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Had my first day back at work yesterday. The team did a good job at keeping up with the work while I was gone, but still they were just keeping up. Its like drinking from a fire hose trying to … Continue reading

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Light Blogging

Haven’t been feeling the itch recently. Also nobody told me there were OTHER things to do besides blogging!!!! How about some music?

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Anybody Getting Links Here in an Email Forward?

I’m seeing a LOT of traffic heading to this post. I assume somebody has made one of those political email forwards linking here. I’m glad to be getting the traffic, and welcome to all the likely new eyes. I’d just … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Noticed?

Have You Ever Noticed that there are a handful of rabid and crazy trolls in the blogosphere, and they seem to attack in massive fits and starts. There are a few I personally watch, mostly because they’ve targeted me with … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Ahead

So today is my first full day of Solo-Daddy work! I’m on leave from work, and the Mrs. is back to full-time working. I suspect it’ll take me a day or two to get my grove set with this baby. … Continue reading

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Pool of Non-Newtonian Fluid

Neat vid. Its an ad for a bank, but I don’t care, its a cool video! Most of us have made this stuff for fun and learning…but I’ve never seen it in these volumes! COOL!

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Happy New Year!

I’m celebrating, and you should be too!

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Anti-Rights Airstrike

Man, I’m impressed by how consistent the anti-rights forces can be. Sean put up a post about the latest Bloomberg Blood Dancing. It gets shared in a Moms Demand Stuff facebook post, and in come a few new faces to … Continue reading

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Bloggin’ is Hard!

Wow! I had some major plans for blog posts this weekend and none of them happened. Both gunblogging and baby-blogging. All fell flat. Seems that keeping baby happy, and getting enough sleep so I can do my duties at work … Continue reading

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I herped and I derped, and I went back to bed. Woke back up and people noticed I derped. Oops!

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