Images of the Antis: Discussion

This one is quite the strawman:

Baldr discussion

Now first up let’s note that Mr. Jason “Baldr” Kilgore used to have a comment section on his blog, but since it was all pro-gun people rebutting his points, he shut it down. Same goes for most anti-gun blogs with an ounce of readership. Same goes for anti-gun lobby groups. The Brady Campaign blog used to have a comment section and they nuked it because it was mostly pro gunners rebutting their paper-thin points.

Amazing how much time anti-gunner spend trying to stifle bi-partisan discussion of gun control, while simultaneously saying that the pro-gun side refuses to talk about the issue.

Now let’s get past the strawman and delve into reality. Remember that anti-gun playbook that got leaked? The order from on-high is for anti-gunner to strike while the anvil is hot, the blood is still wet, and the bodies have not yet cooled. Their attack is pure emotion and devoid of fact. When the antis want to talk is when the facts of the event are still not known. Remember when the Washington Navy Yard shooter was armed with an AR-15? Turns out his weapon was a Remington 870 shotgun, but facts aren’t relevant to anti-gunners, just emotion, and when emotion is the driving factor, the story is far from reality.

Still once the dust settles, the bodies are buried or at least in a morgue, and all the facts are known, where are the antis? Suddenly they don’t want to talk anymore!

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“Gun Death” Texas Style

Don’t Mess With Texas:

ABILENE, Texas — Abilene police are investigating the death of a man who was struck in the head with a baseball bat by his former boss as he tried to force his way into the man’s home.

…Beard said the victim was an ex-employee of the resident. The two had gotten into a verbal argument, which the resident terminated and then went into his house. The victim then tried to force his way into the house.

They don’t all end bad!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Play Me Out: Bluegrass Hair

Or is it “Blue Hair”?


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Man Shot By His Dog

The antis are all chattering about this freak story:

he Sheridan County resident was on Murphy Gulch Road accompanied by Mr. Murphy and another employee when they stepped out of the truck to remove the snow chains from the vehicle. Fipps had a dog in the vehicle which he had ordered to move from the front seat into the back. While the dog was roaming around the back seat of the truck, it stepped on a loaded 300 Winchester Magnum which caused the gun to discharge. According to Kozisek, Fipps was outside of the truck when the bullet shot through the cab of the truck into Fipps left arm.

Fipps was transported from the scene to meet an ambulance on Highway 14, where he was then taken to Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Due to the severity of the injury, Fipps is now in Billings. Although his life was saved, Fipps arm may be amputated.

Now the antis, being the wonderful people they are, are making light of this terrible event, and then essentially calling for the ban of all guns. Remember even your hunting gun isn’t safe from an anti-gunner!

Still the pro-gun side points out this could have been easily avoided.

How To Safely Transport Firearms

The gun was loaded when it probably shouldn’t have been. The gun was not in a protective case when it should have been. The gun was not in direct control of a knowledgeable shooter.

While doing all of these things makes things REALLY safe, and unloaded gun, in a hard-sided case, that is being watched by a knowledgeable shooter is essentially inert. Still any one of these things could have prevented the issue. It only takes a few seconds to unload a gun, and hard-sided cases that will fit almost anything can be had for short money.

How much is your arm, or your life worth?

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Hunting With an AR

Got asked by the blog proprietor to link this post.

It’s rock-solid!

The history of hunting firearms in the United States has been tied to technology developed for our military since the Civil War. Prior to that, our armed citizens used their hunting rifles and muskets to fight when they joined the militia! But with the introduction of Spencer and Henry lever-action rifles during the 1860s, the stage was set for “military” rifles to become the new hunting guns because that’s where the newest technology was applied. That was particularly true of the Mauser and 1903 Springfield bolt-action rifles developed for World War I. Bolt-actions became the standard hunting rifle because of their inherent accuracy — and partially because the .30-06 cartridge is still one of the most useful all-around hunting rounds in the world.

So, it should be no surprise that the AR-15/AR-10 platform rifles (also known as Modern Sporting Rifles or MSRs) have become the top-selling rifles in the United States over the past 10-15 years. Our modern soldiers are most familiar with them from their service, and that’s what they want to use for their sporting pursuits, too. Now, many people are using them for everything from varmint hunting to big game hunting. You can find tons of information about the best AR-10 rifle for hunting — or even for deer hunting — and about which caliber is best for hunting with an AR-15. However, we couldn’t find any information about the unique differences of hunting with an AR vs. hunting with a bolt-action or lever-action rifle. But there are some mechanical differences, obviously, and some differences in effectively using an MSR for hunting.

Yep, I’d like to go hunt wild hogs in the Southern US where they are such a major problem, and of course around here the deer are big, and frankly dangerous when you note the number of fatalities from vehicle strikes. Of course when I go hunting it won’t be with an AR because I don’t own one…it’ll be the FAL which is the best gun in my collection for taking medium game at the ranges I expect to see them. The difference between my FAL and an AR-10 type rifle is trivial.

They also have this great infographic
Hunting Tips for AR Platform Rifles

So yeah, check them out!

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Joan’s Anti-Reality Force Field

It’s Almost like she lives on a different planet!

