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Where Were These Guys 10 Years Ago!

Now that I’m Married, have a baby, and no longer go to sea this has very little appeal to me: The MNG Resolution may not immediately catch the eye but it is one of many floating arsenals, moored in the … Continue reading

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More on the Fabrication of “Global Warming”

A great blog post with an ORGY of data: USHCN has 1,218 stations in their database. Prior to 1990, they typically recorded temperatures at about 97% of these stations. But for some reason, USHCN has been reporting monthly temperatures at … Continue reading

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Organic Free-Range Deer

Now this is a very interesting story: A decades-long national decline in the number of hunters has prompted states to tap into a new group of hunters – people who demand locally produced food, but don’t know the first thing … Continue reading

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A Part of Me is Sad to See This Go

It was pretty silly: WESTMINSTER, Mass. (AP) – A proposal that would have made the town the first in the nation to ban all tobacco sales has gone up in smoke. Westminster’s board of health voted 2-1 to drop the … Continue reading

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The Democrats Again Lie on the Obamacare Numbers

Obamacare is such a disaster: The bill was rammed through with the promise that more people would have health insurance (and that was a “Right”…well health care IS a right, it’s not like prisoners on death row don’t have access … Continue reading

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Climate is not Weather

Hank is part of the “Climate Change Cult”, every time he talks about climate he takes on fatalistic and grim tone. Now this video: Yeah that cold summer we had was the “Hottest Ever”, according to NASA…who is on record … Continue reading

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Mind Blown!

So Via Endo I found this out! So there’s this guilty Youtube pleasure of mine is Demolition Ranch. It’s essentially Jackass with guns, and a bit smarter. Still Via ENDO, I found out that Matt is a Veterinarian when he … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Fun Fact

A good song, but an even better lesson! Now I’m a Marine Biologist who lives in the North East, so I don’t know SHIT about Cactus. Turns out they DO only live within the confines of the Sonoran Desert, which … Continue reading

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How Do You Dress?

So after our discussion of testicular asymmetry and handedness on the Squirrel Report I found this interesting scientific paper (PDF) So in short is appears that most men “Dress Left” when it comes to testicular and penile asymmetry, but that … Continue reading

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Feminist Squirrels

Tonight on the Squirrel Report we’re going to talk about a few recent feminist acts to hit the internet. Gamer Gate, and the cussing princesses! Also it seems that Alan has an 8mm Kidney stone. Call in to the show, … Continue reading

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