“Gun Death” UK

The UK where guns are all but banned, and they have a low “Gun Death”.

A 16-year-old student has admitted killing his teacher in her classroom, a defence lawyer has told a court.

The teenager is accused of murdering 61-year-old Spanish teacher Ann Maguire at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds on 28 April.

Paul Greaney QC, prosecuting, said the boy did not admit murder, but added: “It does amount to an admission he’s guilty of manslaughter.”

A trial on the murder charge was set for 3 November at Leeds Crown Court.

Now of course the fact that it was in a school is irrelevant as the UK is essentially one big “Gun Free Zone”, further despite the nature of this murder, the whole nation is also a “Knife free zone”.

It appears to be working!


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“Gun Death” Burning Man

What a way to go!

A man has died at a Utah spin-off of the iconic Burning Man festival after appearing to run into a ceremonial bonfire on Saturday night.

The man who has not been identified was too fast for bystanders to stop as he sped into a burning 30-foot tall effigy built to represent a character from the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

The apparent suicide at the Element 11 off-shoot of Burning Man in Tooele County happened around 11 pm after the art project was set on fire.

Not sure if drugs were involved, but that’s one of those things people go to the original Burning Man to do.

Sad, and horrible, but not a “Gun Death”, so not newsworthy.

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” Stabber

Man this is a strange one:

A patient was stabbed to death at a northwest Indiana hospital and a man believed to be her husband was found later stabbed to death at their home in the nearby city of Gary, Indiana, authorities said on Friday.

A suspect in the killings of the elderly couple, a man believed to be in his 40s, has been taken into custody in Gary, police said. Police said they are still investigating the relationship between the murder victims and the suspect.

“We do have one person in custody who we think is responsible for those acts,” Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram told a news conference, adding that the suspect knew the two victims.

Sounds like some sort of vendetta. Hey, but no “Gun Death” so no worries, right?


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“Gun Death” Parking Space

An Odd One:

A homeless woman in Florida was tragically found dead Wednesday after spending the night pinned underneath a parked car.

Police believe Henrietta Regina Dickson, 55, may have been underneath the influence of drugs or alcohol when she fell asleep underneath a a Tampa apartment complex’s carport Tuesday night.

…Masud told police that she didn’t know the woman was there, though she did feel a bump pulling into her parking space.

But when she got out of the car, she saw Dickson’s tote bag and figured that’s what she hit.

So a drugged out woman fell asleep in somebody’s parking space late at night. I have no idea how he missed the sleeping person, but I can understand seeing the bag seeming like the most likely story.

No matter what, there were no guns involved!

H/T Bob

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Chiappa Disatisfaction

They’re cool guns, but this is really a black eye:

Good LORD! I shipped my S&W617 back to S&W when it finally had been shot too much, and they replaced half the damn gun and got it back to me in two weeks!

Also while the Chiappa Rhino is probably one of the best ways to sling .357 out there from a concealable firearm, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This is a damn nice .357, and I bet the difference in controlability is academic. It’s also smaller, and lighter, but holds one less round. They’re also both ugly as sin. You decide what’s better, but I’ll note the Ruger retails around $450 new.

And still below the $900 range is this pricy piece. Still probably smaller, lighter, and also holds 6 shots. Also has the option of 8 shots with extended magazines. I will say that without a doubt the Kahr PM45 is more controllable than the Rhino, even without having fired one. Also while .45 ACP +P ammo isn’t quite as powerful as hot .357 Mag defensive loads, the difference is again academic, as is the difference of the size of the holes it leaves.

Man I didn’t know they were that expensive!

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Anti-Rights Hatred and Ignorance

While I’m the guy who reads all the anti-gun blogs I can find for sport, sometimes even I am amazed at the amount of vitriol I find sometimes.

Have a look at this piece, is it any surprise that this amount of hatred is born out of pure ignorance?

Kudos to the NRA. In a week of horrible news, including Ferguson, ISIS, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the National Rifle Association took top honors for disgustingness with but a single tweet, encouraging children to come to the gun range. No small feat, taking the top horror honor these days.

Ahhh, yes, the NRA, a non-partisan gun rights organization getting chastised for only talking about the issues relevant to the organization and it’s members. Foreign Policy and domestic unrest are issues for other groups, and I’m glad the NRA isn’t dipping it’s toes in those waters. They have NOTHING to do with our right to keep and bear arms, so as relevant they are for national news they aren’t relevant to the NRA, nor should anybody care what a gun rights organization’s opinion on such events are.

