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So What Did You Think?

So by now you know that Episode 32 of the Gunblog Variety Church Cast was our April Fool’s joke. Did you like it? Did you stick around after the closing music to hear the blooper reel? Would you like to … Continue reading

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Up Up and Away

This weather is for the birds! Me and the family are heading to Florida. I’ll be checking in, but don’t expect much but the “Gun Death?” Stories.

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“Gun Death” Assault

Just simple and brutal: A teen who admitted that he killed an 18-year-old woman near a central Ohio high school last year has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. …The now 18-year-old was sentenced on Tuesday in … Continue reading

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Anti-Rights Logical Disconnect

It really boils down to how the mind works. I’m a logical person, but I’m not an android. I’ve felt anxious when all was going well. I’ve felt like everybody was staring at that zit on my forehead, when likely … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” More Child Abuse

When you’re hurting Children, you don’t need a gun: The 18-year-old Cleveland man accused of killing his 2-month-old daughter last week has been taken into custody, according to court records. …A judge signed off on the warrant Friday, after police … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Don’t Mess With a Man’s Daughter

Not a sad one: n Indian father has told MailOnline how he tortured and murdered his 14-year-old daughter’s rapist – who also got her pregnant in a sickening attack. The 36-year-old father lured the suspected rapist to his Delhi home … Continue reading

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Pseudo Logic

What Penny fails to note, and likely doesn’t like to think about, was that the Aurora shooter INTENTIONALLY chose the theater with the policy most Amenable to the gun banners. As a matter of fact almost all mass shooters do. … Continue reading

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Great Cocktail Video

Damn Now I want to find all those things for my bar and mix this drink! This is how I make many of my unique drinks….I guess they are 100% unique in the sense told by this video..

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New Podcast Project! SEND US OUR MONEY!

Let’s face it, Podcasts don’t make us money, it COSTS us money! So we’re changing what was once the “Gunblog Variety Cast” to something a little new! We’re done with the guns, instead we’re going to try our hand at … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Fishing Boat

A big one too: Fears were rising today for the crew of a South Korean trawler which sank in the Bering Sea, off the east coast of Russia. More than 50 men were reported missing in appalling conditions with high … Continue reading

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