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To Those Who Saw Hijack Ads

So I’ve gotten a LOT of feedback that occasionally while reading Weer’d World readers would be redirected to nasty ad sights. I at first dismissed this as an infected browser, because that was what had caused a similar problem with … Continue reading

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All checked in to my hotel in Louisville for the NRAAM. You can see some of the hijinks Ryan posted from the road here Time for a shower and a nap! Hope to see all of you who are here!

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State of the Blog

You may have notice that I’ve missed a few “Gun Death?” Files entries, this is not for lack of materiel (I could probably do close to a year of posts just from the backlog in my email), but from lack … Continue reading

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Robert Farago Doing What He Does Best

Playing into the hands of the anti-gunners. Last we talked about him was here, where they did a slap-dash “recreation” of the Charlie Hebdo attack attempting to show that even if France hadn’t disarmed their people (and their police) the … Continue reading

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For “”

Yep so I picked up a troll in a full-blown manic episode. Just had to post this video. Yep, just like that!

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Hey! I Have a Blog!

Sorry all, but the weather has been DESTROYING me! Lots of shoveling, commuting to work has been rough, so yeah my blogging has been REALLY light. So time for a good-old news dump. First from Farm Dad, a story that … Continue reading

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Farago Again Being an Asshole

So as you may or may not know, I’ve had a few run-ins with Robert Farago and his Clan of carpet-bagging fools. If you aren’t familiar with all of this, loot at the left hand bar of this blog for … Continue reading

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Joan Bloviates Over a Bumper Sticker

Sometimes they just open themselves to an attack: First of all, you’ve gotta love the photo on the left taken by a friend. Can you read the sticker on the back window of the car? It says: “Gun Control- The … Continue reading

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So a “Progressive” blogger I enjoy reading (but don’t encourage through links or name mentions) has disappeared. I strongly suspect this blogger has uncontrolled bipolar disorder, where he CONSTANTLY posts disjointed and foolish posts for a period of time, then … Continue reading

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Weer’d World Review 2014

I’ll skip the stories of the year because we all have our favorites, and tons of other sites are doing that. So let’s talk about the year for me personally. First up this is the first full year where I … Continue reading

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