financial schemes.

First up, why so trusting of the Southern Poverty Law center, they’re a bit of an extremist group themselves

Schlueter doesn’t view the Sovereign Citizens as a threat.

“We don’t want to be the thought police,” said Schlueter. “Most of these peoples’ rub is with federal agencies. The one thing they will honor is with the sheriff, because that’s more of an old constitution, that’s an elected position.”

Schlueter said that the Sovereigns he sees in the county, and their related group, the Republic for the United States of America, identified as the largest subgroup of the Sovereign Citizens in the country so far, have not been violent.

The SPLC list of patriot groups doesn’t include any militias in Minnesota or North Dakota. Nationwide, about one-fourth of the 1,274 groups identified by the nonprofit as patriot groups in 2011 were also deemed to be militias.

But extremist groups are definitely on the radar of local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Nope, no thought police…but police should take action if you think the wrong things. IRONY METER PEGGED!

So backed to Joan:

I heard that in testimony at the Minnesota state legislature last week. This is not about self defense or hunting. This is about treasonous actions against the government. As threats and bullying remarks are being made on blogs, on phone calls to those of us who advocate for reasonable gun laws, on tweets and Facebook pages, in e-mails, etc. some of us have reason to be concerned.

No citation, I wonder why. We have boots-on-the-ground reports that say Joan and company were avoiding the pro-gun people like the plague, yet we’re bullies? Who are you going to believe?

People who testified supporting the bills in front of the Public Safety Committee have received some e-mails and threats to themselves and their businesses. It is disconcerting at the least

At the least. Again no citation, so we’re supposed to take the word of a known liar!

Our fear is coming from those who call themselves legal gun owners but who then bully, intimidate, threaten, demean and belittle people like me and politicians who support reasonable gun laws. Why do they do this? If they have an opinion and some facts that show they are right, they shouldn’t have to bully to get their way. These folks seem to fear those of us who are only trying to slog through the swamp to get through the miasma of the politics of gun policy.

Says the woman who moderates her comments to keep out civil arguments against her lies. Also what’s to be afraid of? When was the last time an anti-gun activist was harmed by a pro-gun activist? We’re armed, and we’re “bullies” but there’s been no violence. This points in one obvious direction. Also we’re the ones pushing fear? Does she read her own writing?

In all of this fear talk, the real reasons we are having this discussion have become lost in the swamp and the blizzard of rhetoric. Have we so soon forgotten the 20 small children who were massacred by a crazed gunman who should not have had a gun? Have we forgotten that the gun he did have was designed to kill as many as possible and inflict as much damage as possible?

Nope, we haven’t forgotten. We’re “lost in the swamp and the blizzard of rhetoric” because your response is CONFISCATION of LAWFULLY held firearms and banning common features on rifles and pistols.

Have we forgotten that the second amendment can co-exist with reasonable measures to keep our communities safe from gun violence and the devastation it causes every day in our lives?

Did you just say that?

Seriously Joan, keep burning up that Joyce Foundation money!

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4 Responses to Another Joan Fisk

  1. Archer says:

    “Our fear is coming from those who call themselves legal gun owners but who then bully, intimidate, threaten, demean and belittle people like me and politicians who support reasonable gun laws.”

    Huh. I’m going to pick apart this statement a bit further:

    “Our fear is coming from …”
    If the next phrase is anything other than “within our own minds”, she’s lying (Shocking, I know!). Phobias are well-documented mental illnesses characterized by “a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational (emphasis added). Gun control proponents are crazy!

    “… those who call themselves legal gun owners …”
    That would be because we’ve broken no laws pertaining to gun ownership, possession, and use. We have every stinkin’ right to call ourselves “legal” gun owners. Taken another way, we as a group tend to limit ourselves to only the firearms permissible by law, so we’re also “legal gun” owners. She’s lying again, and twice with the same phrase, which is impressive even for her!

    “… but who then bully, intimidate, threaten, demean and belittle …”
    I’ll take this moment to note the massive issue I have with harassment laws in their various forms. While I understand and admire their purpose and intention, the glaring problem is that “harassment” is 100% defined by how the “harass-ee” “feels” – the alleged “harass-er” has practically zero say in the matter – and even with a pre-determined list of “harassing” behaviors, it all hinges on whether or not the “harass-ee” takes offense (and when I’m discouraged from saying “Hi” to a female co-worker for fear of being disciplined for harassment, there’s a problem).
    So we’ve now determined that those five verbs Joan uses are arbitrarily defined by the recipient, I’ll now point out that she – and those like her – “feel” that way when anyone has the audacity to be unafraid to live their lives. She’s offended that, armed or not, I have the self-confidence to walk down the street, head held high and proud of who and what I am, and – though aware of potential hazards – generally unafraid of going about my business. It doesn’t matter one bit that she’s not intentionally being bullied, intimidated, threatened, demeaned, or belittled; all that matters is that she “feels” she is. See above comment about phobias.

