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So your fingers prune when wet is an ACTIVE biological response, NOT a passive effect! Really interesting!

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Bug-A-Salt 2.0

So if you haven’t, read my review if the Bug-A-Salt, go check it out. My overall findings were that the Bug-a-Salt is VERY lethal on insects like flies and ants when shot at or inside an approximate 3′ range, but … Continue reading

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From the Farm Dad Files

So yeah, Now I have two bizarre bits of blogfodder, so now I really need to get off my ass…. First is obvious…and awesome! Second is what I might call “Alcohol Abuse” Road crews spent hours cutting a delivery truck … Continue reading

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Let’s Get a Science Lesson From an Idiot

John Kerry is a dumb man, hell his grades at Yale were WORSE than George W Bush! (What people fail to mention is that Bush was also abusing drugs and alcohol at this time at a very destructive level!) But … Continue reading

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Interesting Story On Myths

Via Mrs. Weer’d a story on the Vaccine Myth…but frankly I think it works on gun control. Go read the whole thing. I was talking with an anti on another blog, and he asked me “If Gun control is so … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Disease

The antis are dumb, and they are dishonest: So first up we have a bad faith argument. Up until our recent kowtowing to anti-vaccine cultists, and “Progressive” views to illegal aliens and their children, Measles essentially didn’t exist in the … Continue reading

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A Potential Cure for the Peanut Allergy

So here’s a thing I have a lot of mixed feelings about. Peanut allergies. Now for starters I had a few childhood friends with peanut allergies, and my Aunt is allergic to peanuts. I also have a bunch of friends … Continue reading

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Well I Guess My Love Life is Screwed!

Some Junk Science via Mrs. Weer’d According to a study published in the latest issue of Pediatrics, twenty-somethings born preterm (before 37 weeks) are less likely to move in with a romantic partner or have sexual intercourse than their peers … Continue reading

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Via Joat The internet loves cats…I love the ducklings!

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“Gun Death” Elephant

One thing implied by anti-gunners is that guns are inherently dangerous. That could be said for say older black powder guns, especially in the days when they were used in conjunction with fireplaces and candlelight, or early cartridge guns where … Continue reading

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