“Gun Death” Canada

One punch kills are not isolated to the United States:

A Winnipeg teen has taken responsibility for killing a fellow high school football player with a single surprise punch hurled outside a rookie initiation party in Transcona.

Christian O’Neail, 18, suffered a major brain injury and died after being struck in the jaw and falling to the pavement outside a Nevens Bay home.

Doesn’t sound like it was as intentional, nor malicious as other case, but it doesn’t make this poor man any less dead.

Still only “Gun Deaths” count because they make political fodder, but would he be any more dead if his attacker had used a gun?

H/T Mike W.

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Play Me Out: Utada Hikaru

Man, this is a cool cover.

Also neat to see how she manages to transpose it from a whiny male vocal to a strong female vocal, all in a language that isn’t her first.

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CSGV Playing Fast and Loose

Two interesting videos from CSGV:

The repeated line:

You didn’t buy the gun. You didn’t pull the trigger. But if you’ve voted for politicians that refuse to support common sense gun laws, you’ve helped to facilitate mass shootings in America.

First up, I bought guns, I buy ammo, I pull triggers, I’ve never killed or harmed a human being.

Second the places they sensationalize were victim disarmament zones, and all evidence points that the killers targeted these areas for EXACTLY that reason.

Third, the laws proposed would not have stopped this, just like the laws against murder, or the many other laws the shooters violated while committing their crimes, didn’t stop them.

Who has blood on their hands?

PS: Notice that ratings and comments are disabled in the videos. I wonder why.

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“Gun Death” Thugs

Another one punch kill:

A grieving Bronx family is stunned that the teen accused of sucker-punching their father and husband is being charged with a misdemeanor that could result in the suspect doing less than a year in jail.

Ildefonso Romero Jr. died days after a teenage boy allegedly sucker-punched him outside his home on Thieriot Avenue in Soundview on June 21. Witnesses said Romero had been protecting a girl from local teens who were apparently causing trouble in the street, and one of the teens punched Romero.

Romero fell and hit his head on the curb, and his son found him unconscious on the ground.

Horrible, but not a “Gun Death”, and again it will be ignored because it doesn’t suit an agenda. In a world without guns we would have no “Gun Death”, but we would still have violence.

H/T Mike W.

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“Gun Death” Unprevoked Punch

Another one-punch death:

A Palatine man accused of throwing an unprovoked punch that fatally injured a 26-year-old man outside a bar is in custody on a newly filed charge of first-degree murder, police said Tuesday.

Yesterday we discussed a death where an argument lead to a fatal punch. In this case it was simply wanton violence. Again, there are NO laws that do anything about this. You can’t ban fists. It is already illegal to assault and murder. There were no tools used in the slaying.

This is why anti-rights forces focus on “Gun Death”, they aren’t concerned about violence, they’re concerned about GUNS. “Gun Death” is an ends to a means.

H/T Mike W.

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The Onion Brings Some Gems:


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“Gun Death” One Punch

Sometimes you don’t need a weapon:

The Hillsborough teen who died on Monday had suffered a punch to the head after an argument, Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano said late Tuesday morning.

Jared Colon, 17, a rising senior at Hillsborough High School, was punched on Saturday evening during a verbal argument with another Hillsborough teen, Soriano said. The prosecutor’s office said the other teen is now in custody at the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center and has been charged with second-degree reckless manslaughter.

We talk of “Gun Death” and we ignore cases like this that will not be effected by any bans or regulation. People will always have fists.

Still “Gun Death” promotes an agenda, while violence as a whole is a much harder mountain to climb.

H/T Mike W.

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More of the Gunblog Variety Cast!

I’ve been slacking on putting up these episodes here. You can find this week’s episode here.

I really enjoy this format. It has a wide variety of topics and a large variety of commentators with their own unique perspective.

So are you guys listening? Do you like it?

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Sometimes we just have to point and laugh!
Joan Sons of Guns

Umm, it’s been cancelled for months now. Seems that even this skill is beyond the levels of our favorite gun-banner!

I hope she sent a sternly worded letter to the executives of the Discovery Channel urging them to cancel the show immediately. Either on Brady Campaign, or Protect Minnesota letter head, her choice!

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Anti-Rights “Humor”

Via Joan Peterson I found another reason why New Yorker Magazine is only fit for fire kindling:

A new study released today indicates that Americans are safe from the threat of gun violence except in schools, malls, airports, movie theatres, workplaces, streets, and their own homes.

Also: highways, turnpikes, libraries, places of worship, parks, universities, restaurants, post offices, and cars.

It goes on for a while like that. Har har! My folks had a subscription to the New Yorker when I was in High School (I think Dad got it for free from some promotion), and even the “Progressive” and immature me was disgusted by it. It’s just filled with poorly drawn cartoons, and essays and articles written by uber-“Progressives” who were happy to vote for people like Michael Bloomberg as often as they could, and who considered Rudy Giuliani to be a Conservative Monster vastly to the right of Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, and Richard Nixon.

Still in the tone-deaf nature of this little diddy, you got to think. From the seething hatred the author projects onto Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association, the obvious message is we are stupid to the point of being suicidal for not simply banning guns.

Of course you waive the magic wand and all “Gun Death”, “Gun Violence”, and Guns in general vanish from the world, are we really safe? Of course not, horrible violence has always existed, even before guns and gunpowder were invented, and in places where guns have been banned so severely, shootings still happen, but beatings and stabbings become more common place. Say in the city where the New Yorker is published:

In 2008, even as gun killings fell, the number of killings committed with knives or other “cutting instruments” rose 50 percent in New York City, the Police Department said: to 125 from 83. Some other large cities saw no such increase last year, and police officials and experts are at a loss to explain what is either a new trend or a spike.

Of course the drop in shootings was false, as Michael Bloomberg had pressured NYPD to cover up many of the city’s shooting. Still even if it was true, with record lows in 2008 of “Gun Death” in NYC there were still more dead bodies in the city by means of violence than ever before.

So this whole article could be re-written with the word “gun” omitted from “Gun Violence” and the story would read the same. Indeed you are NEVER safe from violence, even if you live in a good neighborhood, even if you are locked in your home, even if you are going to school, or going to worship, etc.

Hence why I carry a gun, but they’ll never understand that. Why? Because they have no interest in understanding that.

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