Of course since this guy is so deeply ignorant about guns and the Second Amendment, that doesn’t seem to slow him down!

It was a staggeringly tone deaf statement from an organization that has become more and more unmoored from the life of every day people. You have heard about the shooting death of the gun range employee by now, killed by a child with an UZI. A child who never should have held such a weapon.

You need to be trained and educated in firearms to handle an UZI. The recoil and barrel rise are such that an untrained adult would be at risk firing one. You simply cannot expect a child to handle this. That is not a responsible decision, and neither is encouraging parents to bring the kiddies out shooting after a little girl has perforated a careless adult to death. NRA should now mean Not Responsible Anymore.

This story is national news BECAUSE it is such a rare case. Yes indeed, full-auto firearms have their own challenges when learning to properly shoot them, and it is obvious these challenges were not addressed in Arizona to fatal ends. Still properly trained children sure can enjoy shooting an uzi, but maybe we should take the word of this “expert”.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Wayne LaPierre was charged to get in front of the negative backlash his organization was facing. As is their wont, the NRA was silent for a week or so after yet another shooting massacre. And so, less than a month before the NRA released their own first person shooter game, LaPierre blamed the Newtown shootings on video games.

Anti-gunners like to chastise the NRA for their policy of having a one-week blackout when a national event happens like Sandy Hook. The reason is so that all the relevant facts can be sorted from the misinformation. Remember before the bodies were even cold at Sandy Hook the news was reporting the shooter’s BROTHER was the killer, and that his mother worked in the school. None of this was true, and the NRA is no different than any of us, and couldn’t know what was reality and what was fiction.

As for LaPierre’s comments about violent video games, that indeed was tone-deaf and stupid. This is why the NRA isn’t talking about Ukraine, they know as much about Russia as they do about video games.

It’s the policy of the NRA to misdirect attention from America’s gun violence issues away from guns. Therefore they grasp at any straws to do so. That’s why John R. Lott is so important to them. Lott wrote a book called “More Guns, Less Crime” that purports to prove that more guns will solve gun violence. The only issue being that Lott’s research, upon which the book and the subsequent talking points were based on, was proven to be fraudulent over ten years ago.

But Lott’s message is one the NRA likes. So America has been playing it Lott’s way for over a decade now. The results speak for themselves. Aurora. Beltway Snipers. Fort Hood, twice. Sandy Hook. The list goes on and on. More guns hasn’t lessened gun violence at all. Lott is a fraud, and needs to be exposed nationally for this. Instead a fantasy is forced on us all.

Well except we have the lowest violent crime rate since the 1960s, and more gun owners and people lawfully carrying than ever in the history of this country. This guy cites “gun free zones” as proof. Who’s the fraud here?

Besides advocating guns in the hands of children who cannot possibly handle them, the NRA has also said that blind people should be armed. Let’s say that again, the NRA wants blind people to have guns. They have also forwarded that teachers should be carrying guns, as they don’t have enough pressure on them. They think domestic abusers should be able to own guns, even though many shooting deaths are the result of domestic disputes. They have advocated mandatory firearms training for children as well, and we have seen how tragically that scenario plays out.

Wow, let’s run down this pack of lies. Blind people have rights too, and just because you are declared “blind” doesn’t mean you can’t see anything. A legally blind person might be able to identify an attacker across the room, which is the range of most defensive shootings. ANY conscious human can identify an attacker at contact range. Why deny them rights?

Note the mass shootings he cites are all places where guns are heavily restricted. You don’t see shootings like that where people can lawfully carry. You want to make schools safer, turn them into the sidewalk outside school grounds where you don’t see the same mass-violence!

The domestic abuser thing is all about due process, but given that he’s anti-Second Amendment, he’s obviously against the entire bill of rights.

Lastly the NRA has NOT advocated mandatory firearms training for children, that was an NRA Affiliated commentator speaking for only himself. Now mandatory firearms training is a smart idea, but his accusation is simply another lie.

Recently the NRA has made sexist attacks on Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America. This isn’t new, but their latest diatribe boils down to how founder Shannon Watts should worry more about cooking and cleaning. Because she does not fit their June Cleaver stereotype, they forward that she is not a “real mom.” In short, they told her to to shut up and get back in the kitchen. This originated #MomsNotMaids on Twitter.

