“Gun Death” Mass Murder

Didn’t make the national news, I wonder why?

The man police say killed a family of five will go on trial for the crime.

…Court records indicate that Rust and her four children were choked to death. A police affidavit released indicated that **REDACTED** cousin found Rust’s body at the Elizabeth Place Apartments at 1955 S. Shepard Ave., and police soon found the bodies of her four children.

It was national news for a week when one 9-year-old girl lost control of a sub-gun and killed her instructor, but I hadn’t heard of this story until I read the email. FIVE people murdered and it’s a LOCAL story????

Good LORD the media has “Gun Death” on the mind as much as the anti-right cult. Of course the two of them are one and the same.

H/T Jennifer

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For Scotland

Looks like you guys picked to forever be the welfare state of England.

Good for you! For you, a Swede messing with you!

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Squirrel Burger In Paradise!

I hate Jimmy Buffet, but I couldn’t resist!

Tonight on the Squirrel Report we talk about Cheeseburgers! How do you make ‘em?

Also there will be politics. The “Progressive” view of the Constitution, Ebola, Should Scotland Be free? Plus more! Sit down, and enjoy a nice tall glass of Squirrel Tonight, and maybe even let your fingers do the walking so you can be part of the show.

Call in 214-530-0036 at 9pm EST for THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!!

(A Squirrel Eating a Grilled Cheese Sandwich I saw…how can you NOT take a picture of that???)

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Which Side Wants Military Weapons in Schools?

Note not “Military Style” but MILITARY WEAPONS!

Los Angeles schools’ police said on Tuesday it would give up three grenade launchers it acquired for free through a federal program now facing mounting scrutiny for supplying local agencies with military-grade equipment, the L.A Times newspaper reported.

…The Los Angeles School Police Department, which serves the nation’s second-largest school system, would keep 61 rifles and an armored vehicle built to withstand roadside bombs, the newspaper said.

…A police sergeant who declined to be named confirmed the department had the equipment and said it is needed “for the safety of staff, students, and personnel” but could not confirm what if anything the department was relinquishing.

The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, and the grenade launchers, would only have been used in “very specific circumstances,” he added, without elaborating.

Note this is not LA PD proper, but the LA SCHOOL Police! I’m willing to look the other way on the rifles, as they are likely M4s, possibly with the auto-sear disabled. I don’t LIKE it, but I’m fine with every beat officer, no matter the beat, having access to a rifle. The REAL difference between these M4s and a standard AR-15 is really simply if the department paid for it.

Of course the department would pay for it with public funds, and if these rifles actually work (which nobody is claiming they don’t) they still have value, and were paid for with public funds, so the “Savings” is little more than a shell game. So ALL AMERICANS, rather than the tax payers of LA are paying for these guns. I almost like that LESS. I understand the logistics, I don’t like the implementation. Hell the US Government could torch-cut the guns and sell them as “Parts Kits” which could be easily converted to civilian-legal AR-15s by pinning a muzzle device to the threads making it 16+” and replacing anything damaged by the torch, and this would RECOUP federal money by exchanging the surplus goods for private money.

Then there’s the MRAP and the grenade launchers. No info on what they are, but given they are mil-surp stuff they’re probably M203 or similar 40mm launchers. I guess you could launch tear gas and baton rounds through them, still why would the School system be in charge of something like a riot?

In the end it is people getting “Cool shit” for free. Still you put a hammer in your tool box, the world starts looking like a nail.

Also with the exception of the MRAP (which I think any old civilian could buy, order, or build…correct me if I’m wrong) the other stuff is NFA items, and the M4s are post-84 Non-transferable Machine Guns. AKA illegal for you or I to own.

Why do the cops get these cool guns for free when we’d need to play paperwork games and pay $200 or simply be denied access to the MGs? Easy because GUN CONTROL groups ALWAYS exempt police from their fun gun control bills.

So really we have anti-gun groups giving SCHOOL Police machine guns, grenade launchers, and MRAPs. Hey, but they’ll blame the NRA the next time the LA Police pull a Chris Dorner on somebody.


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Will They Survive?

So we talked about the new Brady BS Lawsuit here, I think we all agree it is a weak lawsuit at best.

But then comes this from Dave Hardy, who unlike me, is a lawyer, and a good one at that!

I cannot figure this one out. First, the tort law is pretty clear that (with very narrow exceptions) a person does not have a duty to prevent someone else from committing a crime that harms someone else. Second, how can an ammunition dealer, of all people, be expected to know that a buyer whom he has never met plans on using the ammo in a crime? In other words, even if there was a legal duty, where is the negligence? Third, unless the killer bought all his ammo from that one dealer, how can the dealer be shown to have any involvement?

And to top it off… the murders were committed on July 20, 2012. From what I can see, Colorado has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury. So the statute ran nearly two months ago. Oops. Now, Brady could contend that it’s suing for a minor, and the statute of limitations doesn’t begin to run until a minor’s 18th birthday. BUT the minor died, and the article says the suit is actually brought on behalf of her parents (wrongful death statutes differ somewhat in this respect, in some the suit is brought on behalf of the decedent’s estate, in some it’s brought by the survivors in their own right).

So it looks like it probably is simply going to be dismissed because the Brady Lawyers aren’t following the law, and while it is a very weak case, it’s a case that is past the statute of limitations!

