“Gun Death” Home Safety

I’ve covered stories like this many times:

Sophia Parslow, who was just 17 months old, had clambered on to the sofa next to the blind after her mother left her on her own for a few minutes watching Peppa Pig.

The “Gun Death” people demand we have laws that are declared unconstitutional, to lock up our firearms at all times to protect children. Meanwhile houses are FILLED with dangerous things. This isn’t just about window cords, or falling TVs, or Knives, or cleaners…

“Progressives” both don’t want people to be responsible, and also want feel-good laws. We see this with texting laws. There are a MILLIONS things you can do when you should be watching the road. Rather than just stepping up Distracted Driving laws which cover people messing with their phones while operating a vehicle at speed, but also reading news papers, eating food, applying makeup.

No rather than just being reasonable we need a game of “Mother May I” for each specific thing. Its really stupid!

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  1. divemedic says:

    Children are more likely to die in falls or by drowning than from an accidentally discharged firearm

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