Images of the Antis

Joan has uploaded some new images to her pintrest account. I’ll be picking at them as I see fit:

In really enjoy these images because it shows how smug and clever they THINK they are. I’ve yet to meet a stupid person who didn’t think they were at LEAST of above average intelligence, and I know of several people who are severely limited in intellect who think they are the smartest mind in the room.

This image is a prime example of that. Obviously the person had to dig and stretch a LOT to populate their list…of course they wouldn’t do the same for guns. Of course I could split hairs and point out that there are things like disconnectors, and cross-block safeties, Firing pin return springs, as well as relief cuts to vent gasses in the event of a head separation, to go all the stuff added to make guns safer.

Still who cares? I could cite the classic urban legend of NASA spending billions making a space pen when the Ruskies just brought pencils. Of course that’s a smug stupid story, as there were dangers bringing pencils into space, so we had good reason to develop a space pen. Either way, my point is, just because something is simple doesn’t mean its bad. I still ate my dinner with a knife and fork, no different than my grandparents did. On a similar note I found and old picture of my Grandfather on his Destroyer during WWII and he had an M1911A1 pistol in his holster. My daily carry gun is also a 1911…ironically for this discussion, the big difference between my gun and my grandfather’s is mine is of a different metal alloy, and it has a few extra safety features on it.

When something works you don’t feel the need to fix it. Further, just look at gun ACCIDENTS vs. Traffic Accidents (all I could find was overall death rate, and even when you include intentional acts of murder guns are still safer than cars), seems those extra safety features still aren’t able to keep up with the guns.

Oh and lastly the little bit about guns being “Designed to Kill People”. I’ll stick to my usual retort. THEY SURE ARE! We have in our laws the right to defend our lives from danger, and that includes lethal force in justified incidents.

I hope I never need to kill another human being to protect my life, or the lives of others, I also know that choice is in the hands of my attacker, not myself. If I ever DO need to defend myself I sure do want a tool suited for that job.

Why wouldn’t you?

Oh and the final tag on the picture on Joan’s account is:

Ask Congress to do something about this.

We did, Joan, did you notice how those crappy anti-rights bills didn’t get passed?

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11 Responses to Images of the Antis

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    “In really enjoy these images because it shows how smug and clever they THINK they are. I’ve yet to meet a stupid person who didn’t think they were at LEAST of above average intelligence, and I know of several people who are severely limited in intellect who think they are the smartest mind in the room.”

    Yup, google the Dunning–Kruger effect. They’re just so friggin smart that they won’t even consider that they could be wrong. Those that are humble know that they don’t know everything, and they’re smarter for it.

  2. McThag says:

    His gun is also designed to miss a lot.

    No front sight.

    The massive list of safety features on a car? The ones that are government mandated? Yeah, because we accepted that driving is a privilege rather than a right, therefore they can mess with it all they want. This is the price we pay for not asserting our 9th and 10th amendment rights vigorously.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Government mandated “Safety” features are the name of the game. Also note these features will be mandatory for you and I…but too dangerous for Officer Friendly to carry around.

  3. AZRon says:

    Of further note, my truck doesn’t have:

    Tire-pressure monitors
    Shatterproof glass
    Ignition Locks
    Rear video cameras
    Child-proof locks
    Anti-lock brakes
    Run-flat tires

    And yet the Gov’t hasn’t made it illegal for me to own and use. Perhaps they trust me to continue its safe operation. But, don’t they care about the Kids?

  4. Jake says:

    It’s also worth noting that the safety features shown for the car and the toaster are to prevent outcomes that are not their primary functions – let’s call those outcomes “side effects”.

    For the toaster the purpose is making toast, and those safety features prevent burns and fires. There’s nothing whatsoever to keep you from accidentally toasting your bread if you push the lever down.

    For the car the purpose is getting from point A to point B, and those safety features allow you to avoid hitting things (necessary to get from point A to point B successfully) and help keep you from being injured if you do hit something.

    For a gun the purpose is to propel a bullet at high velocity to a target (not necessarily for killing). The safety they point out is basically an on/off switch, so that if you pull the bang switch when you didn’t mean to you don’t accidentally kill someone (I’m ignoring The Four Rules for the sake of argument, here). There aren’t really any side effects to prevent when you intend to use it, so any extra safety devices would either be superfluous or render it useless.

    tl;dr: Apples and oranges.

  5. Geodkyt says:

    Jake is 100% on target.

    The equivalent “safety feature” fopr guns would be all those internal and passive safety features you mentioned — gas relief holes, disconnectors, transfer bars for firing pins, etc. The stuff that keeps the gun from doing “bad things” during NORMAL operation.

    But let’s play by the artist’s rules, for sake of argument, shall we? I like games. . .

    Compared to the toaster, MY AR can meet at least all those features on the toaster. Stay cool furniture, a mechanism that works just fine upside down (thus it is SAFER than the toaster in that respect), a “cut off switch” (manual safety), and a disconnector (auto shut off).

    Compared to the car, MY AR15 has a “headlight”, has a designated impact point DESIGNED to take a full force impact (bayonet lug & the Phantom flashhider) — that’s EIGHT car features equated to (everything intended for avoiding or surviving an impact, shatterproof glass, crumple zones, airbags, anti-lock brakes, padded dash, brake lights, side lights, & seatbelts).

    MY AR doesn’t go backwards (3 features, only 1 of which the artist remembered to include: back up cameras/lights/mirrors; the artist forgot back up mirror and back up lights).

    MY AR will not be handled by children while I am operating it (child locks), has BUIS that don’t fog up nor are affected by rain and allow operation even if a primary system craps the bed (2 features — windshield wipers and run flat tires, with window defoggers not being needed), and my headspacing doesn’t go out fast enough to need an INTERNAL tire pressure monitoring system, so my FIELD gauge equates to the tire pressure gauge I keep in the glove box . The car’s ignition lock IS NOT a safety feature.

    Of course, I actually know toasters, cars, AND guns, unlike the artist. So I can compare them. . . the artist is absolutely unqualified to.

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  7. TS says:

    Gee, how about an arrow pointing to the safety barrel shroud “designed to keep you from getting burned/gas tube protector”?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      ooh! Good point! I was shooting Sporting clays one morning with my trusty 590 and I was waiting my turn to shoot with the shotgun on my shoulder. At one point I moved and the shotgun slid down my shoulder and bumped my neck. The heat shield was noticeably warm, but didn’t burn me. Had I been shooting my wife’s “Sporting” shotgun I would have at least gotten a minor burn.

      Safety feature!

  8. I just thought I would point out two things. The rifle safety features do not include the NRA rules for gun safety, nor the Warning usually stamped into the receiver of most firearms.

    Secondly, all of those safety features on cars and they STILL manage to kill more people than firearms. How can that be? I personally think it’s because there are more liberal anti-rights asshats driving cars than there are carrying and using firearms. They have shown their propensity towards violence time and again. You want world peace and safe passage? Ban liberals. It’s like “a well balanced part of this nutritious breakfast” for your brain.

    I have been accused of preaching to the choir from time to time.

    Disavowed With Honor

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