From Sebastian:

If I were them, I’d be looking into what sanctions are available in Colorado against plaintiffs who file frivolous lawsuits with an aim to punch back twice as hard.

I believe the best strategy to discourage the Brady Center from continuing to harass and harangue people out of exercising their constitutional rights is to make sure they pay for this to the fullest extent available under the law. I believe in the past, our side was generally reluctant to play dirty with the Bradys, for fear of the negative PR associated with the big, bad gun industry attacking poor little gun control advocates.

Well first with groups like the NRA gaining members hand-over-fist, while it is a HUGE group, it looks a LOT smaller (in the political sense) from the inside than from the outside. Also Michael Bloomberg has done a lion’s share of work unintentionally making the gun control movement synonymous with wealthy political insiders running top-down groups. So really if Lucky Gunner takes the Brady Campaign to the cleaners in a counter-suit it will really look more like young entrepreneurs sticking it to entrenched Washington Lobbyists on the national stage.

But here’s my bigger question. Will the Brady Campaign survive this? From all accounts whatever the Brady Campaign has spent on filing this suit, as well as promoting it’s existence will be for nothing, and then comes the risk of a VERY good counter-suit, given that ANY lawyer should have known what the statute of limitations were, and should know the previous tort law precedence that this is going against.

Now this is all happening to what has become the bygone face of gun control. When I was anti-gun the Brady Campaign was the big hero fighting against the NRA. When I switched sides to the pro-gun side the Brady Campaign was the biggest threat to American Freedom. When I started this blog most anti-gun work was split between the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation.

But as the tide has turned on the gun rights movement, Micheal Bloomberg has been gaining more popularity in the ever shrinking pool of anti-Second-Amendment activists. But the base is getting REALLY small, and of that base, there aren’t THAT many who are wealthy. Lots of the voluntary supporters of Gun Control are ultra-“Progressives” who share a lot in common with the Occupy Wall Street rabble. People with worthless degrees and pie-in-the-sky Socialist dreams.

The donations to the Brady Campaign have to be little more than a trickle, and this case is going to cost them BIG!

I really think there may be a big chance that this case will break the Brady Bank.

What do you think?

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“Gun Death” Frat Party

This is an interesting one:

The parents of a 19-year-old college student who died after a night of heavy drinking at a fraternity party are suing the Greek organisation, as well as the bar where their teenage daughter was allegedly served drink after drink.

…She was said to have consumed between 10 to 17 vodka drinks within two hours, despite being underage and visibly drunk.

Her heart stopped the next morning, and she died from arrhythmia, according to the autopsy report.

Though the autopsy says she died of natural causes, the family’s attorney seeks to prove that alcohol was to blame for her sudden passing.

The family is filing the lawsuit a mere two days before the statute expires.

On one hand serving a person drink-after-drink when they’re wasted is asking for trouble. On the other, hand this type of stuff happens damn near EVERY weekend without such horrible end-results. The conflicting death reports don’t help things either.

Either way, no guns, no “Gun Death”, so let’s not worry about it!

H/T Bob

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Moar Music: Stevie!!!


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Play Me Out: Eddie Murphy

Too Much Fun!

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“Gun Death” Saving the Courts Money

I’m having a hard time being upset by this one:

He couldn’t face jail time — and there was no stopping him from taking the easy way out.

That’s what friends are saying about 25-year-old Willie Hills, who killed himself with a stab through the heart last Thursday as cops came to his apartment to serve a warrant on charges that he raped and impregnated an 11-year-old girl.

The Daytona Beach suspect locked himself in the bathroom with a 10-inch butcher knife that afternoon as a detective knocked on his door, the News-Journal reported. Another person who was in the building let the detective in, and the cop found Hills slumped over in the bathroom with a stab wound in his chest.

I guess we can take his suicide as a Guilty plea.

The rape and the suicide, both not “Gun Death”, so they don’t count.

H/T Bob

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Brady doing What They Do Best

Lying and burning money!

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed a lawsuit Tuesday against online retailers accused of supplying the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooter with ammunition, body armor and tear gas used to carry out the massacre.

…The lawsuit alleges that several websites, including BulkAmmo.com, failed to screen accused killer James Holmes to determine his identity or what he planned to do with the products. Twelve people were killed and another 58 were injured.

Well except the shooter DIDN’T have tear gas or body armor…hey but the Media reported it in the “Fog of War” before the facts were known, so it should be TREATED as true, even if it wasn’t.

Also I got to love the pie-in-the-sky claim that the ammo dealer didn’t verify who he was and what he was going to do with the ammo. I assume he paid with a personal credit card, and even if the dealer had an FFL I don’t think you can run a NICS check on just an ammo sale. Further, even if they DID, he had a clean background!

Last “what he panned to do with the products”. Well he bought some smoke grenades, a load-baearing vest, and some ammo. What’s to stop him, or anybody else to say “the smoke is for my boat, or for a party, the vest is for carrying stuff, and the ammo was a good deal, so I thought I’d stock up!”

Really the ammo is the only thing particularly relevant, and I’ve certainly bought over a thousand rounds of ammo online. Why? Because it was a good deal and I thought I’d stock up, and because it was a good deal because it was sold in bulk!

I look forward to seeing this get tossed for being stupid and watching the Brady Bunch pay the legal fees.

How much longer do you think this group is going to stay afloat?


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