Pointless Laws

Sometimes Joan makes it too easy. If you want to see a prime example of her disconnect with reality look no further:

Here is why we need to expand our gun background check system. A Texas man was convicted of selling guns without a license in the state of California. And there’s more. From the article:

“It’s the gun show loophole. In the state of Texas. It was how Zeta drug lord Miguel Angel Trevino Morales got the assault rifle the Mexican authorities found when they arrested him…. It was in California that he was convicted of selling weapons without a license. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

In Texas, Rodriquez posed as a private seller at the gun shows. It was a loophole he could use to sell the guns without first conducting a background check.

Not much of a “Loophole” given that both of these fine gentleman are going to the clink. I’m curious to think what Joan thinks her pet law will do. These guys were committing serious crimes and are going away for a LONG time. Does Joan think an extra year tacked onto their sentences will make a difference? Does she think that minor risk added to the major legal risks taken would be enough to get criminals to lose their nerve?

You see you can ban private sales…like they do in Massachusetts, but you’ll still have Private Sellers! The law does nothing unless you catch them, and let’s face it, even without this law, when you catch them you can STILL arrest them.

Still Joan has been known to think that illegal acts are legal JUST BECAUSE!

She doubles down with some straight up lies:

For losing power is threatening to a lot of folks. Thus, the uncompromising and forceful arguments against doing anything to stop the shootings. The truth of the matter is that there will be no gun confiscation if the Brady background check system, already in place now since 1994, is expanded to private sellers. There has not been wide spread confiscation as a result of buying a gun at a Federally Licensed Dealer where background checks are required. There has not been confiscation of guns in the states that have passed expanded background checks. These are red herrings designed to kill any chance of moving forward with measures to keep us safer.

First we have the little bit about these laws and states actually confiscating guns. What do you think happens so so-called “Assault Weapons” after the owner dies under the SAFE Act? Then there are the list of door-to-door confiscations of various guns, and how again has the Brady Law made us safer? How many people have been arrested for lying on the background check form? How many arrested for attempting to illegally buy a gun? Hell how many people were actually STOPPED by the denials they trot out to show how “Effective” their little background check laws are?

And of course when it comes to confiscation, Joan is indeed a HUGE fan.

Oh and a little more:

If individual rights always trump the common right to be safe, we wouldn’t have any laws would we? Why do we pass laws that require seat belts and airbags in cars? Surely that violates an individual right to ride in a car any way you want. It is because of the common good that keeps us all safer and keeps our children and loved ones from being killed in accidents. Why speed limit laws? What if we allowed people to drive any way they wanted without constraints? So no traffic lights, no stop signs, no one way streets, no driver’s licenses, no car registration or insurance? What about requiring background checks on anyone who works with our children? Good idea? What about requiring background checks on people who work with other people’s money? Good idea? What about mandatory education laws that make sure all of our children attend school or are home schooled while following some state regulations? What about requiring our teachers, doctors and other professionals to upgrade their skills so we know they can address our health and educational needs? What about making sure our roads and bridges are safe? What about making sure our children’s toys are safe? What about making sure that new buildings are inspected for building or fire code violations? What about licensing building contractors, plumbers and electricians? What about requiring smokers to go outside of public buildings if they want to light up? Why pass those laws? Don’t those people have a right to smoke if they want to?

Well because Individual rights exist, and “Common rights” don’t. Further I love all this super authoritarian bullshit here. Most of this crap is just government graft taking a piece of legal business while they sit and do nothing. Also this whole traffic law analogy is paper-thin. I carry a gun, depending on what state I’m in, I carry a gun without a permit, sometimes concealed, sometimes open. NEVER can I threaten somebody with my gun, unless they first threaten me, and threaten me with grave bodily harm. I can’t go shooting willy-nilly with my gun. If my rounds aren’t being stopped by a berm, and they’re getting near people, I get to go to jail. We have all sorts of cool laws like speed limits, and stop signs already, and like your gun traffickers we can arrest people for violating them already without any more stupid laws.

Further some things are just bullshit, watch this great video:

Look at that, a modified corvette with the airbag REMOVED! And its INSPECTED! Further most states DON’T inspect autos, so that point is moot.

Hey let’s close on a high-note!

We need a serious discussion about what a society requires in order to be safe and meet the basic needs of those who live in our communities.


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3 Responses to Pointless Laws

  1. Bob S. says:

    Let me focus on just one part of her screed; one that unintentionally says so much about Joan

    For losing power is threatening to a lot of folks.

    She freely admits that she wants to take power away from the individual and give more to the state.
    Not only does she think we the people should Lose power but she has a whole slew of other laws that will also cause people to ‘lose power’.

    Where does it end in her playbook?

    With the people powerless and the state all-powerful?
    Given what she’s said, seems like it.

  2. Eck! says:

    Time to treat the demented old biddy to the camp for the mentally weary. Thinking is hard, thinking beyond the moment is impossible.

    Then again shes not paid to think, just go, baa baa baa, on cue.

    Am I hard on her? Yes, you bet. Anyone that runs their mouth hard and puts no thought behind it is a fool. For all her yammering there has been the offer of nothing,
    no security, no safety, no crime control. Her idea of a discussion is still a monologue
    where she is the only one talking. I have no expectation of that changing till the gravy trains ends.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Also let’s face it, she’s a charlatan! Her idea of a “discussion” IS a monologue because she KNOWS the pro-gun side will ALWAYS win in an honest discussion. She’s paid to NOT have a discussion.

      She’s paid to be dishonest.

      She’s paid to sell false hope in failed policies.

      She’s paid to make people upset over things that aren’t true. (Like “Children” being killed by gunfire, rather than 17-25 year old gang members in the drug trade killing each other. Like talking about “Gun Death” while ignoring murder and violent crime rates. Like Comparing the US Homicide rate to the UK’s murder conviction rate. Like talking about criminals and terrorists buying guns at gun shows legally, when that is the furthest thing from the truth. Like talking about her dead sister as if that has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING she does)

      She’s paid to be evil. She’s lining her pockets with lies and deceit.

      We can’t be hard enough on her and her ilk!

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