MIT Lockdown

Apparently for nothing.

Police called off a security lockdown at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this morning after failing to corroborate earlier reports of a gunman in body armor on campus.

A person carrying a long rifle was reported in the Main Group Building, according to a posting on the school’s emergency information website at 9:22 a.m. local time. Students were urged “to stay indoors and shelter in place and report suspicious activity to the campus police dispatch.”

Cambridge police said its officers and those from other law enforcement agencies joined in a search for the gunman.

By midmorning, no one matching the description had been found and the search was called off, according to a tweeted statement by the police.

“Scene is clear. Call unfounded. No threat to public safety,” police said.

Love stories like this. Either its jumpy people and police in full-on panic on one of the more restrictive gun zones out there….or its total garbage security.


The Plot Thickens.

Cambridge police said they will seek criminal charges against the person who sent a bogus electronic message claiming a gunman was inside a Massachusetts Institute of Technology building yesterday as school officials say they will investigate a delay in sending an alert to students warning of the potential danger.

Cops and MIT police swarmed the campus yesterday after an “electronic message” was sent to Cambridge police at 7:28 a.m. reporting that a man armed with a weapon was inside 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge Police Lt. John Boyle said.

But a campus-wide alert to students warning them to stay indoors was not sent out until 8:52 a.m. — more than an hour later, prompting online criticism yesterday for the delay.

So it sounds like a malicious hoax, rather than the rank stupidity like security staff mistaking an umbrella for a rifle. So if this HAD been real, the shooting would have been well underway and the bodies piled up before the students even got word. We saw similar stupidity in Virginia Tech were a mentally ill student with two pistols using limited capacity magazines killed 32 innocent people in cold blood.

This again shows the futility of “Gun Free Zones” and strict gun control. Let’s do something for SAFETY for a change!

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4 Responses to MIT Lockdown

  1. Joat says:

    So someone said they saw someone on campus with a gun and body armor and the response is to send people with guns wearing body armor?

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Glad to see that Cambridge Cops follow the TSA Security Model: Useless and Deadly.

  3. Pigbomb says:

    Any chance that the “gunman” was actually a member of the rifle team there?

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