MASSIVE Podcast Update: The Assorted Calibers Podcast

Ok some of you might have already heard this, but the new podcast almost has its first episode.

The show name is The Assorted Calibers Podcast (Brilliantly Abbreviated as ACP).

As I type this I have the first episode all edited, cut, and balanced, and last night I watched some great videos on how to add the official show music to it exactly how I want to to be added.

There are a few more steps after this before we’re ready for our full launch, but things are going well.

In this first episode we will have Erin talking about Florida SB 7026, I will do an Audio Fisk of Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, Savage1R will talk about the Origins of Bitcoins, and Erin will interview me on my transition from anti-gunner to pro-gunner.

Of course we will keep you all posted going forward, and we thank you all who have been giving us support for both your kind words and encouragement, as well as you patience.

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Geeks Gadgets and Guns: Kinda Live

We did it live over facebook, but I don’t know how to link that, but you can see the full audio and video of the show here:

A bit more squirrely than most as it was just Matt and I, but I always love being on that show.

Also their channel needs subscribers, and they produce cool content so if you like this stuff, click that subscribe button on Youtube!

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Handgun Radio Live

Tonight we’re having Justin Opinion on to talk about his gun reviews.

Come and join us!

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Fudd Virtue Signaling

So Walmart and Dicks in the wake of the recent shooting in Florida have decided to discontinue the sale of Modern Sporting Rifles and make all firearms sales to 21+, same with LL Bean.

Well Beans has never sold anything as “Modern” as an AR-15 (designed in 1959, but I guess that’s “Modern”), and really they make their bones selling Woman’s Clothing, so ANY action to their gun department, even up to axing the whole thing, won’t make a dent in business.

Dick’s and Walmart are even sillier. Dick’s decided that modern guns were evil and wouldn’t sell them anymore after Sandy Hook, but I guess after all that sturm and drang, they quietly restocked the shelves with the guns Americans ACTUALLY want.

I’m not sure about Wal-Mart, but they too started stocking ARs, and then dumped them. I do know that when buying ammo Wal-Mart asks you if you are buying for a Pistol or a Rifle, and if that box of .22 is for a revolver, and not a carbine, suddenly you need to be 21. Either way this doesn’t change much, but I bet they feel GREAT about it.

And likely once the dust settles they’ll bring the guns back quietly, and pretend nothing happened.

I won’t know because I hate all of them, and have since long before any of that shit started. Circa 2000 I was in the Maine Mall doing other things, but I knew I would be going shooting in the next few days with a buddy who owned guns (I didn’t own a single gun at the time) and I thought I’d buy a few boxes of .45 at Dicks so I could get my 1911 on in a sand pit.

I went to the gun counter and found it deserted. I looked around a little bit, and waited, and waited….and finally I left. They didn’t want my business, So I didn’t give it to them. Wal-Mart is similar, generally you get to the gun counter and everything is locked up, and you need to wait for a sales associate who knows that selling guns isn’t the same as selling a folding camp chair, or even a Six-pack of cold beer, but he doesn’t know HOW it’s different, and he’ll make you regret buying that box of 9mm the WHOLE time.

LL Bean, I’ve been to their gun counter….and found it is NOT for me, no plinking ammo, no handguns, no modern rifles. No issue, just I’m not your base.

So yeah, good on them, they’re big fucking heroes.

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Play Me Out: Frogleap Studios

This cover rocks so hard. I can’t stop listening to it!

Rock Out!

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Another Interesting Local Story

New Hampshire Store owner will no longer serve Republicans:

DERRY — A store that fixes Apple products in Derry says it will not serve Republicans.

The Used Apple Store posted to its Facebook page on Monday that the company will refuse services to those affiliated with the Republican party.

While Derry is in Southern New Hampshire, it’s still a area that has quite a few Republicans. Honestly I could care less that he wants to do this. I’m not a Republican, but it’s a really stupid move, and somebody who is that stupid will likely do something stupid things, so I would withhold my business.

