Give Some Thanks

So it’s Thanksgiving, and soon I’ll be heading up to Maine to spend some time with my family and eat too much dead bird.

Still I have to be sappy and talk about what I’m thankful for!

Baby with Bugs

My baby messes with the lobsters at the grocery store! AWESOME!

Hope you’re all having a happy Thanksgiving! Eat too much and have a good time!

Also poll for the questions, I know some people who treat Thanksgiving as a drinking holiday. I like to drink, but this isn’t one of them. Maybe a glass or two of wine with the Italian side, but on my side of the family we don’t do much of the boozing. Do you?

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“Gun Death” Look at the Numbers!

Just look at the numbers!

Since the introduction of colorful, single-load packets of laundry detergent in 2012 through the end of 2013, more than 17,000 children under age 6 ate or inhaled the contents or squirted concentrated liquid from a packet into their eyes, researchers reported Monday.

Their study is the first to compile all cases reported to the National Poison Data System, confirming fears that accidental poisonings with laundry packets, which many households choose for their convenience, are not uncommon. Because reporting to the database is voluntary, the figure is likely an underestimation, several experts said. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics.

Now when the “Gun Death” Cultists talk about “Children” being killed with guns, generally they’re talking about gang members, or others involved in the illegal drug trade (but really, I repeat myself) ages 15-24 getting shot. This is honest-to-god little kids dying, and the numbers for just this demographic is GREATER THAN THE NON-SUICIDE “Gun Deaths” every year.

On an interesting side note my wife was having dinner with an Poison Control researcher and he was mentioning that they’re baffled at these poisoning deaths. The contents are little more than concentrations of what is otherwise in what you’d pour into your washing machine, but the deaths are far higher than kids who decided to drink liquid detergent.

Now of course you won’t hear about this, because “Progressives” NEED detergent pods to wash their clothes and dishes. They don’t NEED guns, so guns should be banned, and so only “Gun Death” should count!

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And Today Ferguson Burns Again

Thankfully the riots appear to mostly contained in Ferguson, but there are protests everywhere. I’m glad to be home with the baby today, still my wife is working in Boston. I’m not so concerned that I would advise her to work from home, still all it takes is a few rabble rousers to turn a peaceful protests with some racist anger into a full-on riot.

Still I’m deeply saddened that after the grand jury refused to indict, which is VERY telling about the amount of evidence against the media narrative that Michael Brown was gunned down in cold blood, that this is the end result:

This is NOT about Michael Brown, I think the evidence shows that he was a thug, and a criminal, and if Officer Wilson didn’t shoot him somebody else probably would have done it.

This is all about race, and about anarchy. The black community has been coddled for so long that no claim of “racism” is too ridiculous, and fantasies of a white patriarchal society exists that preys on blacks for nothing but sport, and that looting and violent anarchy is an acceptable behavior.

Also I wonder about Ferguson as a city. How many times can you burn a place down before people decide not to rebuild?

Be safe out there!

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Images of the Antis….huh?

Yeah, sometimes it’s just stupid!

Umm, everybody dies, and guns aren’t alive, so they can’t die.

Still a kid on a swing set….you mean like a school? A GUN FREE ZONE?

Yeah, I wonder why all these shootings happen in gun free zones…

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“Gun Death” “Global Warming”

Yes in the age of catastrophic “Global Warming” we have death!

Roofs began to creak and collapse and homeowners struggled to clear waist-high drifts atop their houses Thursday as another storm brought the Buffalo area’s three-day snowfall total to an epic 7 feet or more.

…Local media reported that about 180 residents of a Cheektowaga assisted living facility were evacuated after staff members noticed the ceiling bulging under the weight of the snow.

Homeowners and store employees around the region climbed onto roofs to shovel off the snow and reduce the danger.

…The storms were blamed for at least 10 deaths in western New York, mostly from heart attacks and exposure.

The revisionists are working hard to adjust the models that say all ice will melt and the coastal cities will flood to “Lots of people dying in the snow and ice”.

Meh, only “Gun Death” Counts!

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Officer Wilson Will Not Be Charged

We’ll see if more riots happen:

A white police officer will not face charges for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager in a case that set off violent protests and racial unrest throughout the nation, an attorney close to the case said Monday night.

This is BIG news. This is NOT a trial but a Grand Jury Decision. The old saying is a that a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich. It’s understandable as an indictment is NOT a declaration of guilt, but just if a trial is needed.

