“Gun Death” Mental Illness

We can’t let sickos have guns:

An Alabama man accused of fatally stabbing his 2-year-old son wailed, banged his head on a table and asked a central Indiana judge for a rope during his initial court appearance Thursday.

Micah William Harrison, 30, of Robertsdale, Ala., feared someone was trying to kill him Wednesday when he fatally stabbed his 2-year-old son, Michael, in the chest with a kitchen knife and in the forehead with a nail-pulling tool, Noblesville police said in a probable cause affidavit.

The story doesn’t even make any sense, so unless he’s acting he’s likely crazy. OK Let’s face it, he killed his 2-year-old son, no sane person does this.

The real shame is that nothing good will come from this. Either he’ll get committed in a mental institution where we will feed and clothe him, and he’ll be a constant danger to the other inmates and the staff, or they’ll execute him DECADES from now.

Hey, but at least he didn’t use a gun, right?


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