That being said there’s this:

If you affiliate with the Republican Party you are not welcome into our store. We will not offer you service. If you come in anyway, I suppose you could sneak in but we will probably know. In fact, we can point out a Republican just from the way you look in person or in a photo. Once I tried doing this and realized I could. We put to a test and told 30 random people that we were guessing Republican or not and all 30 I was correct. You have an uptight, closed energy, negative aura to you… almost evil, and to be honest, usually evil. You also lack a psychic gateway to technology.

That sounds like straight up psychosis, and a psychosis that is applying “Evil” to approximately half of this country. I try to avoid people who are having a psychotic episode, and certainly one that might confuse me with somebody who is “evil” and out to do him harm is not a recipe for safety.

So thanks for warning us, bucky….oh and Southern New Hampshire Democrats, beware because you never know when you might be mistaken for a Republican Pod Person trying to steal his precious bodily fluids. Stay away!

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Speaking of Police Dropping the Ball

Also added to the “Gun Death” Files, from Massachusetts:

In 2012, a former schoolmate said he reported **REDACTED** to Winchester school administrators as a possible “threat to student safety.” In September, **REDACTED** told police he was hearing voices in his head and thought about hurting himself, court records show.

On Saturday, authorities say the 23-year-old brought a 10-inch knife to his local library and slashed a young woman to death in a seemingly random attack.

He probably could have also bought a gun, even here in Massachusetts, but the cool thing is he didn’t NEED to, he just got a knife…..BTW a knife that is illegal to carry in Massachusetts!

So yeah, ban all the guns!

The antis might note that he only killed one woman and injured another man, but I will point out that Parkland was so rare that it has been NATIONAL news for weeks, meanwhile this story is big news here in Massachusetts, but small potatoes on the national scene, why, because some nut murdered somebody with a knife in your state too. Hell it’s only such a big story here because it was a random attack, if this had been a domestic assault, or a a “Drug deal gone bad” it wouldn’t even be news!

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They Call Charlie Baker “Tall Deval”

Deval Patrick was the previous governor of Massachusetts, he grew up in Chicago, he’s insanly liberal and corrupt, and was friends with Barack Obama, so much that the “Yes We Can” mantra synonymous with the Obama Campaign was actually a Deval Patrick campaign mantra.

I had some hopes when Charlie Baker, a Republican, was elected. The reality is, like Mitt Romney before him “Massachusetts Republican” is an entirely different term than “Republican”. He’s done nothing on Maura Healey’s openly illegal re-interpretation of the Massachusetts (and Federal, by proxy) Assault Weapons Ban, and he stood by as a rush order was put in to ban Bumpstocks.

Now in the wake of the shooting in Florida he’s again showing his ass.

Charlie Baker is joining a chorus of voices rejecting President Trump’s proposal to arm teachers in the wake of last week’s deadly Florida school massacre.

“With respect to teachers, I don’t think more guns is the answer, in classrooms, to this problem,”

It might not be, but interestingly enough several states have added provisions to allow teachers and staff to carry on campus, and many more states have simply removed restrictions on campus on how guns may be legally carried. There have been ZERO shootings in any of these schools. Now this isn’t conclusive data, as spree shootings in general are exceedingly rare, and spree shootings in schools are a subset of those, so while the number of spree shootings in campus carry, or armed teacher schools is Zero, the number of all other shootings is approximately zero, statistically speaking.

But we do have lots of data on spree killers seeking OUT gun free zones, and also them stopping, and often killing themselves the moment somebody starts shooting back….so maybe it isn’t an answer, but it sure seems like a better plan than what anybody else is proposing.

“I think we should be doing a better job with many of the things we do here in Massachusetts to ensure that people who purchase guns have to pursue a process to get licensed to do so. It’s far more refined and restricted than it is in many other places.

It’s also likely illegal, but we’re going to have to send that up to the Supreme Courts. Interestingly Baker has opposed any Voter ID law, as have the “Progressives” in Massachusetts, because it is “Oppression”, but meanwhile paying $100 and having to take classes, do an interview, and get fingerprinted and photographed so you can exercise your 2nd Amendment rights is A-OK here. Wrap your mind around that one!

