Zimmerman Derrangement Sydrome

You gotta love how much unabashed hatred the “Progressives” have against George Zimmerman. Case and Point, Joan Peterson:

Can we talk about George Zimmerman after he was acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin? There was a lot of celebration by those on the right who thought Zimmerman did the right thing and was just acting in “self defense”. He stood his ground against a young black teen walking in the neighborhood doing nothing wrong. So Zimmerman was just exercising his rights, right?

Let’s look at how this “law abiding” citizen has conducted himself since his acquittal.

Well minus the “Assaulting a total stranger” thing, and if we want to get all puritanical, using illegal drugs. Personally I don’t care that Martin was a habitual marijuana user. His “Thug Culture” ties, and love for violence is a bigger concern, but I’m playing by Joan’s rules. Let’s look at the “Crimes” of George Zimmerman:

He got his gun and his permit to carry a loaded gun around in public again even though we all know he shot a young man to death.

He was found by a judge and jury of his peers to have committed no crimes. Yeah, “not guilty” happens to directly translate to NOT GUILTY. I’m not sure which word Joan is having trouble with, the “not”, or the “guilty” one.

He was caught lying about rescuing some people in a likely false car accident in order to generate sympathy for him.

A hair-brained conspiracy theory about as well supported as Israel blowing up the world trade center with a controlled demolition, and the Pentagon being struck by cruise missiles. Joan has spoken multiple times about Zimmerman alleged faking a car accident and subsequent rescue…along with an alleged conspiracy from a cabal of Florida Peace Officers, I wonder if she’s concerned about the giant prison under the Denver Airport

He visited a gun manufacturer.

Oh the horror! I suspect his photo-op Joan links netted him some free guns. If I was Kel-Tec that’s EXACTLY what I would do. Feel however you do about the shooting of Trayvon Martin, this case is a prime example that Kel-Tec firearms, which have a reputation of dubious quality, actually work how they are supposed to. Its hard to argue with a real-world story.

He was caught speeding in Texas with a gun in his glove compartment.

OH THE HORROR!!!! He is licensed to carry, and carrying guns in this fashion is 100% legal. Further he’s had multiple documented death threats against him. So the only “Naughty” thing is exceeding the posted speed limit. Also I think we all are aware of how some small towns enforce their speed limits. Further the officer did not cite Zimmerman for any crimes or violations.

He was caught speeding again today.

Yep, this time he got a ticket. Good, maybe he’ll watch his speed from now on.

He wants the state of Florida to pay for his defense costs.

Given the number of professionals who openly stated that there were no grounds to charge him, as well as the VERY dubious, and ineffectual case the state made against him, yes. Not only is George Zimmerman not-guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, Florida is GUILTY of filing frivolous charges against Mr. Zimmerman, and they should be punished for that.

So these are the folks exemplifying the Stand Your Ground laws and poster children for the corporate gun lobby. This stupid and dangerous behavior is what our American gun culture is all about. This is the America we have. Is this the America we want or deserve? Raise your hand if you think George Zimmerman has or had any common sense concerning guns or just about anything for that matter.

So two speeding citations and visiting a gun factory is “proof” of all of this?

He is perfectly clueless and narcissistic enough to carry on with his life as if nothing has happened. He took the life of another human being. Exhibiting an ounce of sensitivity, modesty, some understanding of his situation, and a modicum of restraint would serve him better. Instead his “in your face”and arrogant behavior is thumbing his nose at the world. And these are the folks we allow to carry loaded guns around in public. Enough is enough. It’s time for a change.

Oh yeah anybody sane can CLEARLY see that. WOW! Joan like her friends as CSGV simply want Zimmerman MURDERED! And not because he defended his life, but because he has a gun and a carry permit and in the Anti-Gun mind that is a capital offense.

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19 Responses to Zimmerman Derrangement Sydrome

  1. DS says:

    He is perfectly clueless and narcissistic enough to carry on with his life as if nothing has happened.

    Well, his life almost ended that night, so I can’t fault him for trying to carry on with his life. Also, a Kel-Tec employee likely sold that photo to TMZ, so thanks for that. His wife is divorcing him after supporting him through the trial, and it appears that he’s been wandering around the country since the acquittal, so everything is peachy, right? Martin’s attempt at murdering Zimmerman was apparently the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

    Apparently anyone who is forced to kill another person deserves only to have crippling depression and live in a cardboard box while they drink themselves to death.

    Joan is the embodiment of everything weak and whiny in america today.

  2. Pyrotek85 says:

    “He got his gun and his permit to carry a loaded gun around in public again even though we all know he shot a young man to death.”

    Huh? Yes we all know that. The fact that he shot Martin to death was never in question, whether he was justified in doing so was. And the court found that he was. She can’t even argue the right point lol.

  3. Bob S. says:

    News Flash Joan — It is perfectly legal for anyone to drive through Texas with a firearm in their glove box.

    And horrors of horrors (for you ) No license is needed.

    And gasp — he can even legally conceal that firearm on his person as long as he is going directly to or from his domicile (and that includes hotel rooms !!)

    So her basic premise is George is wondering around doing things that most of us — I dare say she’s been guilty of a traffic violation or 3 — do every single day of our lives.

    How dare he actually think he’s free to do those things.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Remember Bob, “Loophole” is “Progressive” Speak for “Somebody doing something I don’t like”.

      George Zimmerman BREATHING is a “Loophole” to them!

      • The Jack says:

        Clearly an acquittal is a loophole in the justice system.

