That Great NRA Ad

The antis hate it, why? Because its the truth!

On a related note there is outrage about the new New York gun laws because law enforcement isn’t exempted.

Odd that police would want “Weapons of War” designed simply to “Commit Mass Shootings”.

Maybe cops want the best guns because its the best tool for defending their lives and the lives of others…which is exactly why I want them too!

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6 Responses to That Great NRA Ad

  1. Dave says:

    I dislike the ad because it’s needlessly focused on Obama, and realistically, I do think it’s disingenuous to pretend the standing President’s children have no national security interest.

    Now, run the same add with David Gregory, and I’m in. Make it more about how it’s okay for rich people to hire people with guns, but not for ordinary people to have their own, and I’m in.

    This ad isn’t convincing anyone on the middle. It’s just playing to the base, and honestly, we need more than that, because they are pretty heavily playing to the middle right now.

    • mike w. says:

      “I do think it’s disingenuous to pretend the standing President’s children have no national security interest.”

      Their lives are just as worthy of protection as the lives of any other kids. No more, no less.

  2. Old NFO says:

    It’s on point, and points out the hypocrisy…

  3. Bob S. says:


    I appreciate your points and they are valid but the ad isn’t pointed at the kids but at Obama. nor does the ad disparage the kids in any way. It isn’t like the scrutiny and trash thrown at the Bush Twins for example.

    I’ll disagree with you about it playing to the middle. I think that many in the middle may not be aware of the security arrangement for President Obama’s family. There is a general “yeah, the secret service watches over them” awareness but not the “Hey, how come THAT School gets armed guards and ours don’t.”. This makes it blunt and in the face.

    We’ve tried, and will continue to try, the soft approach but let’s face it the hard sell has to be used sometimes.

  4. I do love how the douche waffle from Jersey otherwise known as Chris Christie turned around and slammed the ad. Stating that “public officials have no choice” in the matter. Really, didn’t you volunteer for public office? Didn’t you say you would accept public office?

    The bottom line is it is hypocritical, period. If his children can be made safer by the presence of armed guards, you can NOT claim that other children would be made less safe by the presence of armed guards and you cannot claim that the presence of armed guards would be effective at stopping threats to the children.

  5. Formynder says:

    And the NRA wasn’t referring to the Secret Service guards there but the armed guards that school hired on their own. Lots of the liberal elite send their kids there, and I believe the school has 11 armed guards.

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