Squirrel Report: Lighten Up!

So the last few Squirrel Reports we’ve been talking about serious stuff. Tonight we’re going to lighten things up a bit, and talk about lighter fare since we’re all burned out on crappy politics.

The other guys want me to talk about Cryptids, and I shall deliver! Also what was once a cryptid and now is just a lesser known animal, The Discovery Channel has the first footage of a Giant Squid hunting in its natural habitat at depth!

I’m super excited about seeing this and learning more about these guys! Cephalapods are my thing!

Here’s some teaser footage

And a medium sized one caught off of Japan by a Biologist!

We’ll also talk about the TSA and Tom Cruise getting “SWATted”.

Remember to call in at 9pm EST to join in!


Squirrel Twins

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