4/20 in Denver

A Coworker of mine was on vacation in Colorado last week. I just so happened he was on the steps of the capital on Sunday at exactly 4:20pm Local time. He snapped a picture of the marijuana festival at that time!

Denver Smoke

Man, I know in slang that’s a “Grass Fire”, but I’ve seen grass fires in fields that needed fire intervention that didn’t make that much smoke!

Interestingly, there were a few cops around, and while they noted that the venue was not approved to allow public smoking the cops admitted that dealing with the local potheads were much easier than dealing with drunks after last call.

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Question for the Readers

Hey, I was talking about my distaste for the American SWAT teams and their horrible raids in the US with my wife this morning, and I mentioned the Mathew David Stewart case. He was the US Veteran living in Ogden Utah who was growing a few pot plants and working a steady job, and a SWAT team decided to kick in his door while he was sleeping. Having his door kicked in he shot the intruders and killed an officer.

This was back in 2012, I know they were trying to give him the death penalty, but that was the last I heard of this case. Anybody local have any updates, or was this guy just disappeared?

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“Gun Death” School Stabbing

I think this story may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Only one student remains in critical condition after a stabbing rampage earlier this month at a high school outside Pittsburgh, a hospital official said Saturday.

A spokeswoman for Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, said a 15-year-old boy injured in the incident remains in critical condition.

Suspect Alex Hribal, 16, is alleged to have seriously injured at least 20 students and a security officer at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pa., on April 9.

Thankfully nobody was killed, but to still be in critical condition after all this time tells me it was sheer luck that there wasn’t many deaths.

Hey, but we should ban guns!


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Dogs In Swings

Evidently it’s a thing…..

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A Day in Pro-Daddy Land

So after little LaWeer’da had her first nap and her second Bottle for the day we went to her FAVORITE place on the planet…THE GROCERY STORE!!

Shopping Thing

All the fun stuff and people to look at AND Daddy let her touch the hand-scanner! She’s been DYING to do that. She also wants to taste it, but that is NOT allowed! She was laughing and baby-talking the whole time, but there is a limit to how much excitement a baby can take!

Tired From Shopping

She often falls asleep in the 5 min drive home from the store, but generally wakes up before the groceries are put away. Not this time, she took a two hour nap in her car seat!

While she was sleeping I did some chores and cooked lunch, and when she woke up she was ready for her lunch…and while I was eating mine there was an EPIC poop explosion made. No pix of that, but I was tempted!

Then we took advantage of the great weather and went for a nice walk. She was awake for most of it and enjoyed the scenery and the wind in her hair…but excitement has its limits!

Tired From Lake

I love my Job as a professional daddy!

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Images of the Pantsless!

From Robb’s twitter

He did an image by my request but this one had me rolling!

Ain’t that the truth!

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Joan Answers Her Own Question

So in her latest post Joan Peterson asks this one:

Can we look at ourselves and say we have done all we can do to prevent senseless shootings? No. Can we at least have some national reflection on the topic without it turning into an ugly “gun grabbing” conversation? It doesn’t seem so. Can we agree that some measures will stop some shootings? I hope so. Can we converge on a road that leads to more public safety and fewer gun deaths? One would think so. Is it understood that not every law will stop every shooting?

The first question I agree with Joan, we haven’t done all we can, just our idea of a solution is different, but for both of us at least our stated end goal is the same. I absolutely want to have “Gun Death” be as small as possible, as with ALL violent crime. Joan claims the same thing, tho for obvious reasons, and we’ll talk more about them, I don’t believe she is being totally honest. This is the dichotomy of the gun debate. We both want the same thing. The antis have made claims that our side is uninterested in violent crime, and we just have a “fetish” for guns. That’s simply a straw man, and I suspect they know it.

