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“Gun Death” More Family Violence

This one is just disgusting: A six-month old baby died and his mother was in critical condition after a family member stabbed them both on Thursday in a Sacramento suburb, police said. This is just a really strange case. It … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis and Quote of the Day

First the quote from Braden Lynch: If the gun control advocates took no more action and disavowed themselves from all of the rhetoric about confiscation for 50 years, would they get closer to their goal? I worry that people would … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Building Materials

Not a “Gun Death”: Police say a Rhode Island dealership owner who was struck with a two-by-four in a fight over a junk-car deal that went wrong has died. So not only do we have a common implement for life … Continue reading

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Sexual Squirrel

So tonight we’ll be talking about SHIRTGATE!!!! Yep, humans landed a robot on a comet after a 10 year mission, and even when the lander totally fucked up, they still had a mission success! Still once the dust cleared from … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Well a Gun Death

This one almost doesn’t qualify for the “Gun Death?” Files. Not all of these stories involve a dead body, but generally gunplay is NOT part of the story. In this story a man was shot by police. But WHY he … Continue reading

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What Am I Missing Here

Maybe somebody can help me out with this story: So SIG came up with an arm brace for AR-15 pistols. The statement that the arm brace could be used as a shoulder stock was talked about, but it turns out … Continue reading

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About That Curved Gun

So everybody is talking about the New Taurus Curve So I’ll first start with my first, and most optimistic opinion. The gun kinda looks like a hip flask. I have a few flasks in my liquor cabinet, and have even … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: More Blackface

Many of these images are straw men so unrealistic they harken to the propaganda posters of the KKK in the Jim Crow South: First of course the crazed, overweight white gun owner carrying more guns than he could ever possibly … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Workplace Violence

Some twists and turns in this story! According to Houston police,**REDACTED** was confronted about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday by his supervisor and another employee who claimed **REDACTED** had disrespected him in front of customers at their workplace. …According to police, when … Continue reading

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A Joan Peterson Rebuttal

So Joan has an amusing post where she talks about the “Old NRA”: In years past the main purpose of the National Rifle Association was to provide gun safety and marksmanship for members. The organization supported “gun control” measures as … Continue reading

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