    “… people like me and politicians who support reasonable gun laws.”
    Again, “reasonable” is in the eye of the beholder. I – and people like me – think it’s reasonable to expect any new “anti-crime” laws to only affect criminals and ne’er-do-wells, and leave us “legal gun owners” the hell alone. I think it’s reasonable that if I haven’t harmed anyone with my guns or anything else (self-defense notwithstanding) that I should be able to purchase, possess, and carry whatever I deem necessary. I think it’s reasonable that if she doesn’t agree, her sole recourse is that she doesn’t have to purchase, possess, or carry any kind of tool, self-defense or otherwise. I think it’s reasonable to believe that her disagreement should not affect my options and abilities one stinkin’ bit. And finally, I think it’s reasonable to expect that I’ll resist (through the first three boxes: soapbox, ballot box, jury box) any attempt to pass a law that I don’t believe is “reasonable”.

    See, contrary to her (and CSGV’s) cries of “insurrection” and “treason”, that there’s what we call “democracy”, and it’s a double-edged sword; anything she can do to push/stop a proposed law, we can do, too. If democracy doesn’t work for her, I hear Kim Jong-Un is looking for new subjects, and hey, they have no guns!

    (I’ll now get down off the soapbox, with a grateful nod to Weer’d for allowing this comment-turned-rant. 😉 )

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Wow! Great Work! I agree that Joan and her other activist compatriots have an obvious phobia (Tho people Like Ladd and Jason Kilgore I suspect aren’t phobic by their actions of harassing lawful gun owners…if they feared us they’d avoid us. Instead they’re narcissists who feel their opinions are so infallible that even if we QUESTION them they go into a rage)

      Your points about Harassment and “Reasonable laws” is also good. Still note the difference between policy and law. Of course places like New York, California, New Jersey, and my own Massachusetts consider their actions “Reasonable” and they are the law of the land, these are special places run by “Special” people. Companies can have “Reasonable” harassment and gun policies where an employee can be fired for doing something as harmless as pointing out that a co-worker is wearing something nice today, or for lawfully carrying a firearm for protection of all. The law of the land is subject to a good deal more checks and balances than monolithic institutions. And while unreasonable harassment suits are filed in a court of law, most of them are dismissed.

      Still we must fight to take advantage of these checks and balances, hence why we’re here.

      Also isn’t it nice that a “Bully” like myself actually ALLOWS comments, unlike certain people. 🙂

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Glad to see that Joan has come out with the REAL Reason she wants Guns to “Go Away”: FEAR.

    You see, under the Collective Mentality (the “WE”), all People have an assigned Role to Play, all for the Good of the Group. As distasteful as it is, even they acknowledge that some members of the Group have the Assigned Role of Guard. But because they live in Fear, only so many Guards are Allowed, and everyone else should be doing something Peaceful, like Basket Weaving.

    The fact that some of us refuse to be part of the Collective (the “I”) automatically triggers their Fear Response. You see, they KNOW that the only way to be “Safe” is to be part of the Collective. And anyone who doesn’t want to be part of the Group MUST, repeat MUST be a Threat and Neutralized.

    And the Newtown Massacre hit right at the Heart of their Utopia. Suburban Connecticut, Extreme Gun Laws, an Elementary School, why they were living in Paradise until Reality arrived. I mean, it’s not like they were living in Chicago or Damascus or Somalia, they were in Paradise when EVIL arrived and Slaughtered their Future.

    Whereas, those of us who follow the Concept of “I” KNOW that Evil can Strike ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME. We KNOW that there’s not enough Guards. We KNOW that “Wolves run in Packs.” We KNOW that VENAL Political Hacks have to do as much Damage to the RKBA so that they can gain more and more Power. We KNOW that when Push comes to Shove, “I” am the one on the scene, having to Deal with what’s in Front of me RIGHT NOW, and “I” KNOW that Time is of the Essence.

    And yes, the “I” does have FEAR, but “I” knows he/she can’t be Paralyzed by Fear, but to use it for Self-Defense. They “I” doesn’t stand in the Middle of the Road looking at the on-coming Headlights. The “I” takes Action.

    And that’s why people like Joan are a threat to the “I.” The more Power they get, the more Laws they pass, they more they make it tougher to use the RKBA, the more they FREAK OUT when the Real World bursts their Bubble, the Great the Danger to both the “I” and the “We.”

    Because Evil loves Helpless Victims. They are SO much easier to Eat!

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    known for conducting seminars on how to bilk the government out of money from public assistance programs

    Weird. They don’t object when Democrats do this.

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