You just can’t make this stuff up. An armed woman was shot to death by a guy with a gun in a fight over a chandelier. When a gun is available it may get used against you. This one lends the lie to the gun lobby idea that having a gun for self defense is a good idea because it will save your life. Wrong.

Well except all the studies that aren’t done by compatriots of Joan, point to guns being used to prevent crime is higher than the number of guns used IN crime. Further having a gun to defend yourself is the best way to avoid serious injury in a violent attack!

Also gun ownership is on the rise, but gun crime is DOWN! So again, if Joan’s conjecture is true we would be having MORE crime. Also Joan’s husband owns guns! By her own rational, shouldn’t she have been shot or threatened by those guns by now? Yeah, she has surrounded herself with an anti-reality force field that is IMPENETRABLE BY LOGIC!!

Also for the LOLz I found this on her twitter feed:
Joan Peterson PBS Survey

Here’s the survey!

Even with her spreading the news to all the gun control supporters she knows the survey is running at nearly 95% against additional gun control laws.

Hey, but the gun control people are winning!!!

**UPDATE** Just watched the PBS video attached to the poll. Man that is some SERIOUS anti-gun crap right there. Still the poll is a strong victory. Also why are we funding a network that does propaganda piece against the very people forced under penalty of law to fund them?

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“Gun Death” Deadly Setup


A newlywed couple charged in the stabbing death of a stranger they lured through a Craigslist ad offering companionship pleaded guilty to murder on Tuesday and face mandatory sentences of life without parole.

Lured a stranger to his death via a Craigslist ad. Don’t need a gun to do this. We’ve sold some items on Craigslist and my wife made damn sure I was carrying when the buyers showed up at our home to exchange goods for money. Too damn easy for a total stranger to do something horrible in these situations. It’s also an easy way to exchange goods and services, and thankfully everything went as well as we had all hoped.

There is another side to the “Gun Death” files. On one side we have the grim reality that nobody NEEDS a gun to end your life. A knife or a club is all they need, sometimes even just hands and feet. Meanwhile a gun might be the best way for you to survive an encounter with one of these monsters. This story could have been a much happier one if the unknowing man had his gun with him, and when things started looking scary he could have possibly turned the tide, likely without shots fired. But given that THAT outcome could have ended with a “Gun Death” the antis would hate that.

They have NEVER been concerned with public safety.


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An Anti-Gunner Goes to a Post 594 Gun Show

An Interesting Article from a anti-gun point of view. He’s obviously in love with gun control, and like many anti-gun media types wants to go “Undercover” to a gun show. First maybe Barron or somebody else from Washington can help explain the subtle nuance of this statement:

“Remember to dress Lewis County and not Seattle-USC,” my friend text messaged me beforehand. I think I blended in just fine, other than the fact I was one of only two people of color there.

First up the “one of only two people of color there” kinda bugs me. According to the latest census Washington is 81.2% White, and Lewis County is 92.96% white, so his observation was really just the general population of the area, but hey, let’s make a comment about race.

He didn’t say WHAT he wore to “blend in”, but maybe I’m letting his politics color my reaction, but it really read like he was “othering” the attendees of the show. So those of you in Washington, what’s that county like, and better yet, what are the views of that country from the denizens of the Puget sound?

For the full experience, I went through a free background check after eying a $300 Winchester shotgun. Bremerton-based Palmer Ordnance was there to run the background checks using the federal database. I filled out a private-party transfer information sheet and a federal Firearms Transaction Record known as Form 4473. There was only one guy ahead of me but he had such a common name, it was taking a while to find him in the system. If your name is John Smith and a felon shares your name and birth date, it could cause delay. Eventually, the man was told something like he would have to wait as long as three business days for the background check to be completed before he could purchase the gun. The buyer shook his head, canceled the deal and walked away.

So overall he seemed to do a pretty good job at talking about the show. No fixation on “Nazi Memorabilia” that most “undercover” “Progressives” seem to fixate on. Yeah you can buy a lot of Nazi shit at gun shows. The antis LOVE to focus on this making gun shows seem like Neo-Nazi fanatics, while they ignore the fact that you can generally buy military surplus stuff from ANY country there, including Japanese and Italian stuff, as well as vintage gear from all the allied powers stuff. I don’t have any Nazi-Marked gear myself, but I have LOADS of Red Army crap, as well as gear from the Communist Warsaw Pact areas.

Since you read this blog you can guess that I’m not much of a Communist Sympathizer. Honestly I got into Russian Surplus because it was cheap and available, and later started to REALLY enjoy the irony of a capitalist American collecting and investing in hardware from a Communist regime.

Still when it comes to the background check he shows something the antis NEVER tell you about. Background checks can be quick and easy, but they can also be a NIGHTMARE! He doesn’t seem to get the gravity of his observation. The man was getting a background check at a gunshow, which are generally 2-3 day events, and his delay might be as long as 3 days. He may have driven for a good distance to get there, and he may not even be approved before the show wraps up. Further the vendor or seller he was probably going to work with might have traveled even longer, or a distance away from his home making the sale not worth his time.

