Quote of the Day: Love of the Cage

From Joan’s Comments Texas TopCat says:

“there a time when the citizens of a country need to decide what kind of country they want?” – good question. Now, for me it is a place where individuals are responsible for their own protection (SCOTUS Castle Rock) and that where the only people not allowed tools for that protection are protected by police due to a special relationship, like Secret Service Detail or locked up in prison.
We have perfect examples in prohibition and “the drug war” as to the results of government attempting to be involved in things that they should not be involved in.

Great comment, and Joan’s Response:

This would be a world where no lawful authority exists and anarchy would result. This is a dangerous world for sure and not what most Americans want.

Perfect Non-sequitur there! Just like the antis response to “We don’t need NEW laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have, and repeal the ones that only effect the lawful!” to which they respond! “So you want to get rid of stop signs and murder laws? YOU WANT ANARCHY!!!!!”

No, Anarchy is what we have now. We have gangs ruling our inner city with illegal drugs and illegal guns, and the police don’t enforce those laws because it is dangerous to do so. When a career criminal goes before a judge he plea bargains and gets away with the majority of his crimes and is back on the street.

We have DEA agents sending SWAT teams into homes where career criminals have tipped them off that there may be drugs. We have wire trappings, we have egregious searches and seizures looking for a dime-bag of pot.

We have guns being sent over the boarder to cartel soldiers by US officials, and a stream of illegal aliens who are not being prosecuted for their crimes.

Still the solution to these issues is NOT more laws, and more laws are what “Progressives” always want. Laws are the bars around the cage we have built for ourselves. Freedom loving people HATE the cage, while anti-freedom “Progressives” want that cage to be fortified.

They love the cage because they HATE freedom.

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“Gun Death” Machete and a Bat

No “Gun Death” here!

Two men have been indicted on murder charges in the 2013 alleged gang-related slaying of a teen whose mutilated body was found in a forest near Houston.

…The body of 16-year-old Josael Guevara was discovered Sept. 23 in Sam Houston National Forest. Authorities say the victim, who was a sophomore at Klein Forest High School in Houston, was struck with a machete and a bat.

Brutal, horrible, reprehensible, but not a “Gun Death”.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Riding Bareback

Not what you think.

Remember this photo?

First time Shopping

That was little LaWeer’da’s first trip to the grocery store. She rode in that little cart cozy to better hold her upright because she couldn’t sit on her own, also to give her stuff to play with when she got bored.

Well little baby has graduated!


Now she rides in the cart all by herself to her favorite place on the planet! She LOVES the grocery store!

Also look at how much she’s grown between the pictures!

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Using Drug Dogs Should Be Illegal

The dogs are trained to react when the officer is interested, because the handler is the one who hides the drugs, and rewards the dog when he finds the drugs. Except the officer knows where the drugs are, so the dog simply learns how to read the K9 Handler.

Drug sniffing dogs are worse than chance, this is not nefarious it’s just bad animal training. The owner of Clever Hans was NOT a con-man, he just was unaware that Hans was reading HIM when he got close to the correct number.

Also I love the “If you don’t have drugs in your ass you have nothing to worry about!” Yeah how about your vehicle being tossed, your body being searched, and unwanted X-rays, and possibly probing hands in your fart box?

That is not my idea of a fun evening.

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The Foot of God in Your Ass!

I’m not going to the comments where they debate if the pilot was in error or not. I’m just glad he got out safe.

Still wicked cool watching the rocket on the ejection seat deploy!

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Reading LOL

Since I got a kindle I have read as many books as when I was trapped on a boat for weeks on end. It’s just so light and small that I take it everywhere with me.

LOL! If you want to know what I’m reading you’re just going to have to ask me…but not when I’m reading, I’m probably into the book.

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Colion on Chicago Violence

Great video:

Gun laws not being enforced, police staying away from dangerous places to save their own asses, and politicians pushing for more laws that also won’t be enforced.

Remember the anti-freedom people don’t want to be called “Gun Control Advocates” but “Gun Safety Advocates”. When do they advocate for actual safety?

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“Gun Death” Domestic Violence

Protection orders do no good:

A northeast Ohio man who had previous arrests for domestic violence against his wife has pleaded guilty to strangling her.

**REDACTED** had several arrests for domestic violence. Last July he was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to felony domestic violence. He also was ordered to have no contact with Carolyn Booker.

Police records also show **REDACTED** was arrested in March 2013 after he threatened to shoot his wife with a handgun, which officers confiscated after the arrest.

So he threatened “Gun Death” and abused his wife. Police took his gun away, and the courts ordered him to keep his distance…so he strangled her!

In the anti-rights world this is a success because a “Gun Death” was prevented.

In reality-land the advice is if you have a domestic partner who is violent, get that court order and arrests, but also GET A GUN, and when they come back to finish the job SHOOT THEM!

Not all “Gun Death” is bad.