The second question is really obvious, just look at the quote previously posted:

Britain had tightened regulations after the 1987 Hungerford massacre, which also killed 16 people, said CNN. The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, as it’s known, made registration of shotguns mandatory and banned semi-automatic and pump-action weapons. Firearms amnesties after Hungerford and Dunblane netted thousands of firearms and rounds of ammunition.

Sorry, Joan, you PRAISE Britain and Australia for their massive seizure of legally held firearms, but you don’t want us to brand you and your compatriots as “Gun Grabbers”. Sorry, I own lots of guns, and many of these guns you don’t think I should have. You’re a gun grabber. You should either make your peace with that, or change your agenda. As for that discussion you claim to want, well I’d post some rebuttals to your post, but you won’t have me, nor many others. Also “Discussions” that get through your illogical filter tend to end with you telling them to “Shut up” and go someplace else. So quit talking about having a discussion when all you do is demand an echo-chamber.

As for public safety concerns, well here’s a good start, but it doesn’t fit your agenda, so what do you REALLY care about.

Seems your passion is being a “Gun Grabber”, not an advocate for public safety. But you hate being called that. My question to you is, why do you feel that way?

IF she was interested in a discussion she’d answer that here, but we know what will happen.

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Images of the Antis: Government

First is one they should know better about, but don’t:

Yep, because every other amendment in the Bill of Rights is magically frozen in the 18th Century! I mean I have no freedom of speech in this blog because the computer and the internet didn’t exist in the 18th Century. TV News has no freedom of the press because radio, satellite, and TVs didn’t exist then either.

Heck Newspapers don’t have a freedom of press because they aren’t hand-setting their printing presses.

Of course the list goes on, such as the 4th Amendment not allowing indiscriminate wire-tapping of phones, or hacking my computer from afar.

And of course the 2nd Amendment wasn’t about GUNS it was about ARMS! Yeah, swords, knives, clubs and other arms are protected too!

They have no idea what they’re talking about, but they’re still talking!

Next up this!

First up, I’m not one of those guys who owns a Jane’s Guide to XYZ, and I can’t really spot military equipment well. I don’t know the difference between a Abrams and a Sherman tank, and I couldn’t even name a Ruskie tank, let alone pick out out of a lineup.

Still I can tell that there is Soviet technology mixed in with American, and God-knows what else (I’m sure somebody will have fun naming the shit in this image).

I will note that the SVD Rifle is something Americans can and do own, as well as superior technology. The ICBMs, the Nuclear Subs, cruise missiles. and the artillery aren’t really something the .gov could effectively use against a political revolt on their own soil, as it would be leveling civilian targets and do nothing more than make the fence-sitters really know its time to arm up and start shooting back.

Also many of those items will be captured or defect in the event of a shooting war between a tyrannical government and true patriots.

Still these prevalent images really strike me as masturbation of the anti-gun people. They don’t want to debate with us, they don’t like that we push back against their stupid agenda, so really they wish our impressive military would just pack up and exterminate us.

And that’s why we own guns!

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Images of the Antis: Is That Another One?

Seriously, another one?

Its obviously a photoshop as there is no recoil or blast from the forcing cone, but that’s pure gun geekery. Hell I’d been shooting for YEARS before I tried that silly finger-on-the-front-of-the-trigger guard grip on a revolver. Thankfully it was with a S&W Model 17 .22 so the only result was an “Ouch” and a powder stain on my left index finger.

Still through that fake smoke it sure looks like that’s a fully-loaded .44 Magnum cartridge coming out of that S&W629.

The people who want to ban you guns don’t even know how guns work!

Hey, but they’re for “Common Sense” laws! I mean you can write a “Common Sense” law without any common sense, right?

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“Gun Death” Hammertime

More dangerous than “Assault Rifles”

The Arizona woman convicted of bludgeoning her husband to death with a hammer is making a tearful plea for mercy to the jury deciding whether she should live or die for the crime.

They kill more people than long guns of any-kind (“assault” or not), so why do the antis get so fixated on semi-auto rifles? Oh, because only “Gun Deaths” count!


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