“Weapons of War”

“Assault Weapons” are only meant for mass murder….that’s why we give school police them, right?

The school police force in this Southern California city has acquired 14 high-powered semiautomatic rifles for officers to bring to campuses.

Fontana Unified School District police purchased 14 of the Colt LE6940 rifles last fall, and they were delivered the first week of December, a week before a gunman killed 26 students and educators at a Connecticut elementary school.

“I think it just further solidified the need to give our officers the tools they need to respond to an active shooter on campus,” schools Police Chief Billy Green said Wednesday about the tragedy.

But active shooters generally act alone, and in the odd Columbine scenario in a pair, why do they NEED those 30 round magazines? To the Police plan to murder children?

Of course not, those Colt AR-15s are great defensive weapons, and the gun you should reach for if you KNOW shots are being fired, and you want as much ammo as you can carry, because you can always return home, safe-and-sound, with ammo to spare.

The question is, what about an “Active Shooter” in my home or property? What about a gang of men armed with knives and clubs? Don’t I have the same need for the same tools?


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  1. Wally says:

    To paraphrase Howie’s great quote : “I dont want any special treatment, just treat me like an illegal.”

    “I dont want any special treatment, I’ll have what he’s having”

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