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Images Of the Antis: Ebola

I’ve seen a few images from Anti-Gun Zealots in particular, and “Progressives” in general: OK they’re right, we have only had one death from Ebola currently. Sadly I highly doubt it will stand at one. I also highly doubt it … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” These DO “Just Go Off”

Man mauled to death by dogs: A Michigan man was fatally mauled by two dogs as he jogged along a rural road on Wednesday evening. Craig Sytsma, 46, of Livonia was attacked by the cane corsos in Metamora Township, about … Continue reading

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The Squirrels Talk Science and Psudo-Science

This is going to be a great show tonight! A Primer on what we’ll be talking about is here. I’m a scientist, and even before I had a degree or got my first paycheck for research I was a scientist. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Deer Strikes

Fun little fact: What’s the Most dangerous animal in Africa? You’re thinking Lions, Elephants, Hippos, Cape Buffalo? Nope the Tsetse fly! because of the diseases they carry that are frequently fatal! Now how about North America? Grey Wolf (nope, no … Continue reading

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Quick Shots

Got a few random links I thought I’d share. First is from Uncle Jesse, and it made me smile: America is slowly—but surely—becoming a nation of tea drinkers As a tea drinker this made me really happy! The U.S. market … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” James Brady

Ok this story REEKS of Political Grandstanding A Virginia medical examiner has ruled the death of former White House press secretary James Brady a homicide resulting from the 1981 assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan, a Washington police spokesman said … Continue reading

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Some Good Old Gross Biology!

Mdev Sent me this this story. It’s all about masturbation in the animal kingdom. It covers everything from Birds to Mammals and their ways to auto-erotically stimulate themselves. Still what got good old Mdev to think of me, was the … Continue reading

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Scatology in SPACE!

Neat video! Of course on Earth we do similar stuff, just we have this big environment to process the waste in very mundane ways.

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I’m Going To See if We Can Get These For the Lab!

Clear Mice! The research team demonstrated a simple method for creating opaque organs, bodies, and human tissue without disrupting the cellular structure. The study was published in the July 31 edition of Cell Press. The finding could lead to a … Continue reading

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Good Momma Under the Sea

Now this is kinda neat! Scientists have observed a deep-sea octopus that brood its eggs for four and one half years-longer than any other known animal. According to the researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), the female … Continue reading

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