Images of the Antis: Abstinence Only

This is a good one:

First let’s see the video

Ok step one, look at that disclaimer at the front-and-center. Now look at the image. Billy Johnson works for the NRA but speaks for himself. Now we can reflect that NRA is not horribly offended by his statements, as he has not be fired from his position. Still this is the FURTHEST thing from “NRA Policy”.

Still I don’t see what the big deal is. We’re one of the most heavily armed countries in the world. Guns are out there. We also have a ton of roads and cars, so we teach kids how to safely cross the street. We teach kids about the dangers of illegal drugs. We teach kids the ins-and-outs of sex, and the dangers of it.

That last one can be oped out of in most schools, but there are some schools where the sex ed class is mandatory. I’m fine with that, sex can indeed be dangerous, emotionally, and physically. My parents taught me about sex long before the teachers were talking about it. It was a smart move, it meant THEY were teaching those lessons, and anything my teachers had to add were simply supplemental, and given that I had a good understanding of the issue, I could easily ask questions.

But for folks not as proactive as mine, sex is still out there, and the desires are still there. Ignoring them won’t make them go away, and very well might make them worse. The same goes for guns. Guns exist, and even if you don’t like guns or have them, they are out there. I fail to see how basic firearms safety can in any way be a DETRIMENT to people.

Hell that’s why I shot my first gun. I was 19, I didn’t understand or like guns, but to burn an afternoon and learn how to use guns seemed like a no-brainer.

Turned out to have changed my life, but it doesn’t have that effect on everybody.

Of course the real reason why anti-rights people (who constantly crow about “safety”) wouldn’t want something like this taught to age-appropriate children is it puts guns in a light that shows them as ANYTHING but bad.

They can’t have that. They can’t show how FUN it is to shoot guns. They can’t show people saving lives with guns. They can’t show history with guns. They can’t show family connection with guns.

They can only show them as horrible lumps of pure evil, because ONLY THEN do their ravings look sane.

Also check out Sean touching on the same subject.

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“Gun Death” Real Winner

Thankfully he won’t be causing any problems to those of us outside prison:

A northwestern Ohio man who pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing his mother has been sentenced to life prison.

…He says the addiction [to heroin] cost him his home and his job and that he began stealing from his mother.

Classy dude, huh? Hopefully he won’t be much bother to the other inmates and prison staff from now on.


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Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson

Sometimes I really scratch my head:

To prevent domestic shootings, guns should be taken from the abusers/stalkers/subjects of protective and restraining orders rather than providing guns to those who are abused. This is just not the kind of country we want. Arming more people will not solve the problem of gun violence.

Now the only reason why Joan is ANYBODY in the gun control world is because her sister was murdered by her husband in very prominent case.

Now Joan’s late Brother in law was subject to a restraining order which would have stripped him of his guns. A) He refused to give them up, laws be damned, and B) He was close friends with the local police chief who was the first person he called after the murders.

Now in Barbara Lund’s case, she was murdered at her estranged husband’s house at a time when concealed carry was illegal. Still the idea that LESS guns makes people MORE safe is proven factually incorrect in her own personal life.

Still banning guns is more important to her than human safety, so that’s where she stands.

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Almost Time for Squirrel!

So we’ll be talking about the TSA raising fees and other current events.

Also the call in is related to this: What “Old School” thing do you do (or wish you did) and why? (Shave with a straight razor, make your own bacon, grind your own coffee, etc.)

So call in 9pm EST 214-530-0036

Should be a great time! IT’S THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!!

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Don’t Ban it, FIX IT!

Another messed up execution from the Rube-Goldberg machine:

A convicted murderer in Arizona gasped and snorted for more than 90 minutes after a lethal injection Wednesday, his attorneys and witnesses said, dying in a botched execution that prompted the governor to order an investigation and the state Supreme Court to mandate that the materials used in the procedure be preserved.

Joseph Rudolph Wood III’s execution almost certainly will reinvigorate the national debate over the death penalty. He received an injection at 1:52 p.m. at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence. The execution became so prolonged that reporters witnessing the execution counted several hundred of his wheezes before he was finally declared dead at 3:49 p.m. — nearly two hours after the procedure began.

