“Gun Death” Kayack

Why do we need personal watercraft?

An experienced San Jose kayaker died after getting wedged upside down in some rocks while navigating a remote stretch of Clear Creek in Shasta County on Sunday, officials said.

According to the Shasta County Coroner’s Office, Shelbi Danielle Arno, 39, had previously navigated the same waters, which are not considered particularly treacherous.

“That’s why this is kind of surprising and very heartbreaking,” said Deputy Coroner Billy Cobb. “It’s a very popular creek here.”

Another sad accident that will be ignored because it isn’t a “Gun Death”.

h/t Bob

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5 Responses to “Gun Death” Kayack

  1. Old NFO says:

    And the family will be sued for ‘polluting’ the river… it IS Cali after all…

  2. Bob S. says:

    I really caught the fact that she had been down that stretch previously and yet still accidentally drowned – or should we say “negligently”?

    Regardless of past performance, things can always go wrong; that is just a fact of life. Yet when it happens with a firearm, you get yahoos calling for the loss of rights for life.
    Guess that says more about the yahoos mental state and fixations then their understanding of how dangerous life really is.

  3. WallPhone says:

    I’ve lost a dear family friend to white water. Not to mention all these terrible boating accidents you see mentioned around the gunosphere.

  4. PaulB says:

    I spend at least 300 days a year on the water, and have done so for the past 13 years. I’ve seen death, dismemberment, accidents, negligence, tragedy and stupidity in many, many forms. I’ve never seen a gun-related accident since, statistically, being a boater is hundreds of times more dangerous than being around personal firearms. We should be monitoring and tracking who owns personal watercraft, in an effort to promote boating safety. Why do they need a kayak?

  5. PaulB says:

    Forgot to mention the 20 years before that, of 90-270 days a year on lobster boats. That’s a lot of time to see idiocy. We need to stop boating deaths. For the chil’rens.

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