More of Them Not Thinking Things Through

So there’s the silly meme of “Register Guns Like Cars”…to which I say SURE! They don’t really consider the scope of the law, and what that means…instead they want to take just a small portion of the law and apply it wherever they want.

A more absurd example would be like them saying “You register your car, so why not register all your socks!” Sorry guys it needs to make sense first for us to bite.

Now have a read of this. “7 things that are harder than buying a gun”

In many states, you have to register in advance to vote, sometimes by as much as 30 days. Under federal law, you can buy a gun on the day you decide you want one.

Of course most states openly BAN the requirement for any positive ID, so is that the best analogy? Also they set up voter registration stations EVERYWHERE, Malls, Subway Stations, Street corners. Also the registration rolls have minimal oversight. Frequently college towns push to register students who aren’t legal residents.

Take Sudafed for your cold symptoms? Due to its connection with methamphetamine, federal law limits the amount pseudoephedrine (antihistamine) you can buy in a month. Federal law says nothing about how many guns you can purchase in one transaction.

Also like Gun Control, the pseudoephedrine restrictions were put in place to limit the production of illegal meth…have you noticed how people aren’t using meth anymore? Nice idea, citing a law that doesn’t work as justifications for other laws that don’t work. Also there are some laws in place that treat larger sales different than smaller ones, but its pretty obvious that factual arguments aren’t going to be used here.

To get a cell phone contract, you have to provide your social security number. It’s the same when signing up for many utilities services. When buying a gun, providing a social security number is not necessary.

…But supplying a SSN is an OPTION! I’ve never filled out the optional line when buying a gun, I know others who have when contesting a NICS denial. You see the system is built so that there are tons of false denials for every person who is actually denied a transaction, usually the addition of the SSN clears that up. So what’s the point you’re trying to make?

The FDA prohibits most dogs in restaurants in all fifty states. Forty-nine states (all but Illinois) allow concealed firearms to be carried in public.

So a living entity with its own free will is EXACTLY like guns? This is just pure lack of thought. Dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants because they are living animals, they’re covered with allergens, they are self-contained colonies of bacteria, and they excrete harmful waste. Guns are pieces of metal, plastic, and wood, often lubed with oil. Kinda like cars…which we send through the drive-through. Of course also if we think about this a little bit, many of us have dogs. Of those people, all of you have kitchens. All but a few of you regularly use said kitchen to prepare food. How many of you have become ill or died because you have a dog in the home where you prepare and eat food? Man if we were to THINK, we might have a good discussion about that!

Houston lawmakers recently proposed a law which would require all strippers to get permits to take off their clothes. In the same state of Texas, no permit is necessary to purchase an assault rifle.

Here’s a good one. Is Houston licensing strippers for a reason other than shaking them down for money? Is there a major health risk from unlicensed strippers? Yeah, they’re really going to hang their hat on this one.

Due to zoning laws in Miami-Dade county in Florida, liquor stores must be built 2,000 feet away from churches. Concealed guns can be carried into churches. Last year, in St. Petersburg, Fla., a pastor’s daughter was accidentally shot by a gun-carrying congregant.

Huhhh? Seriously? More bullshit blue laws from the puritans and you’re actually claiming this is GOOD? Why don’t you talk about laws requiring blacks to drink from water fountains and sit in special spots on the bus, but not for gun owners? This is REALLY your argument?

In order to get open water scuba diving certification in Colorado, certification courses of up to three days are required; these include classroom sessions, pool dives, and open water practice dives. To meet the qualification for a concealed carry permit, you can take a 90-minute online course called “Introduction to Pistol Safety,” with no actual shooting practice, and be on your way.

Ok first they’re over-simplifying the issue. Some states, like Florida have such a system. You take a simple class and go through some silly motions and you get your permit. Other states have range qualifications and DAYS of class. Other states don’t have any training…or any permits. So we have a nice petri dish of variables here…and there is no noticeable difference negligent, ignorant, or foolish behavior by gun owners. Sorry, the classes simply aren’t necessary. I wrote a great post about it a while back.

Now I’m licensed to carry in most states, and I’m a certified SCUBA diver (BTW which is good in ALL states, and never needs to be renewed…sign me up for that!), and the stuff they teach you in SCUBA class is pretty different than in carry class. In Carry class they spend a little bit of time on how to align sights, load unload, and safely handle a gun, the different types of guns, and how to press the trigger. Most of the talk is about laws.