Oh and speaking of the “Vetting Process” for Massachusetts licenses. There isn’t one. No town denies licenses for anything outside of what would be a denial in a shall-issue state. But they WILL blanket restrict EVERY permit in the whole town (unless you are politically connected, of course), or will simply behave as a may-issue system.

BTW we’re talking about vetting from the police, as in the same people who let the Parkland shooter roam free despite every warning sign in the book being brought to their direct attention. Oh and here in Massachusetts we have a state trooper on paid leave because she was an active drug dealer….both before and during her tenure on the force!

But trust the government, they won’t fuck it up THIS TIME!

And the other thing I would say is that there are a number of school districts in Massachusetts, including the one where my kids went to school, where you have resource officers who are police officers in many of your schools at various times during the day, sometimes the whole day. Police officers are one thing, but teachers should be teachers.”

Like in Parkland, they had an armed officer on campus, and he was outside, and he chose to stay in safety than take a chance to save some lives. Police are trained to engage active shooters because the simple act of fighting back often ends the spree right there.

I can call the officer’s actions “Cowardly” or I could say he was just following human nature. Certainly if I’m in a spree shooting situation, my plan is to get to safety. That being said, if the aggressor is between me and safety, I will engage them, and unlike this brave man, I have a gun. Wouldn’t it have been BETTER if the people rushing towards the attacker could actually DO something?

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Squirrel Report Update

So I’ll start by saying, as a person who’s been a regular contributor to several podcasts, and a guest on many more, I will say that interpersonal conflicts and creative differences happen at some level on every show.

Without getting into specifics the difficulties that cropped up within the Squirrel Report were no different than any other show with one exception, these issues were NOT resolving in off-air discussions.

That’s as specific as I’m going to get, please respect that, and I will delete any speculation or insinuation in the comments section in the unlikely event it should arise.

Because these conflicts were ongoing it was effecting how I felt about doing what was always my favorite show to do every week. It just so happened that my recent trip to Florida was a VERY well-needed week off for me and the Squirrel Report. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should do, and my personal resolution was that I was going to quit the show at the next major conflict.

My hopes were that MAYBE this time the issue would be resolved…but that was a naive hope and in reality I knew that I would not be on the Squirrel Report for 2019, and likely early 2018 would be my last show.

All that being said, I did not quit The Squirrel Report, I was asked to leave. So while I cannot say “We Parted Ways Mutually”, in reality my departing the show was the closest thing to that.

Now that I’ve had some time to contemplate things, while I’m saddened and disappointed it has come to this, I’m actually very pleased with this outcome. Besides my very naive hopes that issues would simply resolve and the wheels of creation would simply move freely and joyfully as they had in the past, the only other scenario is the show coming to a close much the same way the Vicious Circle did.

I’m glad for what happened, as this show is bigger than me. The show, for me, has always been about the fans. So if you were a listener to The Squirrel Report, DO NOT STOP! I was not on every week, and those weeks when I was unavailable to record, I listened to the show like everybody else, and take it from me, the show is good!

So keep listening, and keep enjoying, that’s what podcasting is about!

As for me, well it does make 2018 a rough year in Podcasts for me, with Gunblog Variety Cast shuttering its doors on December 31st, and now this. But as I said before, I’m working on a new show, and we’re making great progress, I should have some new news to give you all hopefully within a month (right now I’m dealing with some very frustrating hardware issues, but they could resolve themselves at any moment), so stay tuned here for updates on the new Weer’d Beard Produced show.

I owe a lot to the cast of the Squirrel Report. Jay really helped grow by blog and my public persona. Breda was the driving force to me creating this Blog, as well as giving me my first guest-spot on a podcast on her first show. Alan created the aforementioned Vicious Circle, which was my first regular gig, and the cause of my podcast addiction.

The Squirrel Report was the first show where I was a creator, and because of that it was indeed the most fun I had every week….but the fun had ended, so while sad, this is truly the best outcome.

So continue to listen and enjoy, and you will soon hear more from my new show.

Goodnight Internet.

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Handgun Radio Live

We’re going live in just a bit

Training to do when the weather sucks.

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