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Killer Sponges

Man, I remember studying sea sponges in invertebrate biology. They were boring as hell! They’re super-simple colonial animals that are little more than single-cell animals that form complex structures. Under a microscope they look like a pile of dirty fiberglass! … Continue reading

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The Sea Serpent

From C-90 a sighting of the rare oarfish! That’s not a small one, but they do get bigger! They are relatively rare fish to see because they live far offshore and spend a good deal of time in very deep … Continue reading

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Pat Pats!

Love this! It is NOT ok to NOT pat a dog EVER!!!!

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The Plot Thickens

Remember that EPA hack who got paid vacations because his boss took him at his word that he was a CIA spook? Well it turns out while he had little qualifications he’s part of the regulations that are making life … Continue reading

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Yet another Zero Tolerance Stupidity

Wow this one blows my friggin mind! Kamryn decided to have a big makeover — shaving off all of her hair in solidarity with a friend who was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer. “I was really excited I would have … Continue reading

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New Alternative to Animal Testing

Overall I see this as a good thing. As some countries and companies roll out new rules to limit animal testing in pharmaceutical products designed for people, scientists are stepping in with a new way to test therapeutic drug candidates … Continue reading

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Traveling at the Speed of Smell!!

Ok this is a really cool article! Scientists in Florida studying the way lobsters sniff around for food on the sea floor say they have found a clue to developing technology that could help soldiers detect landmines and hidden explosives … Continue reading

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Cool Way To Rid Your Yard of an Ant Problem

Fill the colony with molten aluminum! ) Came out really neat looking! I generally don’t respond to these non-traditional art projects, but damn, if I don’t think that finished product doesn’t make a neat little sculpture! Further not only is … Continue reading

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More Snow

Seriously! Its snowing right now. And not what we usually get in March, which hides in the shadows, sticks to tress and grass, but otherwise melts. Its piling up. Its piling up on top of other piles of snow. I … Continue reading

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That Stupid Name Game

I hate this trend in society! A party chooses a name for themselves, that name becomes part of the lexicon and associated with negative aspects, and then they simply change their name again…and again and again. One name that we’re … Continue reading

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