In SCUBA we have a little bit of law talk (like you’re not allowed to dive without a diver flag flying), and things like the different types of gear, and what things are used for. But Much of the class is teaching you things that might be counter-intuitive. The four rules of gun safety are REALLY intuitive. Add in the “Keep the Gun Unloaded when you aren’t using it” bit, and its REALLY easy to not have a problem.

Did you know that if you hold your breath while at depth your could rupture your lungs while on SCUBA? Did you know that if you’ve been at depth for a length of time, simply swimming to the surface might kill you? There are also tasks we needed to do that really don’t have a parallel to gun training, unless you’re in some of the more outlandish “Tactical Carbine” courses. Things like how to take off, and put all your gear back on WHILE AT DEPTH, say in the event that your tank or vest gets tangled.

Really the two aren’t comparable, but that sure doesn’t stop them, does it?

Thinking really isn’t something they do much of when talking about the issue. If only they MEANT it when they say we need a “Serious Debate” about guns.

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9 Responses to More of Them Not Thinking Things Through

  1. Bob S. says:

    Voting — no class, no proficiency, no finger prints required, no fee required — let’s do it.

    Cars – we let 16 year olds drive, my inspection sticker, registration, insurance and license is respected in all 50 states — let’s do it.

    Cell phones — this has to be the biggest kicker; I can walk into many stores and get a pre-paid cell phone for CASH. No background checks, no contract, no traceability to me — LET’S DO IT.

  2. Chris in TX says:

    re: dogs and guns.

    When my gun pisses on the floor, humps a strangers leg, then sits down and tries to lick its own butt, I’ll stop carrying it into restaurants. Until then…

  3. Jake says:

    Re: Cell phones – As far as I know, there is no legal requirement to provide an SSN. That’s just something the provider requires so they can run a credit check and decide if they’re going to require a deposit or not – which is why it’s not needed to buy a prepaid phone.

  4. Rob Crawford says:

    What I take from their list is that we have way too many laws.

  5. TS says:

    Often these people will make comparisons to laws they don’t endorse. Does this liberal author actually think strippers should be permitted? Why make the comparison then?

    They always forget the serious criminal liability that comes with gun laws. So there is some slight tracking of Sudafed, big deal. If I have a friend visiting from out of state and they get sick, so I go out and buy a pack of Sudafed and give it to them… did I just commit a federal felony?

  6. Braden Lynch says:

    Well, what about special licensing fees, training classes, national registration and waiting periods before they use their First Amendment rights?

    Is it a right, or is it a specially doled-out governmental privilege?

    Want to pray?
    First get the permission of the government, use only the state approved prayers of ten words or less, use no big words, and do not use a Bible bound in BLACK leather!

    Want to make a speech?
    Sorry, you are allowed to have only one a month. You cannot post it on the Internet because the Founding Fathers were only aware of quill pens and parchment. They could never have envisioned the brain-child of Al Gore (ahem)!

    The Second Amendment says what it means and means what it says. The government is not allowed to get it’s paws on the RKBA, so it can regulate it into non-existence, or to water it down so only the “special ones” can exercise it.

  7. Old NFO says:

    Good refutations of all the BS arguments, thanks!

  8. Eck! says:

    What I got from the list is two things..

    The author is an idiot. We need a law to ban idiots and like gunfree zones
    not going to work.

    On a less sarcastic note..

    The writer does not appreciate why some laws exist and why they do work. I’d be highly squicked if a dog did a dump next to my table. I like dog but hey if I’m payin gfor food I’d like to enjoy it in a sanitary if not clean setting.

    Pseudoephedrine if you are buying that much stay home and also see a cardiac doc.
    Excesses of it are not safe.

    Anything that is purchased effectively on time payments or have a contract generally expects a credit check hence the need for a SSN. See free cell phone 2 year contract,
    you do this whenever you do something that involves financial contracts, time payments and credit. Or you just pay cash.

    Blue laws are like gun free zones. If a business can figure a way around it they will
    and seriously, if 1000ft is to far, you need the walk more than the booze. In the
    end what stops a drunk from walking 1000ft and back, buying a bottle of beer and sitting on the steps drinking it? Nothing as that not covered and the no drinking in public law gets used instead. There is one too many law there.

    Some of the writers comments were fillers and show a lack of knowledge and
    forethought on the authors part.

    The problem is like the author any fool can do many things, and minimally embarrass themselves or worse. We expect them to be responsible. If they are not often Darwin wins.

    Darwin is known for creating the better fool just to test anything said to be
    fool proof.


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