Nope, another lie! They simply called out Shannon Watts for the liar she is. The NRA is a pro-woman group, they are not pro-liar!

NRA = Neo-Racist Assholes

How about Ferguson? Civil unrest has reigned for two weeks in reaction to the death of Michael Brown. The eyes of not only the country but the world have been brought to bear on the oppression of ethnic Americans in Missouri, and the prevalence of a police state. Officers were repeatedly photographed pointing rifles at unarmed black citizens. Not a word from the NRA on such irresponsibility.

For as many guns being lugged around in the Ferguson, this is not a second Amendment issue. Notice how the author declares the words of a single commentator as the word directly from the NRA, yet many of the NRA affiliated personalities have indeed weighed in on Ferguson, some are fine with the police response, others are opposed to it, but since his research doesn’t seem to go beyond Media Matters and their Joyce-Funded anti-rights section, the NRA has said nothing.

Still there have really only been three armed factions in Ferguson. The Gangs of the city, the police, and citizens protecting their property from the rioters. Those citizens defending their property are much of what the NRA talks about and supports. The Gangs are criminals, and the NRA is against them. Well the Police are a grey area, but where did this “Police State” come from?

Hmmm, look at any anti-gun bill, both passed and proposed. It bans XYZ gun or accessory from the people. It requires XYZ to be done on behalf of gun owners. AND it EXEMPTS police!

In Furguson we have Police officers with tanks, grenade launchers, and full-auto weapons. This is all due to the action of ANTI-GUN forces. This in on YOUR side, don’t go blaming the NRA.

Here comes a REALLY rich one!

The KKK is raising money to support Michael Brown’s killer. Not a word from the NRA. Open Carry groups want to walk through black neighborhoods against residents’ wishes. Not a word from the NRA. Could it have something to do with how the Second Amendment, which they adhere to their interpretation thereof so zealously, was ratified to preserve slavery?

WTF? This guy knows literally NOTHING! The NRA was formed by Union Officers AFTER the civil war. You know, the guys who ENDED slavery, and fought AGAINST the KKK? Further the 2nd Amendment gave the right to all citizens to Keep and Bear Arms. Very few people were slave owners. Now the slaves didn’t have this right because they were not people under the law. Still now in a post-14th-Amendment world, all people in the US have these rights.

Hey, but he REALLY WANTS the NRA and gun owners to be racist, so why not just call it a fact!

Think of how you want the USA and Americans defined. Are we cowardly and paranoid, or brave enough to move ourselves forward? Are we stuck in the past or do we strive towards the future? Can we overcome the posturing of a minority of our population, or do we bow down to those making up for the lack of volume in their numbers by increasing the volume of their voices?

we stand with or against those who make excuses for killers of children? Is America to be the next home of child soldiers? Do we believe that non-white Americans should be shot to death at the rate it is happening now? For playing loud music? For wearing a baseball cap sideways?

He doesn’t live on the planet. This is nothing but pure projection. Anti-gun hacks like him are the minority, and boy are they doing a lot of shouting and blame-shifting.

Do we let an organization pay off our elected leaders and malign women like it’s the 18th century?

Like Michael Bloomberg?

Do we allow gun extremists, now far removed from firearms safety, to dictate how we live and die in our streets? And for what? So a select few can get richer from gun sales? You don’t really believe your children’s lives are less important than making rich men richer do you?

Or maybe so we can enjoy lower violent crime rates…you know, like we have right now.

Do you define your nationality by a loaded semi-automatic rifle on your back in a grocery store while wearing your baby as a human shield?

Nope, but we have this nice document that protects our rights from shrill assholes like you.

A true patriot works with their country’s government, and doesn’t plot against it. Democracy does not mean that you throw tantrums and try to intimidate people with your weapons to get your way. Yet these are the types of people the NRA supports.

If you don’t feel free unless you own a gun, that is not truly liberty.

Who’s throwing a tantrum? Further any concern against our government is based on its disregard for the law of the land. This makes them NOT our government. Further we’re not plotting, we just have contingency plans when the soap box and ballot box fail.

Also if you can’t protect your own life, are you really free?

Last up I have to cite the author’s profile blurb:

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.

Man, sounds like the type of guy who should be dictating our rights for us.

Man, I’m glad I own guns. There are people THIS hateful out there, and hopefully they will continue to only be bold when they sit behind a keyboard.

