The Ironically Called “SAFE Act”

Doesn’t Sound Very Safe to me!

City streets turned bloody over the balmy weekend — an earlier spate of violence than in recent years and a bad omen for what could become a long and violent summer.

Three people were killed and 23 others wounded in 21 shooting incidents between Friday and Sunday, officials said. The violence frayed nerves and prompted a promise of beefed-up police presence.

As of Monday night, no one had been charged with letting off shots, which mostly took place in Brooklyn and the Bronx. And while it’s common for bullets to fly as the weather warms up, the disturbing gunplay in early spring is unusual.

A few interesting points…one thing the “SAFE” Act does is limit magazine capacity, and we have 21 incidents, and 26 people shot, I would assume that every one of these shootings probably could have been accomplished with a 5-shot J-frame, MAYBE (barring the TERRIBLE shots the criminals tend to be) a 6+1 LCP.

Also when you see violence like this cumming out of New York City, it makes me wonder about the whole “More Gun Deaths than High-Income Democracies not at war, and not filled with Slavics or Latinos”….New York City has more strict gun laws than the Czech Republic, yet you hear stories like this coming out of NYC, DC, LA, Chicago, not Phoenix, Dallas, Omaha, or Billings.

So yeah, they pass the horrible gun laws, have the terrible crime…and blame it on the parts of America that can actually CALL themselves safe!

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