“Evil Words” or Just Words?

Personally I’m all for using words exactly how they mean.

Now “Harvesting Game” makes perfect sense if you’re Ted Nugent who has lots of land, planted feed lots and other things to keep the game animals on his land healthy and happy…until its time for him to kill and eat them.

Meanwhile the Prairie Dogs on the Farm Family’s farm are pests…I helped kill a bunch of those pest. All were left to rot or get eaten by they Coyotes.

Same goes for hunting in the Maine woods…you’re not harvesting, you’re hunting and killing. Nothing wrong with that.

Same goes for self defense. You aren’t killing your attacker, you’re stopping them, because if and attacker lives or dies is irrelevant to a successful defensive gun use. Still when people ask me “Why do you NEEEEEED a weapon designed to kill”, rather than being verbose and explaining that the weapons are designed to STOP not to kill, I usually reply “because killing is perfectly legal!”. Sometimes those terms are good to get people thinking in the right way.

If you don’t think guns should be capable of killing, then you’re against justifiable homicide. If you’re against justifiable homicide, you’re a monster and should be labeled as such.

Also my carry guns are indeed weapons. My two primary carry guns are my S&W1911Sc, and my Kahr PM45. Neither are ideal target or plinking guns. They’re ideal WEAPONS, and that’s what I carry them for. Nothing wrong with people being armed with WEAPONS.

Of course a .22 bolt action isn’t much of a weapon, and really doesn’t deserve that moniker…unless in an instant its being USED as a weapon.

Words mean things, and I have no problem speaking the truth.

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3 Responses to “Evil Words” or Just Words?

  1. DS says:

    I think the NRA has done a great dis-service, un-knowingly, by discouraging the use of the word weapon to describe a firearm.

    They are agreeing with the anti-gunners that weapons are bad, normal people shouldn’t have weapons, and that the only guns that people should have are basically dangerous toys. And toys can be taken away if they prove too dangerous.

    Guns ARE weapons, and it’s ok for normal people to have weapons. The word ‘arms’ in the bill of rights was not referring to limbs.

  2. Roadkill says:

    Lethal self-defense is a totally moral right for all living creatures. Everything. I even argue that a death row inmate, while legally, morally, and physically he should pay for his crimes, any killing he commits to escape his fate is perfectly morally justified. He clearly does not deserve to escape his fate, but this is a natural right. It cannot be just taken away. The only time one does not have this moral right, is when one is an active attacker and aggressor. To prevent such threats everything has a moral right to best weapons possible to fight off an attack.

  3. Reputo says:

    I used to be part of the “they’re not designed to kill” crowd. Unfortunately, after several years I finally realized, that didn’t get anywhere with people who were opposed to guns period, it went in one ear and out the other. So I have switched to “Guns are designed to kill, so what?” Sometimes I add in “Killing is appropriate and for the better good in a lot of situations.” And if I think the person is a real intellectual I’ll respond “Guns are designed to propel a small metal object at high velocity in a relatively straight line (neglecting gravity). Because of the energy required to do this, when that energy is transferred to a living being, autonomic nervous system functions can be severely disrupted. This results in death.”

    Let’s face it, if someone is committing a violent crime, death might be the only way to stop them. Disruption of major organ systems that didn’t result in death might work also, but there is a thin line separating the two. Since there is no weapon that reliably will only disrupt organ systems while never causing death, I will use an instrument of death for protection. If the crime stops before my finger depresses the trigger (thereby causing organ failure or death), then the weapon has done its job and no further potential death causing action is required.

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