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Just was skimming Jason Kilgore’s blog and found a new post up. Its pushing one of those touchy feely sites that seems to be big on talk, light on action, and high on hopes. I won’t bother with it, if it makes people feel better to do things like this fine, so long as they leave me and my rights alone I’m fine with that. Still when it comes to youth violence in America the problem isn’t guns, and it isn’t that kids don’t know how to express themselves these days.

Still the bigger point was Jason’s closing:

Violence is never a good option. Peace and nonviolence start with ourselves, then must first extend to our own families, then to our community. Together we can find ways toward a peaceful solution, and teach this to our children.

Violence is NEVER a good option??? NEVER? First up look who’s talking
jason kilgore with sword-2

Further its not like Mr. Kilgore or his Joyce Foundation masters seem to much care about POLICE having weapons. I thought violence was NEVER a good option?

This is the crux of their “Guns are ONLY For Killing” battle cry. They are anti-killing, even when it is legally and morally justified. Being against justifiable homicide is being against self defense. Being against self defense is being against ownership of your own life, and the lives of those you care about.

Jason has a wife and kids, and he wouldn’t defend them with violence? Hell Jason claims pro-gun people are “Bullies” and have made “threats” against him. Is he a liar?

Sorry Jason, in a very limited scope, violence is the very BEST option. Violence should be avoided at all cost, and have high bars of scrutiny, but at the gravest extremes, it is the very best option, and I will protect those options just as ferociously as I will protect my family and friends.

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10 Responses to How They Think

  1. Mycroft says:

    Violence is never the answer?
    Ok, let’s outlaw surgery then… and dentistry… and chemotherapy … and antibiotics…
    Every one of these consists of targeted violence.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Peace and nonviolence start with ourselves, then must first extend to our own families, then to our community. Together we can find ways toward a peaceful solution, and teach this to our children.

    I have not used a firearm in violence the entire time I’ve owned and carried one. Which is strange because I’ve been involved in several road rage incidents (Some Texans love to tailgate — really close) where the other driver has threatened violence. Maybe it isn’t the presence of a firearm but a person willing to do violence illegally that is the problem?

    I find it interesting that Jason isn’t going after the gangs, isn’t pushing for the drug cartels to turn in their guns. Isn’t calling out those groups but the law abiding gun owners — maybe he doesn’t understand just who is doing all the violence?

  3. Jake says:

    Violence is never the answer?

    He should try telling that to the survivors of Auschwitz.

  4. Divemedic says:

    But advocating that the police handle lawbreakers is to encourage others to do violence on your behalf. This is like the person who is against hunting because he is against harming animals, while at the same time enjoying his steak dinner.

  5. PoppaJ says:

    I think in cases like this Maxim #6 applies: “If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it.”

  6. Kristophr says:

    To be fair, most Tae-kwon-do dojos are non-contact.

    Closer to a dancing studio than a martial arts dojo.

    ( and yes, I know there are a few partial and full contact Tae-kwon-do dojos out there, I am not talking about you )

  7. Bubblehead Les says:

    Violence is never an Option?

    Bro, I lived on Ford Island for a time while in the Navy. I could see the Arizona outside my Barracks Window.

    Don’t tell me “Violence is never an Option.”

  8. Tom says:

    If violence isn’t an option, I guess stupidity is.

    Since Mr. Kilgore referenced the slain Tiana Montgomery in his post, I figured I’d apply a bit of google fu to figure out which NRA member killed her with his assault rifle. Oops, wrong on both counts. It turns out that 17 y.o. Ms. Montgomery was with an 18 y.o. man at a parking lot at 12:30 am to return a cell phone that belonged to a friend of one Joseph Cooley. Or it was a love triangle. Okaaaaaaaay. Either way, Mr. Cooley, the 20 y.o. employee of one of Seattle’s medical marijuana facilities, felt “disrespected” during their interaction, and shot Ms. Montgomery and her companion, who had met Mr. Cooley once before. Sadly, Ms. Montgomery died.

    Short of a complete ban of all firearms, confiscation by force, and sealing the border from imports, I can’t conceive of any gun control measure that would have prevented this. This was a stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things scenario. Most 17 y.o.s do not understand this. They must be told. It’s not always instinctive. It wasn’t with me. That’s what parents are for. But if we want to make sure that teens don’t die doing stupid things, we can start by banning and confiscating cars.

    • Stuart the Viking says:

      Not even all that would work. People in the illegal drug business manage to smuggle TONS of drugs into and around the country every year. Since it’s a cash only business and the people doing it are already committing a crime, it becomes necessarily for them to provide their own security (they can’t exactly call a cop). If all guns were banned and confiscated, like you suggest, weapons would just tag along with the drug shipments (and no, closing the border wouldn’t stop those, might slow them for a bit, but not for very long).

      Americans would wind up in the same boat as the Mexicans are in places. Powerful, well armed, drug cartels would eventually take over (I’m not convinced that they won’t anyway) and the people would have no way to defend themselves.


  9. Cargosquid says:

    As I told my pastor in reply to his “Violence is never the answer.”

    You are right. Properly applied violence is the answer.

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