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Images of the Antis: Heros

You have to wonder about images like this:

Baldr Martin and Brown

Now the facts on the Michael Brown shooting haven’t all come to light yet. In my humble opinion, like the Trayvon Martin shooting, there were no “Good Guys”, but when allegations of murder come up, you need to look at the facts, not the character of the participants.

That being said, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown were not good people. They were not admirable people. Both teens had a violent history. Both teens likely had ties to gangs and the illegal drug trade. Certainly with Martin, and likely with Brown, both were violently assaulting their killers before they were shot, and both men who pulled the trigger sustained serious injury. Trayvon Martin had been kicked out of school for violent behavior, drugs and theft, and his folks were so concerned about his future they shipped him 100 miles away (probably to take him away from the gangs he was so cozy with) in hopes to clean him up. It didn’t work.

Brown had just got done robbing a store by brute force alone, and alleged was trying to use that same deadly weapon against a police officer.

These are the heroes of the anti-gun world.

Last is the irony of Jason’s statement:

Death by gun. Stop the madness!

Now why do these two young men of questionable character get promoted to sainthood while others don’t. I mean lots of people in this age range get shot every day, many of them die. Most of them, like these two young men are black.

OHHH but most of them are shot by other young black men of questionable character. Sure by American racist standards, George Zimmerman could be considered “Black”, but he was first reported as “White”, and later as “White Hispanic”. Officer Wilson who killed Brown has by all accounts been labeled as “White”.

So to the anti-rights cult, not only do only “Gun Deaths” count, but white people shooting black people, no matter what the circumstances, count MORE!

Seems pretty racist to me. Oddly enough, most of these anti-rights cultists are in the same political party as the KKK. Go figure!

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An Anti-Gunner Makes The Big Mistake

So this story (found via Joan Peterson), starts out the usual way:

According to Pew Research, different estimates say there are from 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States — almost one firearm for every man, woman and child. Statistics from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence include these depressing numbers:

On average, 32 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 140 are treated for a gun assault in an emergency room.

Every day on average, 51 people kill themselves with a firearm, and 45 people are shot or killed in an accident with a gun.

American children die by guns 11 times as often as children in other high-income countries.

In 2007, more pre-school-aged children (85) were killed by guns than police officers were killed in the line of duty.

Yep we have the standard murder rate, and suicide rate. The Brady Campaign likes to re-package it by slicing it up, and setting up different variables to make it look different, but still we have the same roughly 30,000 “Gun Deaths” every year. That’s the same number as in the 90s when we had the Assault Weapon ban, the same as in the 80s when Crack was hitting the scene, and more-or-less the same today. Gun control isn’t the issue, hence why they don’t just say “30,000 gun deaths per year” because people are used to that number and get that everything Brady has proposed, and the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation work to restore our freedoms hasn’t changed this.

(Hint, it’s Gang culture which is essentially unchanged since I’ve been alive. Gang members are violent, they sell drugs and women illegally, and they kill each-other. Cops don’t play the game too hard because A) it’s gang members shooting other gang members, sounds like they have that under control, B) they are concerned that they too might catch lead, and over one felon killing another, I can almost understand. More on that in a moment. Next up we have suicide, again virtually unchanged, but because Americans, vs. other nations, prefer to use guns at a rate of 50% to kill themselves, this is blood the Bradys can dance in, because only gun death counts)

Next the children dying, well 85 is a really small number, and the only similarity between these cases are the bullets. Some are domestic issues, some are gang violence issues, some are bad SWAT raids, some are accidents. Either way it isn’t even a relevant number when you think of how children in this age gap die. Poisoning, fire, falls, car accidents, abuse, cancer, swimming accidents. Pick one, it’s magnitudes more no matter how you slice it, but hey let’s ban some guns, because only “Gun Death” counts, right!

Also comparing it to Officer Death is a little disingenuous. Have you noticed that whenever an officer gets shot, its HUGE news? Why? Because being a police officer is relatively safe. Hell the leading cause of officer death is CAR ACCIDENTS, mostly from officers getting struck while serving traffic citations.

Moving on:

A 9-year-old girl in Arizona fatally shot her instructor while learning to use an Uzi submachine gun at the Bullets and Burgers firing range on Monday. She was on vacation with her family. An 8-year-old shot and killed himself while learning to use an Uzi at a gun show in 2008; in between those fatalities, thousands of children were killed and injured by guns, most not under the controlled conditions of a range.