The incident comes in a year in which lethal injections had already triggered controversy over botched procedures and secrecy.

Now Mr. Wood was a monster, and now he is dead. I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over that. Still the way he died was bad justice. I’m very much in favor of capital punishment, but I’m not a fire-and-brimstone sort of guy. He killed multiple people, this is NOT revenge, revenge can’t be done in this case. He was simply too dangerous to live in society, or in prison so we fixed that, but we didn’t do a very good job of doing it.

There are way too many ways to kill a human being in a dignified, painless, and timely way. I don’t see why we need to use such a stupidly complicated machine to do this.

I don’t like complicated, especially with life-and-death. I don’t like complicated guns, I don’t like complicated cars, I don’t like complicated locks on my doors. Complicated means multiple failure points, and that’s what happened here. I don’t know how much is known about WHAT was messed up, but obviously something screwed up and the man did not die as predicted.

If we had simply started a progressive morphine drip the executioner could simply turn the machine up to full, maybe even fire up a back-up pump in the other arm (generally in lethal injections two IV needles are inserted, one in each arm in case of vein collapse or a blocked cannula). Just turn the dude’s blood into pure morphine while he’s sedated by the primary effects of the drug and his light will go out forever and not a bit of discomfort will happen after that last needle is inserted (those big gauge IVs do suck going in!) and that first wave of drug hits the brain.

Still there are LOTS of other fine-and-dandy ways to punch somebody’s ticket. I’m a fan of calculated long-drop hanging. The condemned is weighed, and a calculation is made to how far they need to drop to sever the spine, and hopefully keep the head attached to the body. If you fudge the numbers a little liberally the person may become decapitated, and while gross, the person we’re really caring about (and yes, we should care for them) is the condemned.

Also a suicide technique I’ve been reading about is pretty cool. So-called “Exit bags” where the person taking their own life puts a bag with a one-way-valve over their head, draws the bag tight around the neck and floods the bag with inert gas. See our bodies don’t actually KNOW when we are running out of oxygen. Instead we can only sense when we’re taking in lethal amounts of CO2. Flood the bag (or gas chamber) with Nitrogen or Helium which won’t react with body tissues in a way that might cause discomfort, and you’re still able to clear all the CO2 your body is producing. Lights out, and if done right, it’s FAST!

Heck despite it being overly showy, firing squads work pretty good too! Close-range rifle shots to the heart from a stationary target from multiple shooters will work really well. Still that’s a little showy for my tastes.

So yeah, let’s quit this bullshit with the Rube-Goldberg execution machine and do this dirty deed right!

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Images of the Antis: Violence

This one is making the rounds:

It seems to the anti-freedom crowd that “Violence” is a lot like “Mental Illness”, it’s EVERYWHERE they find somebody they disagree with.

Now I’m not really an OC guy. I carry all the time, and I’m in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont where OC is 100% legal and kosher, but I just keep my cover garment and gun where they are and keep carrying concealed. I’m all for OC, and I love carrying in those places because it means if my coat blows open or my gun shows I have nothing to worry about so long as I’m being a good little boy.

Still OC has it’s uses, it opens eyes, both of people who think the populous around then is as toothless as they are, and to criminals who would like to hope that. Concealed carry is also useful as it means just because you don’t SEE a gun doesn’t mean there isn’t one nearby.

A lot of talk is going on about OC Texas, and a lot of political Rorschach tests are being done, but the bottom line is Texas (and Florida) are damn hot states that require you to cover your gun, and that is just WRONG. So they’re protesting to give them the latitude to be armed and not unnecessarily miserable, or allow them the wardrobe malfunction moment where that shirt tail rides up over the gun for a moment.

Of course this image isn’t of Texas or Florida where the man in the photo could be arrested legally, if not correctly.

But where is the violence? How exactly are we teaching children violence resolves issues when no violence or even THREATS of violence are being committed?

Pure projection.

