More TSA Incompetence

TSA Sued for Strip Search:

A woman who says she was ethnically targeted for a strip search at Detroit Metropolitan Airport has sued an airline and federal law enforcers.

Shoshana Hebshi was removed from a Frontier Airlines plane after it landed in Detroit on Sept. 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The plane’s crew had reported suspicious behavior by two men who’d spent several minutes in the bathroom and were sitting near her.

Hebshi says she was ordered to remove her clothes, bend over and cough while she was searched. The Sylvania, Ohio, woman filed suit Tuesday. She says she was targeted because she is half-Arab and half-Jewish.

She didn’t know the men. No one was charged.

Honestly my first thought isn’t her ethic background, but how good she looks. There’s lots of documentation that attractive women get mishandled by TSA vastly more than average-looking ones.

Still the big take-away point is an innocent woman was abused, and humiliated without probable cause, or charges filed, over an incident where no one else was charged.

The TSA is the Keystone Kops….but at least the Kops films were cheap! The TSA is costing us BILLIONS, and isn’t a work of fiction!


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  1. Reminds me of those times in junior high school, when someone makes an unsolicited comment to me during class, and I got punished for it!

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