Good Dogs Turning Their Life Around

Woman Can’t Press Charges when her neighbor shot unrestrained dogs:

Police told a Pennsylvania woman that she cannot press charges after her neighbor shot and killed her two dogs when they wandered onto his property.

Two Bernese mountain dogs reportedly got past a hole in their owners’ backyard fence and were drawn to a neighbor’s property with sheep, reported.

The neighbor reportedly thought the dogs were a threat and opened fire, killing the male first, and then the female. Under Pennsylvania state law, a homeowner is allowed to shoot animals that are pursuing his or her livestock.

“He fired no warning, he didn’t yell, he didn’t make any phone calls, he didn’t do anything,” Mary Bock, the dogs’ owner told

Yes, Dogs are alive, but at this point we’re talking about property. The dogs were allegedly threatening the sheep. The dogs were only a threat to the sheep because the neighbor was negligent in restraining her dogs.

This is all about property rights. Also can we quit the bullshit about “Warning Shots”? Discharging a firearm is a naturally dangerous act, and one must be sure of their target and what lies beyond it. “Warning Shots” there is no “Target”, and guns are NOT noise makers or warning Klaxons. If you’re going to fire a gun you must have good reason, and good reason was given.

If you don’t control your property, you must pay the price.


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  1. Ruth says:

    Variations of that law are fairly standard in most communities with livestock. Most places a dog caught harrying livestock or farm animals can be shot on sight with no warning required. Its part of why I’m amazed the dogs across the street from me are still alive, we’ve got livestock less than 1/2 mile down the road, and they were allowed to wander freely till my 2nd or 3rd call to animal control. It constantly amazes me that people don’t realize this.

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