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Play Me Out: Mad Caddies

Some punk for those interested. Haven’t done any music for a while. Enjoy!

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Feminist Squirrels

Tonight on the Squirrel Report we’re going to talk about a few recent feminist acts to hit the internet. Gamer Gate, and the cussing princesses! Also it seems that Alan has an 8mm Kidney stone. Call in to the show, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Old Fasioned Serial Killer

One thing I was thinking about recently is that the sensational killers of today are spree killers, rather than the serial killers sensationalized by the media in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I was wondering if the same nuts who … Continue reading

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Even Barry admits it: **UPDATE** Seems the video auto-plays, so I’m putting in a fold to keep that from happening. Click to see the rest of the post:

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“Gun Death” UK Road Rage

Where guns are banned, the Limeys kill with Lorries! **REDACTED**, 47, from Oldham, deliberately drove over the head of grandfather Trevor Allen, 56, from Salford, in a road rage attack. …**REDACTED** made no reaction when he was found guilty. He … Continue reading

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Professions that NEED Guns

This is something I talk about frequently. There are some jobs where a carried firearm should the strongest consideration. Of course we have cops and soldiers, duh, but what I’m talking about is jobs where performing your daily duties could … Continue reading

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Images Of the Antis: Ebola

I’ve seen a few images from Anti-Gun Zealots in particular, and “Progressives” in general: OK they’re right, we have only had one death from Ebola currently. Sadly I highly doubt it will stand at one. I also highly doubt it … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Gun Free Zone

Those who talk “Gun Death” imply that banning guns makes us safer: Four people, two of them juveniles, have been arrested in the robbery and beating death last week of a Chinese graduate student near his off-campus apartment, Los Angeles … Continue reading

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The Drinking Age

Some great points here. First up, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. Either you are an adult under the law. Now the age of majority is a variation of the Numbers Game, but honestly unlike magazine capacity or … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Gasoline

Think of this in terms of gun control: Jefferson County sheriff’s officials say a man accused of dousing his ex-girlfriend in gasoline and lighting her on fire has been arrested. …Authorities have said the woman suffered burns to her head, … Continue reading

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