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Been a VERY busy week and weekend, so the blog bug really isn’t biting. Still the interesting articles are piling up, so let’s just rip into a bunch of them. First is this messed up case: Just this week, such … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Ahead!

So we’re making our annual trip to lake Champlain tomorrow. I’ll be generally away from the blog all week. I have the “Gun Death” Reports all set up so you’ll get new content every day. What’s exciting is little LaWeer’da … Continue reading

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More on the Religion of Global Warming

Recently we have had colder weather, and the “Progressives” have changed the name of their angry God to “Global Climate Change” rather than the patently incorrect “Global Warming”. Of course a few decades ago it was the “Greenhouse Effect” which … Continue reading

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News of my Demise Have been Greatly Exaggerated

So you all have heard about my horrible cold brought on by the disease vector known as “LaWeer’da” is FINALLY starting to diminish. I was thinking about calling my doctor on Monday, but I was feeling so much better that … Continue reading

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How Are You Liking the New Commenting Software?

So from all I can tell, comments are still rolling in. I have only found one comment that got eaten by McThag who’s commenting away below. So how are you all liking it? Seeing less Captcha codes? When you see … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Silly! This Guy Looks Legit!

Sorry for the lack of blogging over the last few days, Family is down, and my schedule is JAM PACKED full. Still while running errands we came upon this that I HAD to share! Don’t be such a pussy! This … Continue reading

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Quality Spam Control!

Arizona Rifleman hipped me to this Conditional CAPTCHA plugin. Once I make this post I’m going to log out as me, and troll my own blog just to see how it looks for you guys, but the config panel generates … Continue reading

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Fluid-Bonded Blogging

So after numerous complaints I have taken off the Captcha codes. For those who felt your complaints fell on deaf ears, they didn’t. I just personally am not terribly bothered by them in other blogs, and like the idea that … Continue reading

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Had my first day back at work yesterday. The team did a good job at keeping up with the work while I was gone, but still they were just keeping up. Its like drinking from a fire hose trying to … Continue reading

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Light Blogging

Haven’t been feeling the itch recently. Also nobody told me there were OTHER things to do besides blogging!!!! How about some music?

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