Another Podcast Dump

They deserve their own posts, but I haven’t been feeling well, so they’re lumped together.
Chester and I got all Road-Gunny, I guess it was really long, and people enjoyed it.

And we had an unusual Squirrel Report. Jay JUST got in from a work assignment, so was too tired to SQRPT, and Breda was feeling under the weather, so Sean from The Gun Blog Variety Cast stepped up, and did an amazing job.

Also Since Sean is a big fan of the show, and he and Alan take audio quality VERY seriously, they talked a long talk about making the show sound better in post-production. I won’t be listening to the MP3 because I already heard it live, but if you’re one of the majority who SQRPT in recorded format, let us know if it sounds any better, worse, or more-or-less the same from your end!Q


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Youtube LOLZ

LOL and



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Toddler, or Tiny Drunk?

So yesterday was a rough day!


Little One had such a tantrum she just passed out on the floor.

Showed this to a co-worker, and she responded with this:


You can buy the full version here I will be doing that!

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Play Me Out: Reverend Horton Heat

Never been much for the Green Stuff.

OK, well there might be a splash of Chartreuse in my glass….

Either way, this song struck a tone with me tonight!

Enjoy Responsibly!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 54

Yep, another awesome show!

Show notes here, download or listen below!



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It Amused Me

Ok they’re crappy, and not really taking mixology that serious, but I was amused:

First up there was a bunch of overlap, also how can you say “What is a Girl Drink” without being innately sexist.

I could say that a dry martini, or a Negroni are so, respectivly, dry and bitter than it is preferred by men, and I could go even worse and say sticky-sweet candy monstrosities like a Fuzzy Navel or a Midori Sour are for the sisters.

Still note that both lists reference the Manhattan. But the Manhattan is a very balanced drink, it’s savory, sweet, and bitter all at once, but none overpowering the others.

Still it’s not like Manhattans are the best selling drinks at the bars….in fact most drinks served at bars are BORING! Light Beer, and shot mixed with soda-pop.

Most people don’t like cocktails because they aren’t interested in an interesting drink, they just want to get drunk without tasting the booze.

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Friday Blog Dump

So we had a Squirrel Report that was Awesome!

Also the Squirrel Report has RECIPES!!

Today I made this, and it was just as easy and as good as it sounds!

Also Ryan and I discussed 3D printing!

So yeah that was a good chunk of my week!

Let’s Close with some music!

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Evening Tunes: Kissing In Porn

Some rather kickass Chap-Hop the wife has been consuming in massive quantities.


Also this:

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 53

Again despite my absence from Massachusetts, I was able to record this week’s show in advance, so enjoy this week’s episode!

Show notes here, show linked below!



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Back From Vacation!

Boy do I have some podcasts to catch up with!

Ryan talked about Machine Pistols on Handgun Radio.

The Squirrel Report happened just fine without me!

Chester had a podcast! I need to get back on his show!

And despite being on vacation, thanks to the Magic of the Internet I won’t be absent from the Gunblog Variety Cast

Link to that show below! Enjoy the podcasts!

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