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Don’t Ban it, FIX IT!

Another messed up execution from the Rube-Goldberg machine: A convicted murderer in Arizona gasped and snorted for more than 90 minutes after a lethal injection Wednesday, his attorneys and witnesses said, dying in a botched execution that prompted the governor … Continue reading

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Well That is Saddly Ironic

Beatles vs. Beetles: In a case of unbelievable coincidence, a pine tree planted in memory of the late Beatle George Harrison was killed by a beetle infestation. The tree, planted in a Los Angeles park, was overrun with bark beetles, … Continue reading

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Therapy Ducks

Of all the therapy animals, this is one I can get behind: An Army veteran who hurt his back during the Iraq War is worried a citation will result in him losing his 14 pet ducks, which he says are … Continue reading

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No, Dear Friends, This Wasn’t Me

Sent by friends who know me well: A West Seattle house was set on fire by a man trying to kill a spider with a makeshift blow torch. …Firefighters say the man who rented the house was trying to kill … Continue reading

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Facebook Being Evil

They pull down pictures of a young girl lawfully hunting in Africa, but leave up the posts where people demand her death! Facebook has allowed the “Kill Kendall Jones” community page to stay, despite deleting several of the Texas teen’s … Continue reading

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Skunkape is REAL!

Notice she didn’t talk about Skunkape because unlike that other crap, skunkape is REAL!

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Let’s Talk Pee!

Interesting Video: Now I have some issues with this conclusion. Finding bacterial DNA in urine doesn’t mean it isn’t sterile, as the toxic environment inside the bladder may KILL the bacteria, but still leave the DNA for detection. Also given … Continue reading

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Neat Catch!

Not what he was fishing for, and not going to make him the money he was looking for, but cool none the less! Photos of the gruesome-looking goblin shark a fisherman accidentally caught last month drew attention as scientists caught … Continue reading

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Some Court Cases

The Bubblehead Less News Network sent me a glut of court cases. Let’s talk about them! First up some Environmental Law: The Supreme Court largely left intact Monday the Obama administration’s only existing program to limit power plant and factory … Continue reading

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I Wonder About This

A few years ago I had an air conditioner that pooped out on me. I replaced the unit, and went down to city hall and bought a disposal tag. I stuck the tag to my dead AC and put it … Continue reading

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