Uncle Ted Gives Peirs a Taste of His Own Medicine

He doesn’t seem to like being dressed down like he does to his more meek guests.

h/t Endo

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5 Responses to Uncle Ted Gives Peirs a Taste of His Own Medicine

  1. The Jack says:

    He goes after Gun Death pretty hard too!

    Peirs really likes going with that “The mood is changing” line doesn’t he?
    Maybe it is. But his evidence is thin on the ground and seems to be the same anti gun wishing.

    Since he also bemoans all those guns being sold to new people.

    But he would think rights are a popularity contest.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      He’s right about the mood changing. People are getting angrier at the know-it-alls who presume to be able to run our lives.

  2. Kristophr says:

    Morgan has discovered that the harder he gets his ass kicked on the gun issue, the higher his rating go.

    People will line up to watch him get beat up on air.

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  4. Guav says:

    Nugent frequently rubs me the wrong way, but he did great, hit all the good points.

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