The Grand Jury decided there was no need for a trial. That’s HUGE, but I don’t think reasonable minds are going to let this stand in their way. There are racists out there who want BLOOD, and I don’t think tonight, or tomorrow will be bloodless.

Be safe out there!

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They’re Getting Closer to my Wish!

So on this week’s Handgun radio Ryan and I talk about summer vs. Winter carry.

But in my “Obscure Gun” segment I stated that Ruger should make a full-size .357 similar to the GP100 but using the LCR technology.

Not QUITE what I wanted, but boy they’re getting close. This is a .38 +P, and there is no reason why they won’t come out with a .357 variant. Still it’s using the same frame so it’s only a 5-shot. I’d want a 6-gun or more for it to be worth my time.

Still the larger barrel and grip, plus the adjustable sights and exposed hammer (which frankly I could care less about, since I generally only shoot DA revolvers in double-action) are showing that they’re thinking more about my dream.

All I ask, Ruger, is when you build that full-size polymer revolver, you give me a contributor copy for the idea!

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Images of the Antis: Guns and Cars

Man, this shit again?

OK First up, no need to repeat what Lawdog has said before. The guns and cars argument is nothing but another bad-faith argument the antis are making. They don’t want guns treated like cars AT ALL! They just want to enact certain laws, and use cars only where it fits and nowhere else. Let’s face it, antis don’t want the same laws for cars applied to guns. Not only that, they don’t want gun laws applied to cars. You may have gotten a DUI back when you were in college, but the state gave you your license back, and the whole time you still owned your car, and you could have bought a new one whenever you wanted. Not if we regulate cars like guns, you’ll never OWN a car for the rest of your life, and the car you were driving when you were over the limit is now being auctioned off by the PD, or crushed and sold as scrap!

There are certain features that were born from racing technology. Disk breaks, forced induction, lightweight materials, steering-wheel mounted controls. Sorry, you want that fancy new BMW? Sorry that’s a “Race Car” by arbitrary government decisions, and you can get one ONLY if it’s a pre-86 M3 that will only set you back $500,000!

Want to drive across state lines to visit friends? Sorry, no reciprocity, you’ll be spending some time in prison if you drive through certain states. Don’t worry, your rights aren’t being infringed! You can take the bus!

Ever wonder what that fist fight you got into years ago has to do with your driving? Well NOTHING, but as a convicted felon you will NEVER be able to drive ever again, nor own a car, nor ride in somebody else’s car!

The list could go on for that side, feel free to ad on in the comments!

Next up Lt. Col Bateman (remember that traitor?) is making a very solid false equivalency. He’s talking about the training (which frankly doesn’t exist in all states. Sure you need a bunch of training to get your learner’s permit, but that’s not a REQUIREMENT to get a DL, really you only need to be of a certain age and pass the written and road test and you’re all set. Still this is to drive on PUBLIC roads. To own a car, or drive on private property you need no licensing at all.

Of course the Mommies are demanding action….but what are they calling for? Seems they mostly are calling for Universal Background checks, and private businesses to ban (or at least make a request) carry in their establishments.

What does this have to do with anything? Why nothing, of course!

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Start Your Monday Off Right!

The latest Episode of The Gunblog Variety Cast is up!

Now just a quick Double-Plug, I generally don’t self-promote, but I’m exceptional proud of this week’s segment.

I wanted to talk about I 594 in Washington, which I am really taking a stand against. I decided the best way to handle this issue was to Ask if Barron would rather lump his Tech segment into mine since he an expert on this bill, and fought hard to keep it from becoming law, and is still fighting now.

I’ll just say, this law is coming to a state near you, and Bloomberg is targeting states we generally consider “Gun Friendly”, so if you haven’t listened to our podcast yet, make this your first, it’s only an hour out of your day!

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“Gun Death” Defense

This one will be doubly ignored!

Cleveland police say a woman fatally stabbed a 47-year-old man after he allegedly forced his way into a home.

…Police said in statement that the man knocked on the door of the home in an attempt to visit someone who lived there. He was denied entry and forced himself inside, where he and the woman who answered the door got into a physical altercation. Officers say the woman then stabbed the man at some point.

No word if booze or drugs were involved, but I bet booze and drugs were involved. Now of course this story will be ignored by the antis because it wasn’t a “Gun Death”, but further even when somebody shoots a home invader, that’s ignored as well, or at least only lumped into raw “Gun Death” numbers.

“Gun Death” is focused on because they want to ban guns. Self Defense is ignored because they want to ban guns. Then they pretend this has ANYTHING to do with public safety.

H/T Miguel and

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