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Jason Kilgore Doesn’t Get It

Here’s an amusing article from Jason “Baldr” Kilgore:

Russia hasn’t been behaving itself lately, what with annexing Crimea, building up troops on the eastern border with Ukraine, arming and aiding Ukrainian rebels, playing a role in the downing of Malaysian Flight M17, and, today, is even firing artillary into the Ukraine from inside the Russian border to help the rebellion. Putin is returning to the glory days of headlong Communist expansionism. As the most recent release of Time Magazine put it in their article “In Russia, Crime Without Punishment:”

… I feel that any thinking individual with a shred of love of democracy would approve of at least that much of a response. At this very moment, Russia is invading a sovereign, democratic nation in an act of unprovoked warfare. If we are lovers of democracy and patriotic to the needs of our country and our allies, wouldn’t it make sense to support the U.S. sanctions?

What are those sanctions from the U.S., exactly? From an article:

“The Obama administration last week announced a new round of sanctions against Russia that it says are intended to discourage Russia from continuing to support rebel groups in eastern Ukraine. Companies blacklisted by the U.S. include Russian banks, energy firms and eight weapons manufacturers — including Kalashnikov Concern, a maker of what is arguably the most popular weapon in the world, the AK-47.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If Russia wishes to act against our allies and our democratic ideals, we as a nation shouldn’t support Russia economically, and we should do what we can to stop them from arming rebels, including small arms like AK rifles.

Of course we can’t expect Jason to get the nuances of foreign policy. Indeed the Ukraine is our ally by the simple binary definition of the term, but so is Russia, as well as a bunch of other backwards and horrible states. I must quote this article first before moving on:

Baldr Odinson approaches the University of Oregon library dressed entirely in white-sweatshirt, sweatpants, and tennis shoes. A tiny red button on his chest contrasts the white ensemble. The button reads, “Stop Gun Violence.” When asked why he wears all white clothing, he proudly proclaims, “…white is the color of peace.”

OK so his creepy cult-attire is because he’s in favor of peace. Well we’re allies with Russia, does that mean we should declare war on them? Does economic sanctions mean we are no longer at peace with Russia?

So what does the supposedly “patriotic” gun crowd do — the same men who quote (selected) portions of the Constitution and (selectively) pore over the history of the Revolution and Founding Fathers? They whole-heartedly support sanctions against Russia and Russian gun companies, right? Right???


Their love of guns supersedes any actual patriotic feelings. Take, for instance, when the inventor of the AK-47, Mikhail Kalashnikov, died. Kalashnikov confessed that he felt “spiritual pain” for having invented the AK-47 — the gun that has killed untold millions of people, including Americans in every war and conflict we have fought since Korea, and ushered in with a rain of bullets every Communist, jihadist, and anti-American insurgency since. The AK-47 symbolizes everything that is the antithesis of American democracy. Did the pro-gun crowd cheer that this villain had died? No, they mourned instead.

Got that? Owning an AK is not UNPATRIOTIC! I’m not a fan of the AK-pattern. They’re fine guns, just not the gun for me. I do prefer American-Made guns for my personal needs, and for non-political reasons I really dig on MASSACHUSETTS guns made by Kahr and Smith and Wesson. I also love my Ruger LCR, but I also really like the FAL and the SCAR rifles made in Belgium (tho most FALs are made in other places, including Illinois), still I’m a collector of Soviet and Warsaw Pact guns. I have a deep hatred of the evils on Communism/Socialism, and the irony that the arms used to uphold these evil regimes have been sold off to capitalist nations for profit does not escape me.

Kinky Friedman was once asked why he smoked Cuban cigars despite the embargo on the communist nation. He responded:

[I] Don’t see it as supporting their economy, but as burning their crops.

Very tongue-in-cheek, but really there is something about a communist nation like Cuba or China being major capitalist superpowers while they force their citizens to live under the boot of communism.

He also uses this image:

Now first I must comment on the bizarre fact that all men are dressed like they’re going out duck hunting, and the fact that the AKs are all of different sizes likely due to artist laziness/ignorance.

Still as much of an evil Commie Mikhail Kalashnikov was, he was a brilliant weapons designer, and I think that does somewhat eclipse his other flaws. So yeah, I was too saddened to hear he had passed. What’s the big deal?

This, despite the fact that it isn’t uncommon for the AK-47 and other AK variants to be used in crimes here in America. At the Kid Shootings blog, for instance, you can find 15 examples where an AK-47 was used in a crime involving children, including their deaths, and those are by no means inclusive.

“isn’t uncommon”? What about the fact that rifles of ANY TYPE are a minority of murders? Hell even the references from his own blog don’t account for many killings, and a few were people using OTHER weapons, but had an AK back at home.

Fake concern! He’s intentionally inflating his number to push a political agenda.

So, flash forward to today. Despite the sanctions levied against Russia for their warlike and anti-democratic behavior, and despite the wicked history of the AK-47 on the battlefield as well as American streets, the gun is now selling out on American gun store shelves. And it’s not just AK-47s, but other Russian guns as well.

