On PAC Money

Bloomberg’s PAC spending MILLIONS:

The National Rifle Association spending on new ads this week was no surprise, considering the powerful and well-funded gun lobby spent roughly $18 million through its political arms in the last election cycle. And the group remains committed to protecting gun makers and the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.

However, the emergence of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his super PAC spending roughly $2 million this year on a special House race in Illinois suggests both sides are looking to bolster their positions in Congress through the 2014 races and perhaps beyond.

Bloomberg, a vocal advocate of strict gun control, through his super PAC Independence USA, paid for TV ads and mailers attacking two Illinois Democrats — former Rep. Debbie Halvorson and state Sen. Toi Hutchinson — who were running for Jessie Jackson Jr.’s open seat and have had high NRA ratings. The primary is Tuesday and considered too close to call.

Interesting that the anti-rights activists demonize the NRA for spending money, but never cast the same aspersions against Bloomberg, or the Joyce Foundation. Note that the NRA represents MILLIONS of Americans, and can be joined by anybody, and once you reach the requirements, can vote on how the group works. Meanwhile Bloomberg and Joyce are closed shops that represent dozens at best who are chosen by undisclosed means.


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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Uh, how do I say this? NRA just became as Useful as the Polish Calvary in 1939.

    Why? Well, the NRA’s Power has been to threaten Politicians and Candidates with Defeats in the Elections through Money and getting out the Votes. BUT the money has to come through Individual Donations from Millions of Members.

    But look at the Economy. Look at the STREET Economy. Screw Wall Street, I’m talking about Main Street. Price Gasoline lately? Food? Ammo? Oh, and how about those Tax Increases that have Shrunk the Paycheck?

    Now, how much money do you think will go to the NRA for the Mid-Terms, when IF one has a spare $50, they could either buy a Brick of .22LR OR make a Donation to the NRA?

    Now, what does Bloomberg have to do? Why, he has his MAIG Group, and that’s already down to the local Level. So if a Pro-Gun Candidate enters an Election, a Notice is Sent to Headquarters, and Mickey spends a Million or two IN THAT LOCAL MARKET to defeat that Candidate.

    And he does it over and over and over because he’s a Multi-Billionare who’s going to have a LOT of Free Time on his hand when he leaves office next year.

    Oh, and the MSM is on his side, so he has No Problem getting ad Space. Hell, he OWNS part of the MSM.

    So the Main Power (Money and Lobbying) has just been “Seen and Raised” by one little Dictator who has TONs of Money.

    And NRA’s Plan B is?

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