Oops, you mean those thousands of “Children” from 16-24 who were killed committing violent crimes in the name of gangs? This range accident is really sad, it’s also crazy rare. You want to read about the accident, read Tam, she knows a bit more about teaching kids to go full-auto than me!

Now comes the mistake:

This summer, three of my four children learned to shoot a .22. I relearned, too. I hadn’t fired a gun in years.

She hit the range! And not is some horrible shock-jock way to fire a machine gun or rifle horribly and then claim “NOBODY SHOULD HAVE THIS POWER!!!!111″, but to learn like novices should. The result?

To be honest, it was fun; like the many visitors who reviewed Bullets and Burgers on TripAdvisor before this tragedy, we enjoyed having a safe opportunity to do something my children had seen only on television or in video games. We had headgear, clear limits and a known, trusted instructor, and we spent an hour challenging each other to put a bullet hole closest to our target. That paper squirrel won’t be bothering anyone again soon.

This is why most anti-gun people know NOTHING about guns, and will never handle, shoot, or learn about them. Because indeed guns are FUN! Now that isn’t a carte blanche on guns being fun, they aren’t much fun when they don’t work, when you aren’t shooting the right gun for you, or when things are not otherwise safe. So many times when taking a new shooter to the range they might ask where that last shot hit. I tell them that I don’t know, and don’t care. I’m standing beside them with my eyes as focused on the front sight as they are. I’m watching the muzzle to make sure they’re putting the rounds into the berm safely, I’m watching for signs of fatigue, or bad trigger manipulation when I’ll call for a rest break, and I’m ready to grab that gun if the muzzle starts pointing in any unsafe direction. I really don’t care WHAT their target looks like. Ok, I might care if there aren’t any marks on them, or the marks are REALLY bad, as that means time for more instruction before fresh ammo goes into the gun. Really all I want them to do is get comfortable with the gun and be safe.

Why? Because that’s the part that’s fun! They get to say “I shot a gun!”, rather than “I hurt myself” or “We got kicked out of the range because I was lobbing rounds over the berm between bouncing them down range off the floor!”

Now comes the conflict:

Given our country’s record of gun violence, the question is, should it be fun?

Given our problems with drunk driving and alcoholism, should I have fun enjoying a fine cocktail? Given the number of people who die in traffic accidents every year should I enjoy my car?

OF FUCKING COURSE I SHOULD!!! I’m not drinking martinis out of a travel mug while doing 110 down the highway. I’m not getting liquored up and passing out when I should be watching my baby. I’m not getting black-out drunk and waking up in the drunk tank. Same with my car, I like my car, it’s nice. It’s fun to drive, and it gets the stuff I need to get done done!

Here’s one of the issues with the antis. It’s the same as many other action groups. All or Nothing binaries. If you own a gun, you’re the same as the dude on the news who killed somebody. You’re the same as the person who took their own life. If you smoke one joint in college, you’ll fail out and be found in the gutter smoking crack out of a broken light bulb.

It sucks that 30,000 people die every year, but it isn’t just because people own guns, or like to shoot. If that was the case the number would be changing depending on gun ownership rates, and popularity with different shooting sports. Also the guy who taught you to shoot is NOT the same as the meth dealer in the inner city who has a gun he bought from one of his clients. The anti-rights forces WANT that dichotomy to be true, but really there is about as much in common between gang members and me, as there is between police officers and me, or the gangs and the cops etc.

The reasonable behavior continues:

No matter how you feel about firearms and gun laws, we live in the country we live in. My neighbors have guns. Your neighbors have guns. Your guns may be locked up; the babysitter’s boyfriend may keep his on the seat of his car. At some point, some child is going to take my child or yours by the hand, open Mom’s closet or the trunk of Dad’s car, and say, “Look!” At that point, I don’t want my children to say, “Wow, let me see that.” I want them to shrug and say, “Whatever” and “Let’s go do something else.” (I actually want them to say: “Suzi, get away from there! That’s dangerous! We have to go tell your mom and mine right now!” But I’m realistic.)

I’ve talked to my children long and hard about guns and gun safety. I’ve made them practice what to say and do. And now I’ve made sure three of them have had a chance to pick up a gun, shoot it and see what they think. (Why three? Because I deemed the fourth not yet ready to follow instructions well enough to do something so dangerous.)