This isn’t going against the executive order, it’s buying guns already in the country! Jason of course doubles down:

And there you have it. It’s not about having a gun for home defense, and it’s not about hunting (assault rifles are a poor choice for either home defense or hunting, compared to other options). It’s about panic-buying an item that the gub’ment has told them not to buy. It’s the result of a deeply anti-authoritarian view, fostered in large part by the perpetuation of the false refrain that the government is going to take away everyone’s guns. And it’s about the very-male fascination by low-brows of making things go “boom” for “fun.” You’ve got to have the highest-quality gun for that, right?

Yeah, so-called “Assault weapons” are HORRIBLE for hunting. Yeah pull the other one. We certainly should take firearms advice from somebody who knows NOTHING about them, including misusing the term “Assault Rifle” for guns that are simply rifles.

Yeah, and AKs are fun, what’s wrong with that? Jason enjoys playing with swords for fun, even better the swords he prefers are Chinese designs. So can we say Mr. Peaceful is in favor of that horrible hole of oppression?

Of course not! It closes on hilarity:

Patriotism goes out the window when you have a need to fuel a gun fetish for “fun.” Panic buying doesn’t bring in new gun owners, generally, but merely appeals to those who are already amassing arsenals of these deadly weapons. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill gun owners who have one or two guns for home defense or hunting. These are the extremist, insurrectionist types, and we should all be fearful. Remember, too, that modern guns are made with high enough quality that they will likely outlive those who buy them. Where, then, will they wind up?

Mikhail Kalashnikov said on his deathbed, “My spiritual pain is unbearable” because of the gun he invented to “protect the Motherland.” I wonder if any of the gun nuts who are buying up Mikhail’s weapons will one day feel the same guilt for bringing such dangerous weapons into their homes and for betraying the needs of our country, just so they can feel part of some anti-government “fun” trend?

Yep, legal people following US laws are “insurrectionists”, and we should be hanging onto the words of an anti-American Communist for our patriotic barometer.

Thinking isn’t one of his strong points….

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Images of the Antis: Mixed Terms

Man you got to wonder how dumb you have to be to waste time cobbling together an image like this:

So this image is related to the article mentioned here.

Now first up go read the article I fisked a few weeks back. First you’ll see the quote is not really true. Yes there IS indeed such thing as an “Assault Weapon”, nobody will actually argue that. We can argue what “Assault Weapon” covers, given that after the 2004 Sunset of the 1994 Assault Weapons ban, the definitions are all over the map, from most states not having that definition at all, to some states having the ’94 definitions, and others having less strict, or more strict rules.

The argument that WAS ACTUALLY made was the term “Assault Weapon” is a bogus term cooked up by anti-gun people, and not a valid term for a firearm. I will note that federally the AR-15 rifle, or an Uzi Pistol, or the Saiga 12 Shotgun are considered by the ATF as a “Rifle”, a “Pistol”, and a “Shotgun” respectively, nothing more, and nothing less. Now in the state of Massachusetts depending on the features on these guns CAN be considered “Assault Weapons”, But I can own an AR-15 in this state that isn’t an “Assault Weapon”, but in California it IS! So nationally there really isn’t such a thing as an “Assault Weapon”, but some states that classification might exist, and since it’s different in every state, the definition really isn’t worth much.

OK now onto the bigger problem, what are the cited magazines and books ACTUALLY talking about. There are 11 images and I’ll simply number them 1-11 starting at the top left, and moving left-to-right, and top to bottom.

So 1-6 were gun guides that were created between 1994 and 2004, in this time there WAS a federal definition of “Assault Weapon”, and because these guns were treated differently from the ATF, they were treated differently by buyers and collectors. Note that just because the term “Assault Weapon” was used by a gun magazine does NOT mean they INVENTED the term, these books were written AFTER the laws were passed, and therefore the term “Assault Weapon” was defined previously. Also while I haven’t read these books, I will note that many of the guns pictured are obviously full-auto weapons. Not sure if it covers those guns, or they’re just stock images they got the rights to, still two of the cover images feature the H&K MP7 which is technically a PDW or SMG, and the H&K G36 Assault Rifle. All are guns that have never really been commercially sold in America, so I’m not sure why they’re on the cover if it’s about “Assault Weapons” which by definition are civilian arms, not military weapons.

Now things get a little more silly, as NONE of the other magazines use the term “Assault Weapon”. #8 and #11 are books on military weapons. Both are Assault Rifles, not “Assault Weapons”, and despite the similarity in the terms they’re about as similar as the terms “pickup truck” and “Hand Truck”.

Now image #7 refers to an Uzi “Assault Pistol”, which is likely defined by the post-94 definition of this pistol as an “Assault Weapon”, and Images #9 & 10 talk about “Assault Rifles”. #9 was from 1984 issue back when you could simply buy a real-deal Assault Rifle (as in full-auto capability) new off the rack at your local gun store, with nothing more than an ATF tax stamp. Not sure about #10, but from the looks of it, it’s probably in the same time-line and could very well be talking about full-auto rifles.

It’s just dishonest and stupid. Also hilarious that the images are small, illegible, and #9 is intentionally blurred. Whatever they are trying to accomplish with this, it simply isn’t true.

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