Blood In The Streets!

Or the Safest pizza shop in the country!

A Virginia Beach pizza shop owner is showing his support for firearm rights by giving gun owners a 15 percent discount.

The discount is given to anyone who brings a gun or concealed handgun permit to All Around Pizzas and Deli.

Owner Jay Laze tells news media outlets that he’d planned on offering the discount for a limited time. But he says the response has been overwhelming and he might make it permanent.

Since the discount began last Friday, Laze says 80 percent of his customers have brought guns into the pizza shop. He says one customer came in with an AK-47.

Just keep watching the news for violence to break out, or this place to be robbed…you likely won’t find anything because the criminals aren’t going to even go to this place to buy a slice, and oddly enough law abiding gun owners tend to stay law abiding no matter what they’re carrying.

Also I love how the antis not only claim that there will be “Blood In the Streets” when people are given the freedom to go armed, but also say they have popular support of banning guns. Meanwhile this guy’s little discount is exceeding his expectations.

Back in my offshore days I spent a week in Virginia Beach waiting for the weather to break so I could board one of their scallop boats. This part of Virginia is hardly the “Rural South”, it also does have a high population of Navy people thanks to its proximity to Norfolk. Tho it is difficult for military people to keep and bear arms thanks to our silly base policies.


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  1. My friends that run a local BBQ joint give a 10% discount for open carry. No shootings there yet and they’ve been doing it since they bought the place in Jan 2011.

    It’s like the guns don’t cause crime or something… Haven’t been robbed either.

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