About Weer’d Beard

I’m a former field Marine Biologist who has given up his offshore pirate lifestyle for a lab coat to work in the pharmaceutical industry. And now I’m a Dad doing part-time science, and full-time fathering.

I’m a firearms owner behind enemy lines in Massachusetts.

I am also running a project on documenting the futility of the term “Gun Death”. My goal is any time somebody looking to abridge our freedoms uses that metric I’d love for people to send them the link to the “Gun Death?” Archive. I try to get a new post up every day.

And for some odd reason I like to blog!

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment, I love discussion.

I can be reached at weerdbeard {at} gmail {dot} com

8 Responses to About Weer’d Beard

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  2. Scott Bloom says:

    Thanks for standing up and trying to get people to think. I feel things will swing back in our favor and alot of these gun laws will go bye bye.

  3. EddieCoyle says:

    Where have you been? Get your ass back to NES. I’ve got an arsenal you need to try.

  4. Chris McBride says:

    No Gun, no Death. Does this fit in the “Gun Death?” category?


  5. Alan Rognlie says:

    saw this video and thought of you…


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  7. Publius says:

    Lindsey Stirling randomly showed up on my Pandora & I remembered being introduced to her violin work from this blog! Of course I gave her song a thumbs-up! Awesome!!! Thanks, Weerd!

  8. Baird Tarr says:

    Crept across you over on armedwithreason. Are you familiar with mikethegunguy? He professes to be the third voice in the gun debate. He wrote an article on his blog in which he calls Colion Noir the NRA’s ‘House Black man’. Not so thinly veiled racist remark whre I come from. He later posted that same article to HUFFPO where he changed the wording to ‘NRA’s African American Spokesperson’. So far nobody seems to have called him out on it. I tried on Huffpo and they censored my posts.

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