        • Rob Halvorson says:

          Only a acquittal of a gun owner or concealed carry permit holder. Gosnell’s conviction was a travesty of justice because he was only killing babies which she approves of.
          Heck, for Joan an arrest or even being questioned by the police are the same as a conviction if you own a gun.

          It doesn’t have to be against the law for Joan, it just has to be something she disapproves of.

          I have asked her time and again “Why push for more laws when you don’t believe in the due process or the rule of law.” I am still awaiting an answer

  4. The_Jack says:

    ” Instead his “in your face”and arrogant behavior is thumbing his nose at the world. ”

    Wow. See it’s HIS fault the media is obsessed with him.

    The antis really do want him to curl up and die don’t they?

    And yeah the antis only want “common sense” gun laws. That’s why they think acquittals don’t mean you shouldn’t punished and that visiting a gun factory is a crime in and of itself.

    And it’s amazing that the anti’s can’t just admit that Martin actually hit and hurt Zimmerman. You’d think they could present a story where Martin was defending himself and thus fought back. Which would explain the physical evidence.

    But no they have to reach for that brass ring. Yeah it makes a more emotive narrative to go “White man guns down unarmed black boy.” but when you deliberately omit obvious facts it makes your motives appear… suspect.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      The antis really do want him to curl up and die don’t they?

      I’m convinced that, if pressed, many of these “people” would admit that what they find objectionable about lynch mobs is that they never got to take part in one.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Why do you think they are so anti-gun? Just look at the level on unbridled hatred they show to George Zimmerman…or for any other person who straps on a piece to protect themselves and others around them. Look at the contempt and disdain they have for anybody expressing an honest and selfless (if potentially short-sighted) desire to have been with their arms of choice at Newtown or Aurora at al.

        I won’t say these feelings are expressed among ALL anti-gunners, but for those who are willing to cash a paycheck for the cause its been damn near universal ever since the last of the big-time mercenaries were fired. I don’t think Paul Helmke had much against lawful gun owners, and might have even secretly LIKED them if only for the comfortable, easy, and lucrative job he had at the Brady Campaign. But he was one of the last anti-gun professionals to be ferreted out of the cause. Certainly Dan Gross has proven to be as hateful and combative as Joan, or Ladd Everett, or Josh Sugarmann.

        Joe Huffman is 100% right that the anti-gun lobby groups are indeed the modern day equivalent to the KKK. I would say they were more cowardly, but I wonder if even the Night Riders would have pulled on their hoods and raised their crosses if so many good white folk were as willing to center-punch them for them attacking blacks as modern Gunnie 2.0 types are willing to shoot race rioters and such.

        • Geodkyt says:

          Hell, the “Night Riders” didn’t even care to stick it out when the blacks shot back.

          “The Klan was real feisty until my Dad (or Granddad) blew out one of their radiators with his 12 gauge,” is practically a cliche in the Deep South.

          Don’t mess with country boys, regardless of melanin content. You’ll note that after WWII, the Klan tended to focus on the unarmed.

          Gee, you think all those WWII vets in the civil rights community who had gone nose to nose with racist “supermen” and proposed armed self-protection versus “Go along to get along,” had something?

        • Rob Crawford says:

          Remember that the anti-gun nuts went after a Democrat who ran a TV ad with a gun (rifle?) his grand-dad used to fight off the KKK. It was only half-joking to ask if they were more offended at how it was used than at its presence.

  5. Erin Palette says:

    Enough is enough. It’s time for a change.

    I believe the only proper response here is “Come at me, bro.”

  6. Eck! says:

    For the love pete and all things sane… its Japete, there is no touching reality.
    Her whole story is a collective denial of the truth.

    Listen to her, no. Laugh at her yes. Its actually a very sad thing.


    • Thirdpower says:

      That’s exactly it, it’s HER reality (and the reality of too many anti-gun fanatics) that matters.

      You could put actual video of what happened in front of her (not the CSGV ‘based on a true event version’) and she would STILL deny it, claiming it was some sort of NRA conspiracy since someone who worked for the film company was a member.

  7. Rob Crawford says:

    He wants the state of Florida to pay for his defense costs.

    Florida law allows those acquitted to ask for compensation for SOME of the costs of their defense. Personally, I think the compensation should come out of the pockets of the prosecutors, rather than a public fund, but the law and the fund predate Zimmerman by quite a bit.

    You’ll notice that the primary complaint they have against him is that he was acquitted under the law — they want to punish him regardless of the results of the case. Just more evidence these people are tyrants first and foremost.

  8. Braden Lynch says:

    I think he was driving so fast so many times was just to get away from people like Joan.

    Of course he is going to go around with a gun on him or in his glove box all the time. It saved his life once and now he is the target of a bunch of liberal vigilantes who wish him dead.

    Wants some money from Florida for ours costs…why not? He was acquitted so he is not guilty which means he was wrongly charged.

    Joan is living in an alternate reality. Facts are lacking in her world.

    • Braden Lynch says:

      Court costs…dang auto correct

    • Archer says:

      It’s not that facts are lacking in her world. It’s just that facts don’t matter to her or people like her. They have feelings, and it doesn’t matter how many facts you present or how inarguable their position becomes; their feelings matter more.

      (Also, she claims the almighty status of “Victim of Gun Violence,” which is sacrosanct. Arguing with her is heretical to the extreme. If her side ever wins, I expect gun owners to be burned at the stake.)

      Trouble for her is, feelings have no bearing on reality. It doesn’t matter how much you dislike gravity, or find it icky and evil, or feel it shouldn’t exist; it’ll still hurt when you fall on your ass. We understand that. By all accounts and evidence, she doesn’t, and indeed, may not be capable of doing so.

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