Given a DELAY (not a denial) he walked away from the transaction. This, and turning normal gun handling and sales into serious crimes is the whole point of I-594. Also this exposes a big lie of the antis. It only takes 60 seconds to complete a background check? First up, no it doesn’t. Second this guy had to wait in line behind somebody getting the run-around by the ATF, and likely he is already a legal gun owner, so yeah this takes time.

Also it’s nice that this check was provided free of charge, but that’s a rarity in itself. Most places charge for checks.

Then it was my turn. We had a slight problem. The vintage gun I was interested in purchasing did not have a serial number. Someone brought it over from the dealer’s table. No digits anywhere, but that didn’t stop the process.

Total ignorance. I have a few guns with no serial numbers. He didn’t seem to do any research that serial numbers weren’t required by law until 1968, so unless the gun was a really high-end unit, the company wanted a special quality control resource, or it was military hardware, many guns made before ’68 weren’t marked with a serial number. Why bother? Before then there were no firearms dealers. My pocket knife doesn’t have a serial number, nor does my snow shovel. It’s just one more number to keep track of that nobody cares about, so why waste the machining step?

There were certainly big dealers at the show, but most of the exhibitors appeared to be hobbyists and small-business owners. One seller from West Seattle did not need a license to set up a table. He was trying to help an elderly friend sell some of her late husband’s guns. It had taken two years for them to figure out the combination to his old safe. Inside, they found more than $4,000 worth of guns, including a vintage German Nazi pistol. If he could sell a few of those, he said, “it sure would help this widow get through a tough time.”

Thankfully background checks were being done for free there. If your intent of selling a gun is to get needed cash, you don’t want to waste any of it on paying somebody to call the ATF. Also note the fixation on the “Nazi Pistol”, I’m betting it’s a Luger or a Walther. No word if he also had some vintage American stuff, or Italian, or post-Nazi German stuff. Sounds like there was a bunch of guns there, but only the Nazi-Marked gun gets mentioned….

Another seller several rows over waved around a copy of the initiative as he tried to explain to a customer how taxes would be collected under the new law. He looked frustrated.

Was that you, Barron?

Some of the wording in the new law could be clarified. But from my experience, I just don’t view the concept of background checks as a huge burden. Of course, there are many others who adamantly disagree.

Yeah, like the dude who likely had a clean background but wasn’t allowed to buy the gun he wanted!

Back at the gun show in Centralia, I walked the Winchester back to the dealer, thanked him for letting me explore the screening process and pondered what had just happened. Technically, I was not supposed to handle the firearm at all until the background check was complete and the seller was notified, but the gun had no ammunition and I probably looked harmless. In any case, there was no way anyone there was going to enforce the rule.

So he spammed the NICS system. Is that even legal? I never even thought about it myself. Also notes that he OPENLY admitted to breaking the law, but it wasn’t enforced. He COULD be getting a court summons, but since he isn’t that’s “No big deal”!

My friend, who has been to these swap meets many times before, encouraged me to take one last look around. I saw law-abiding people, some of whom probably feel unfairly targeted by the provisions in I-594. They shouldn’t.

The new law will hopefully prevent sellers from inadvertently selling arms to people with bad intentions. And though some gun enthusiasts might be annoyed at the prospect of having to go through a background check and maybe waiting a few extra days to be cleared, state law does not prohibit responsible owners from purchasing weapons in Washington state.

Yep, we’re stupid for disliking this law even tho just in your few hours you saw somebody who probably won’t get the gun he wants, and can legally have, and you admit you violated the law just on this little stunt.

True Believer!

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Images of the Antis: “Corporate Gun Lobby”

This one is really rich!

This is a common trope of the anti-freedom zealots. The NRA doesn’t care about it’s members, all it cares about is the gun corporations. (Obviously bullshit, because things like “Universal Background Checks” only HELPS the gun corporations, and what do gun makers care if the magazine they’re making holds 10 or 30 rounds? Especially when many limited magazines cost as much as their full-size brothers) And because they want the gun companies to make money over all other things, they WANT to sell guns to “Lone Wolf Killers”.

Well except the big-news spree killers are bad for business. When there is fresh blood, there are anti-gunners dancing in it and calling for new laws. These laws often threaten the gun industry directly. The NRA needs to spend money to fight these bills and help get the word out to the base. Now generally gun sales go up, but it’s not because of the killer, but because of the antis talking about taking away. See also the gun rush coinciding with both of President Obama’s election victories. There was no killer, just a man in power who hates guns and gun owners.

And what about the killers? They aren’t avid gun collectors, or even have a particularly elaborate gun kit. In Sandy Hook, the guns were stolen. This is a trivial amount of money.

Really even if you wanted to attempt to extrapolate this image to some logical answer, is that by disarming the “Lone Wolves” you disarm countless “good guys”….which is really the whole point.

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“Gun Death” Axe Attack

Anti-rights professors say you can’t end the “Gun Free Zones” in schools because somebody might shoot them because they’re anti-freedom assholes. What about this?

A physics graduate student at the University of Coimbra in Portugal attacked a professor with an axe earlier this month after losing a grant.

Thank goodness he didn’t use a gun!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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