Gunblog Variety Cast EP 46

It’s up, and you know it’s good!

Show notes here! Show below!


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Happy Independence Day!

Hope you’re all having a great holiday!

Also my Wife has declared that I have too much meat for the grill.

I see that as a good problem to have!

Also hopefully some of my guests will be interested in some fine cocktails to go with the Blue Ribbon Beer, because I have plenty of good ideas!

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Images of the Antis: Human Life

Gotta love this one:

Awww what a cute little quip. Yep it would be a royal pain to walk into an elementary school and attempt to kill all the children with a spoon….not that you wouldn’t be able to do that given that schools are victim disarmament zone, and the adults in those zones generally fight FOR disarmament!

So yeah, you could probably kill those 20 kids, but BOY would your arms be tired.


Instead, CDC will state, “The latest study base
d on a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults estimates that about 112,000 deaths
are associated with obesity each year in the United States.” However, because the science continues to evolve and Americans’
health status continues to change, this estimate will very likely change in the future as
more data become available and improved methods are developed. Public health
programs will continue to save more lives by promoting good nutrition and physical
activity and preventing overweight and obesity in the first place.

The numbers are murky, but the 112,000 deaths is a HELL of a lot less than the 10,000 or so people who are murdered with guns.

Hell, fatties MADE themselves fat, so you could argue it’s self-inflicted, so you can combine the extra 20,000 or look at it alone, when dealing with 112,000 it really doesn’t matter.

But it does to the “Progressives” because they don’t give a shit about public safety, or even human life. They just want to ban guns.

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Squirrels are Gay!

Tonight on the Squirrel Report we shall discuss:

The double-standard of “Progressives” when a lefty makes a Hate Speech Micro-Agression, and the crickets can be heard from space.

The Left/Right Culture war.

And How the left is really the party of the Drug War while the Republicans seem to be showing more report.

All this and more.

Also the Call in Topic is “What do we need to do to get you assholes calling in????” 214-530-0036


Squirrel Love

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Handgun Radio Milestone!

Ryan, TJ, and I sat down for a roundtable talking about the previous 99 Episodes of Handgun Radio

And Ryan made a cool picture!!

So yeah enjoy! It was fun!

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The Man Returns!

Ronald Jenkees has a new video up!

Love this dude!

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Bloomberg: Be Careful What You Wish For!

This piece from The Trace just seems a bit vapid:

t how much do mass shootings actually ignite discussion beyond politicians, pundits, and activists — how much appetite for the issue exists among the public at large? And what subsequently shifts focus away from the conversations that do happen? Cutting-edge techniques in social-media data analysis offer insight into this process. Research provided to The Trace by Crimson Hexagon, a Massachusetts-based social-media analytics firm, reveals two things. First, despite some claims to the contrary, there was indeed a robust interest in talking about gun violence and gun rights in the days immediately after the Charleston shooting. Second, by the start of the following week’s news cycle, that conversation had been supplanted by something else: debate over the Confederate battle flag.

So all this story says is people were talking about guns heavily on twitter up until the topic of the Confederate Battle Flag came up, then people focused on that.

Still what they omit is what SIDE people were on when they were talking. The usual suspects have been pushing for their favorite hobby horses that would have had nothing to do with this crime…but they ALWAYS are calling for pet-gun-control laws, and they just double their effort when there is blood under their shoes.

Also like always, nobody listens, because gun control laws are insane and pointless and people know it.

So yeah, Bloomberg is whining that they missed the window for a Debate….yet they never wanted to debate in the first place….well because they would lose if they did!

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One More!

And it has some tie-in to the Super Mario Brothers Movie, which I love in a messed up sort of way!

Also check out the pitch-bend Keyboard solo at 2:14! How badass is that! Once I get a little bit better at Piano I’m getting me a board with a pitch bend!

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The Antis and Air BNB

Ah The Trace! LOVE this site as a crossroads of anti-gun nuttery! Not only is it a quick and easy way to track down nutty articles about banning guns, but every one has Michael Bloomberg’s seal of approval on it!
Check out this one!

Uber announced a new policy earlier this month banning its drivers and passengers from possessing guns, two months after an Uber driver carrying a concealed weapon shot another man who had fired into a crowd in Chicago. The incident raised questions about the popular ridesharing company’s stance on guns. And then came Charleston. Hence, the firearms ban.


Am I right here? Did she just say that? Sure sounds like it! Moving on:

It also got The Trace wondering about the gun policies of another giant of the so-called “sharing economy,” Airbnb.

Oh you wonderful saints, lead the way!!

Airbnb’s terms and conditions say hosts are responsible for following local laws, and that the company “disclaims all liability.” In other words, if hosts don’t want firearms in their homes, it’s up to them to state that in their listing. If guests want to know whether guns are kept in the house where they’ll be staying, they have to ask. But Airbnb hosts do not have to disclose the presence of guns in their home before renting it out, since the premises are their private property. Airbnb asks that hosts ensure their homes are safe for children and recommend they notify guests of “potential hazards,” but does not elaborate on what those hazards might include. (Airbnb did not return repeated calls for comment.)

Well first up, as rabidly pro-gun as I am, I do not have pro-gun signs on my house or my car. I don’t want to tempt fate, because guns are valuable street commodities. If you were to keep a gun at your home AND rent it to Air BNB the last thing you’d want to do is let the renters know that if they look hard enough they could find a gun. Same with prescription medicine, or jewelry, or large sums of cash.

And like those other valuable items, it would be in your best interest to secure them, or relocate them while renters are on site.

Oh, and let’s just gloat for a second that Air BNB didn’t feel it necessary to return a call to the almighty Bloomberg! HAH!

The bottom line is that same gun rules apply in an Airbnb rental as they would in a local hotel room or a rental apartment under state laws and city ordinances. In Texas, for instance, an out-of-state resident with the proper permits is allowed to carry a concealed weapon in most places, including into the home of the stranger whose home you have rented.

In New York, which has much stricter gun laws than Texas, gun owners need a New York permit to carry a concealed weapon. But if an in-state Airbnb guest has that permit, they are allowed to bring their concealed weapon along on their weekend getaway without informing the host, a New York law enforcement official tells The Trace.

Well of course they’re full of shit. Yeah New York is 100% hostile to gun owners, but is most states (including Texas) you only need a permit to carry the gun in public. You can arm up your hotel room or Air BNB room like the Lobby Scene from the Matrix every night with no legal issues.

Or really any issues…. again, they seem desperate to be looking for a problem.

Searching through Airbnb listings, we found a few hosts who do specify their policies toward guns on their listing. One couple from Bend, Oregon, advertises their home as being “firearm friendly,” but requested that guests notify them if they bring them on the property. A listing for a property in Nashville, Tennessee, on the other hand, expressly forbids guns on the property at any time, even if the guest has a concealed-carry permit.

And such policies mean exactly NOTHING! Concealed means concealed.

But there’s little motivation for Airbnb to enact a no-guns policy like Uber’s.

And doesn’t that just PISS YOU OFF!


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Evening Music: Beebs and Her Money Makers

I frankly prefer my Ska with a nice healthy dose of punk in it. Still Beeb’s oily voice and the fact that they’re actively putting out music in a time when Ska is dead, I’m glad to have it!

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