Images of the Antis: Violence

This one is making the rounds:

It seems to the anti-freedom crowd that “Violence” is a lot like “Mental Illness”, it’s EVERYWHERE they find somebody they disagree with.

Now I’m not really an OC guy. I carry all the time, and I’m in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont where OC is 100% legal and kosher, but I just keep my cover garment and gun where they are and keep carrying concealed. I’m all for OC, and I love carrying in those places because it means if my coat blows open or my gun shows I have nothing to worry about so long as I’m being a good little boy.

Still OC has it’s uses, it opens eyes, both of people who think the populous around then is as toothless as they are, and to criminals who would like to hope that. Concealed carry is also useful as it means just because you don’t SEE a gun doesn’t mean there isn’t one nearby.

A lot of talk is going on about OC Texas, and a lot of political Rorschach tests are being done, but the bottom line is Texas (and Florida) are damn hot states that require you to cover your gun, and that is just WRONG. So they’re protesting to give them the latitude to be armed and not unnecessarily miserable, or allow them the wardrobe malfunction moment where that shirt tail rides up over the gun for a moment.

Of course this image isn’t of Texas or Florida where the man in the photo could be arrested legally, if not correctly.

But where is the violence? How exactly are we teaching children violence resolves issues when no violence or even THREATS of violence are being committed?

Pure projection.

It’s the same idea that somehow spanking a child after they do something REALLY egregious is somehow teaching “Violence is right”. BULLSHIT! Right now my daughter is too young to be spanked in my personal opinion. I’m trying to teach her to stay away from bad and dangerous things, but overall she’s just trying to figure out the world around her, so I speak to her in hopes she understand some of it, and relocate her to a safer place with appropriate toys to play with.

Still the day will come when she can walk and she’ll make that mad dash towards the street, and if a sharp scolding doesn’t set the lesson in place, she’ll get a sharp swat on the rear. This isn’t violence, this is simply associating danger and disobeying words of caution with PAIN. As soon as she’s old enough to understand cause and effect better, pain becomes less useful as taking away things she really wants.

I kinda wonder if antis have any real understanding of TRUE violence? Given that this image was cooked up by CSGV who has some severe boundary issues, I have my doubts.

**UPDATE** I almost forgot about this incident where CSGV goaded on and spread information on the where-abouts of George Zimmerman so that vigilantes could collect the price on his head.

Compare those images, and which one seems violent?

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5 Responses to Images of the Antis: Violence

  1. tkdkerry says:

    I kinda wonder if antis have any real understanding of TRUE violence?

    I’m positive they don’t, and probably are incapable of it. That’s the only way they can say things like the words in the image, or other idiocy like “war is never the answer”.

  2. Eck! says:

    For the idiots…

    The intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against another person, or against a group or community, or self, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, or deprivation.

    The key is the direct action or intent. The act of having a gun, knife, or hammer
    is not an action not in it self intent.

    If we live in their world their threats and innuendos about the pro-gun/pro-2A side is violence and includes words or pictures of things. To that I say, really, get a grip.

    Some of them I do think are capable of true violence as in direct infliction of harm
    or actions that result in same through their deliberate and considered inaction.


  3. Cargosquid says:

    Poor CSGV kids… cartoons….no “violent” movies or games… water pistols….no play fighting or wrestling……no standing up against bullies……no self defense……..

    Only passive aggressive whining.

  4. The_Jack says:

    It’s also blatantly hypocritical.

    Recall that they are prefectly okay with not just police carrying guns, but with sending police to confiscate guns and round up gun owners that don’t comply. All under the threat of lethal violence.

    They specifically ADVOCATE having people break into your house if you have the wrong kind of grip on your rifle and have said proxies kill you if you resist the kidnapping and theft.

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