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“Gun Death” Cell Tower

We Should ban cell towers! A man working on a Harrison County cell phone tower was killed Wednesday afternoon after a cable broke, decapitating him and leaving his body suspended from the tower on Waits Road. IF IT SAVES JUST … Continue reading

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More Anti-Gun Tilting at Windmills

Not a bad article, but it’s interesting to see how the anti-gun side spins it: “Stop. Drop your weapon. Don’t shoot.” Kasey Hansen yelled as she pointed her loaded handgun at a target’s chest at a shooting range outside Salt … Continue reading

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More Drunk Teachers

This is more common than many think: An Arizona school teacher showed up to class drunk and continued drinking throughout the day, authorities said Thursday. …The math teacher had a blood alcohol concentration level of .205, two-and-a-half times the legal … Continue reading

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Some Baby Stuff

So there have been some people looking for more baby pictures. I got ONE picture from our vacation. The wife has the rest on her phone. My baby learned to drive in Vermont. It was easy, my Ford is an … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Garbage Truck

This is a sad one: A doting dog owner, desperate to save her beloved Boston terrier, was crushed beneath a 20-ton garbage truck Wednesday after shoving her canine companion to safety. … As Haeflinger and Violet walked through Chelsea around … Continue reading

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An Interesting Shooting

Via Miguel. Here’s the video of the shooting: Thug gets the guy behind the hotel desk to open the cash drawer, then pulls a gun on him and demands money. While the employee is fumbling with the cash the gun … Continue reading

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I Agree!

I got a chuckle out of this one: Yeah, those H&K Politically-neutered rifles suck, and are REALLY expensive! Don’t carry them! Oh wait they’re against open carry. Well for however you feel about it, point out where an open carrier … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Morning Buzz

I’m actually surprised you don’t see more of these: A caffeine overdose has been ruled the cause of an Ohio prom king’s sudden death before graduation in May. The Lorain County Coroner reports Logan Stiner of LaGrange, Ohio, had toxic … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Bull

Nobody died, and thankfully no serious injury, but you’ll see why I picked this story: A 74-year-old man working at a Littleton stockyard was gored by a bull on Sunday, officials said. Ronald Pollock was taken to Emerson Hospital in … Continue reading

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Krauts Vs. Limeys

Now this is a neat video. I couldn’t help but get REALLY g33ky watching this. Seeing that Ian got beat cleanly in the pistol stages I am assuming that Carl is the better shooter overall. The Hi-Power is a better … Continue reading

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