The Police Will Protect You

You don’t need a gun, the Police will protect you!

Chicago authorities are revamping how police respond to 911 calls in hopes of freeing up more officers to respond to the most serious crimes.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that starting Sunday officers won’t respond in person to lesser crimes. Those include vehicle theft or incidents where the victim is safe and doesn’t need medical attention.

Those calls will go to another department and police reports taken over the phone.

I can’t see ANYTHING going wrong with this at all. (SARCASM)

Still it doesn’t matter WHERE you are, your call to police will ALWAYS be prioritized, because police resources are NEVER unlimited. Further if you live in a dangerous neighborhood, police will do everything in their power to avoid answering your call for obvious safety reasons.

Having police is a good thing, but for your individual safety, the only person you can count on is yourself.


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3 Responses to The Police Will Protect You

  1. Bob S. says:

    In my city, the police are already dispatching a civilian employee to take property crime reports instead of an actual Law Enforcement Officer.

    We had a car broken into at the local park; there was a chance the kids/thugs who did it was still hanging around and it was reported to the cops as such.
    A civilian showed up 25 minutes after I got the call, got dressed, and drove to the park.

    Yep…I’m really going to trust the civilian dispatchers to get the call logged and dispatched and the police to have an officer available to respond — NOT.

  2. Linoge says:

    And lest people get too wound around the axle on this, remember that there is standing judicial precedent stating that police officers do not have to protect individual citizens.

    You are, quite literally, on your own.

  3. Obviously the Chicago Gestapo have never heard of expanding/escalating incidents where something starts out as some minor, unassuming, civil issue and then turns into a blood bath. Similar to pulling someone over for a broken tail light and discovering the driver is wanted for murder in 3 states. Been there, done that. Would a civilian in Chicago, likely unarmed, be able to deal with that circumstance appropriately? No. It’ll just be chalked up to more “gun violence” and pad the communist regime’s numbers.

    Disavowed With Honor

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