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Mind Blown!

So Via Endo I found this out! So there’s this guilty Youtube pleasure of mine is Demolition Ranch. It’s essentially Jackass with guns, and a bit smarter. Still Via ENDO, I found out that Matt is a Veterinarian when he … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Fun Fact

A good song, but an even better lesson! Now I’m a Marine Biologist who lives in the North East, so I don’t know SHIT about Cactus. Turns out they DO only live within the confines of the Sonoran Desert, which … Continue reading

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How Do You Dress?

So after our discussion of testicular asymmetry and handedness on the Squirrel Report I found this interesting scientific paper (PDF) So in short is appears that most men “Dress Left” when it comes to testicular and penile asymmetry, but that … Continue reading

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Feminist Squirrels

Tonight on the Squirrel Report we’re going to talk about a few recent feminist acts to hit the internet. Gamer Gate, and the cussing princesses! Also it seems that Alan has an 8mm Kidney stone. Call in to the show, … Continue reading

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Images Of the Antis: Ebola

I’ve seen a few images from Anti-Gun Zealots in particular, and “Progressives” in general: OK they’re right, we have only had one death from Ebola currently. Sadly I highly doubt it will stand at one. I also highly doubt it … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” These DO “Just Go Off”

Man mauled to death by dogs: A Michigan man was fatally mauled by two dogs as he jogged along a rural road on Wednesday evening. Craig Sytsma, 46, of Livonia was attacked by the cane corsos in Metamora Township, about … Continue reading

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The Squirrels Talk Science and Psudo-Science

This is going to be a great show tonight! A Primer on what we’ll be talking about is here. I’m a scientist, and even before I had a degree or got my first paycheck for research I was a scientist. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Deer Strikes

Fun little fact: What’s the Most dangerous animal in Africa? You’re thinking Lions, Elephants, Hippos, Cape Buffalo? Nope the Tsetse fly! because of the diseases they carry that are frequently fatal! Now how about North America? Grey Wolf (nope, no … Continue reading

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Quick Shots

Got a few random links I thought I’d share. First is from Uncle Jesse, and it made me smile: America is slowly—but surely—becoming a nation of tea drinkers As a tea drinker this made me really happy! The U.S. market … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” James Brady

Ok this story REEKS of Political Grandstanding A Virginia medical examiner has ruled the death of former White House press secretary James Brady a homicide resulting from the 1981 assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan, a Washington police spokesman said … Continue reading

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