But I didn’t present it as “here, touch this hot stove so you’ll never do it again.” We had a good time on a beautiful day doing something that if, done wrong, could have killed any one of us, and does kill people every day. While the same could be said about other activities, like driving, there’s no denying the unique nature of a sport whose other face is crime and tragedy.

I wonder is Joan Peterson even read this one! She’s committing another cardinal sin of anti-gun dogma! THERE IS NO REASONABLE REASON TO OWN A GUN!!! THERE IS NO REASON TO TEACH CHILDREN ABOUT GUN SAFETY BECAUSE WE SIMPLY SHOULD LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT GUNS!!!!

Still she does slip a little by comparing shooting sports to gun crime. Again, apples and oranges. Sorry the Bloods and the Crips are NOT active members of the LA Shooting club, or ranked at their local IDPA/IPSC league. They aren’t going out and plinking targets on the weekend, hunting, or breaking clays at the local trap league.

She closes:

When we talked today about what happened in Arizona, my children were shocked. One said she never wanted to learn to shoot now; one that she never wanted to do it again. The boys wanted assurances that they — and the friend and instructor — had been and would be safe. I gave them that, up to a point. I also gave them a reminder that they were only as safe as they and the people around them were smart and careful, and a renewed talk about how “just because you learned to shoot doesn’t mean you should pick up a gun.”

Would you teach your children to shoot, or take them to a shooting range? Or would you say that guns and entertainment shouldn’t mix?

She’s right. Having an unsafe time at the range is neither prudent nor fun, and the accident in Arizona was a bad lapse in judgement that sadly was fatal. Also good on her for knowing the difference between a novice child and somebody who has logged the time for responsible gun ownership. Pro-gun people always point out that simply owning a guitar does not make you Jimmie Hendrix, nor does owning a gun make you an expert shot. Same goes with a mistake you frequently hear from Hollywood stars after their latest action movie.

We’ve all heard it. They bring in a Police or Military trainer, set up a range and have them practice shooting before the cameras roll so they don’t look like a bunch of theater majors holding a gun. It’s safe, it’s smart, and it shows up on Camera when a shooter like me watches a movie.

But then comes the promotional interviews. Mark Walberg (a convicted felon) claims he’s a sniper because he logged an abbreviated sniper course before filming “Shooter”, Val Kilmer thinks he’s a hot shot shooter because he looked awesome on camera during “Heat”.

No, just because you’ve pulled a trigger a few times does NOT make you an expert, and it certainly does not mean you should be handling guns unsupervised in an uncontrolled environment.

Good on her!

Now comes the exit question. Will I teach my daughter to shoot? YES! I own guns, and that won’t change, everybody who lives under my roof should know how to safely handle and shoot a firearm. EVERYBODY should really know this because again you don’t live in a vacuum. Just because your house is a “Gun Free Zone” does not mean every place your child goes will be just as “Gun Free”, further while I store my guns in ways that children cannot easily access them, that doesn’t mean my daughter might not be in somebody’s house where they think keeping a loaded GLOCK in a desk drawer while kids play in the house is a good idea. You don’t gun proof your house, you gun proof your children.

Should I make shooting instruction entertaining? YES YES YES!! Why? because if shooting is boring she’ll never learn a thing! If it’s fun, she’ll want to keep going back to the range to learn more, and maybe become an expert. Why would I NOT want that?

So yeah, this article is probably to be considered anti-gun, but really because the author isn’t as intentionally unreasonable as the “Common Sense” types, I really don’t have a huge problem with it.

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“Gun Death” Soccer Fight

Don’t know what to blame for this one:

A Dearborn man accused of assault a soccer referee, who later died from his injuries, is now facing a murder charge.

**REDACTED**, 36, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 44-year-old John Bieniewicz, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office announced today. According to the office, the original charge
**REDACTED** was facing of assault with intent to do great bodily harm will be dismissed.

**REDACTED** allegedly punched Bieniewicz in the head on June 29 after he became upset that he was going to be ejected from a soccer game in Livonia, the prosecutor’s office said.

Bieniewicz, of Westland, was taken to a local hospital, but later died.

Do we blame soccer, or fist fights for this? Certainly we can’t blame guns because there wasn’t a “Gun Death”. Of course the anti-freedom types will just ignore it because only “Gun Death” counts!

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Moar Podast!

Episode two of the Gunblog Variety cast is up!

Again what’s great is since I have only heard my segment, I get to listen to the whole thing so I can hear the other segments!

Loads of fun!


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