“Gun Death” More China

This time a car!

A man angry over a court ruling in the case of his daughter’s murder used his car to run down a group of high school students in northern China, causing 13 to be hospitalized with injuries, the local government and the state news media reported on Tuesday. It was the second major attack on students in China in less than two weeks…..He then tried to set fire to his car by igniting a container of diesel fuel….The Beijing Times said the driver made no apparent effort to slow down before hitting the students and did not stop until he hit a taxi soon after.

I suspect if he had gasoline rather that diesel this could have been MUCH worse. Diesel isn’t easy to burn. Gotta love this too!

As with the previous attack, in which a man with a meat cleaver injured 23 students in adjacent Henan Province on Dec. 14, the episode received limited attention from the state news media. The Chinese media have given heavy coverage instead to the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., and the shootings on Monday of four firefighters, two of whom died, in Webster, N.Y.

Don’t blame them, don’t look at your own problems, always point the finger at others!

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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