That Rosa Parks Line

There’s the line going around that “I Don’t NEED an AR-15 with 30 round magazines any more than Rosa Parks NEEDED to sit in the front of the bus”.

Now first, to be fair I’ve never been physically endangered because I had to sit in the back of a bus, but there are lots of people alive today because they had an AR-15 handy.

Still my big point is antis will say “Yeah but guns are dangerous, and need to be controlled”….what they forget is the peckerwoods in the Jim Crow south thought blacks were pretty dangerous, and needed to be kept under control.

Of course my rifle with an “extended pistol grip”, or a collapsible stock, or a threaded barrel, or my various magazines that hold more than 10 rounds pose about as much danger to society as a black man drinking from the “Whites Only” Drinking fountain, or holding hands with a white woman.

Some of the supporters of Jim Crow were the evil racists that you see plastered on movies or documentaries, but most of them were honest, but ignorant people raised up just to think that blacks were indeed different than whites…just because.

Same goes for the anti-gun people. We have the anti-gun equivalent to the KKK Knight Riders, who are active and are pushing known misinformation, but most of the boots on the ground are people who don’t know ANYTHING, but have been trained since birth to FEAR what they don’t understand.

Remember to point that out to the next group of people who want to push gun bans. Tell them you’ll talk again once they’ve done a little research, and better understand the issue.

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3 Responses to That Rosa Parks Line

  1. Lazy Bike Commuter says:

    And it’s always the Democrats leading the charge for segregation.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Remember, Bull Conner thought that African-Americans didn’t need Guns.

  3. Eck! says:

    As slaves and indentured servants no need for guns. As free men they were required to stay alive as the status quo forces wanted them owned or dead.

    Right up there with that is the whole gay marriage and conservative Christians.
    The polar positions are more faith than fact one one side.

    I tend to not like arguing cross similar or analogous things with unreasonable people as they don’t see it and refuse too, or it taps into their other prejudices.

    What they argue to me is making a assured right a privilege.


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