They Don’t Get It

Or Refuse to get it. Chris Mathews:

The mood of the “Guns Over People” party is increasingly to vote for guns. Vote for war. Vote against people.

Why? I cannot figure. To paraphrase an old saying: “Guns don’t vote; people do.”

I have a feeling that there are more Americans with strong feelings about those first graders up in Connecticut than they do for the wild bunch out there worried about the “black helicopters” sweeping down on their front lawns.

We’ve seen the horror of crazed killers with semi-automatic weapons armed with big capacity clips. Still haven’t caught sight of those darn helicopters.

First up, guns are totally inanimate objects, but they’re important to people because people use guns to protect their lives and their liberty.

We haven’t seen the “Black Helicopters” yet because A) We still have our guns firmly in our hands, and B) Helicopters are impractical for door-to-door confiscation (duh). Its more like “Black SWAT APCs” is my concern.

Still EVERYBODY who’s talking about banning guns is talking about some form of confiscation. Grandfathering with zero transfer, So they’ll take your guns and magazines after you die, and nobody else will ever have them, or mandatory buy-backs, where they’ll give you some cash as they confiscate your guns, as if that has any meaning, or simply straight up confiscation.

Sorry, we haven’t seen the black SWAT APCs yet, but they’re gassing them up.

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8 Responses to They Don’t Get It

  1. McThag says:

    All helicopters are black under the paint!

  2. Reputo says:

    Weer’d, what I don’t understand is the people who keep pushing laws that have deomonstrably been shown to do nothing. See my latest review of NY compared to the US at Feel free to link as needed or use the graphics at your discretion.

  3. Stuart the Viking says:

    The absence of black helicopters is not germane to the argument.

    If American became a free and wonderful utopia of liberty, with so little governmental tyranny that even the malcontents of society could find not a negative word to utter. Where any need or want is fulfilled, simply for the asking. Then still I would say the people should be allowed to retain their arms. Why? Because I believe it is the natural right of a human being (or any other class of creature, truth be told) to use what tools he has available to defend himself and his family. Make no mistake, evil exists, and even in such an impossible future as I have stated, there would be those who would rather prey upon their fellows than partake of the bounty freely given. For such evil to thrive, it takes only good men to do nothing. Forcing helplessness upon the people by disarmament is tantamount to supporting said evil by silencing those who would oppose it.


  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    Little Trick from my Father, who used it during the Hungarian Revolution against Soviet T-54s. One Pump Garden Sprayer filled with Gasoline. Several Molotov Cocktails. Go to the 3rd. Floor over looking the Street. Soak the Vehicle. Give them a Drink. Run like Hell.

    Just a Note from History. And Children, Don’t Try this at Home.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Ever read the novel “Footfall” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle? They recount another Hungarian revolution trick there — pie tins in the roadway. If it’s a gravel road, partially bury them.

      They look like mines…

  5. Archer says:

    “Mandatory Buy-Backs”, hmmm?

    That means the local PD is required to “buy back” my gun, right? Which means they’re required to pay MY named price, or they’re in violation of the law for not “buying back” my gun, right?

    I’ll take 5 trillion dollars per item, in unmarked 20s, on the table within 10 minutes, or I’m walking and they can hash out the consequences of their failure with their supervisors. 😉

  6. Eck! says:

    My cut…
    No, black choppers are expensive, noisy and cheap drones are already in use.

    Besides, they are already monitoring internet, phone, and traffic cameras.
    If you said you have a gun(s) say like on facebook or you tube, expect them.

    If they do buy backs likely they will set the price and if by the third try it will
    be reduced to “give us the damn gun or jail” complete with summary judgement.
    If you don’t believe that, ask an Austrailian, maybe a Brit with a memory.


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