It’s the same idea that somehow spanking a child after they do something REALLY egregious is somehow teaching “Violence is right”. BULLSHIT! Right now my daughter is too young to be spanked in my personal opinion. I’m trying to teach her to stay away from bad and dangerous things, but overall she’s just trying to figure out the world around her, so I speak to her in hopes she understand some of it, and relocate her to a safer place with appropriate toys to play with.

Still the day will come when she can walk and she’ll make that mad dash towards the street, and if a sharp scolding doesn’t set the lesson in place, she’ll get a sharp swat on the rear. This isn’t violence, this is simply associating danger and disobeying words of caution with PAIN. As soon as she’s old enough to understand cause and effect better, pain becomes less useful as taking away things she really wants.

I kinda wonder if antis have any real understanding of TRUE violence? Given that this image was cooked up by CSGV who has some severe boundary issues, I have my doubts.

**UPDATE** I almost forgot about this incident where CSGV goaded on and spread information on the where-abouts of George Zimmerman so that vigilantes could collect the price on his head.

Compare those images, and which one seems violent?

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“Gun Death” Another One-Punch Kill

And again, in New York!

A beloved customer known as a “gentle giant” was killed with a punch to the face at a bar owned by “Mob Wives” reality TV star Angela (Big Ang) Raiola on Sunday, cops said.

Abdoul Cisse, 47, was trying to break up a fight when he was struck in front of the Drunken Monkey Bar and Grill in Staten Island around 3:40 a.m., cops said. He fell backward and cracked his skull on the pavement, police said.

The human body can be very strong, but also very fragile, and a single punch can lead to a “Gun Death” story. Remember this when anti-rights advocates note that you shouldn’t carry a gun, but rather “be a man” and settle your disputes with fisticuffs. First up, there is nothing manly about beating on another person. Second there was no real dispute here, there was a fight and this guy did the REAL manly thing and attempted to stop it.

He unfortunately died because of that.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Well That is Saddly Ironic

Beatles vs. Beetles:

In a case of unbelievable coincidence, a pine tree planted in memory of the late Beatle George Harrison was killed by a beetle infestation.

The tree, planted in a Los Angeles park, was overrun with bark beetles, LA Councilman Tom La Bonge said over the weekend, adding that a new tree will be planted in its place, the LA Times reported.

The memorial tree was planted in Griffith Park in 2004 and had risen to more than 10 feet high. Harrison spent his final days in LA.

First up, more shitty writing from the MSM, it’s not really a “coincidence” that the tree was killed by beetles. It’s IRONIC that a man who was part of a famous band would have his memorial destroyed by the insect the band was named after.

And given the abuse of the word irony in modern writing, it’s rather ironic (hah!) that it wasn’t used in this story.

I won’t lie, I’m note much of a Beatles fan, they covered so much ground it’s hard to not have at least a few songs from their extensive catalog that you don’t love, but overall I never got into them.

Still Harrison was a member of the Traveling Wilburys and that sadly short-lived super-group was fucking AWESOME!

Also I laughed out loud reading this in the comments:

Someone just has to ensure that any tribute to the Rolling Stones can’t be threatened by a rockslide. Maybe the one for AC/DC should have a UPS.

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“Gun Death” All Over Money

Remember, never carry a gun because your stuff isn’t worth taking a life!

A young couple accused of killing the man’s grandparents told police they planned the slayings so he could get his inheritance: a tiny house and $20,000, according to court documents released Wednesday.

**BOTH REDACTED**, are accused of sneaking into his grandparents’ home last month in Sterling, a small city on Colorado’s rural northeastern plains, and strangling Charles and Shirley Severance, both 70. The couple then tried to cover their tracks, scattering the grandmother’s burned remains in two states and later calling 911 to report finding the grandfather’s body, which was too heavy for them to dispose of as planned, authorities said.

The teens told authorities they had planned since early May to smother the Severances with pillows as they slept, but the effort was complicated when the couple put up a struggle.

Except when 20 Grand is worth strangling a pair of elderly people to death.

Do you think these two people might have wanted a gun just before they died?


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Cap n Ball Porn

Wow this isn’t what I would have expected:

So cool!

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